How to Care For the Skin of the Lips

The skin of the face is fragile and tender; it requires delicate care both in the cold and warm seasons. The skin on the lips is even more sensitive than on the face, and it is characteristic of microfractures and inflammations at the change of temperature.

I’ll tell you how to look after the skin of the lips.


Lip care in spring and summer

In spring and summer, the skin needs hydration – dry air during this period is no less cold, and frosty leads to weathering, cracking and flaring.

Lip care should include scrubbing, moisturizing with masks and balms, protection with cream and oil.

Scrubs are better to choose with small particles, as from large sensitive skin of the lips can be injured.

Lip balms are preferable on a natural basis, with oils and plant extracts. However, you should be careful if you have any allergic reactions: it is better to apply the product on the wrist first, and if after 20-30 minutes there is no negative reaction, the product can be applied to the lips.

Special lip masks are designed for night care and will save time: while you sleep, the skin is actively restored.

Oils can restore moisture balance and saturate the skin of the lips with vitamins. Lip cream as a means of intensive care perfectly moisturizes and nourishes, helps to fight the signs of aging.

Recently, lip patches have become popular. Their task is to restore the balance of moisture and protect the lips from environmental impact. These tools will also help to level the relief of the lips, heal cracks and eliminate flaking. Patches are created based on beeswax, honey, cocoa extracts, cotton, and coconut oils with hyaluronic acid or collagen. Using patches after peeling will make the procedure more effective.


Lip care in winter

Lip care in winter

Cold winter air, wind, frost, and dry air, provoked by hot batteries, negatively affect the sensitive skin of the lips. In winter, it is essential to choose individual care and perform daily procedures to make the skin of the lips healthy.

It is important to do the right de Mariage during winter care: you can not use rough means, such as scrub; you should clean the face only with a soft sponge. It would help if you also gave up lipstick and glitter because they even dry lips. Instead of a scrub, it is preferable to use peeling, as it gently exfoliates dead particles. You should also apply lip balm at night and 20 minutes before going outside.

It is desirable to add to the diet foods with fatty omega acids and give up the bad habit of licking lips in the cold.

Following these guidelines, you can keep your lips healthy and hydrated.

In winter, you also need to update the cosmetics. First of all, there should be lip balm, lip mask, oil, cream, peels, patches.

The main thing to pay attention to when choosing: the composition (it should be as natural as possible – waxes, oils, plant extracts), solve what problem is the remedy, what type of skin is calculated, what volume it has.


What to remember

  1. The procedure of lip scrubbing should be carried out once a week.
  2. Apply patches twice a week.
  3. In winter, you should use daily hygienic lipstick or balm with good fat.
  4. In the summer, you should additionally use the means with SPF, even for the lips. Some creams and balms have such protection, which is indicated on the packaging.
  5. At night you can make lip masks, apply cream or balm.
  6. You can revise your diet by adding oily fish, nuts, vegetables, and greens. This will help to compensate for the lack of vitamins in the body.
  7. You need to drink enough fluid during the day to maintain the water balance throughout the body.
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