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When you have washed and dried your laundry, whether in the dryer or on a leash, there are always things that need to be ironed. Some women (and also men) see the ironing work as relaxing. Others hate this work and try to get around it. At that time, this was understandable, because it was a hard job for our grandparents and great-grandparents. Nowadays there are steam irons and entire ironing stations, which make this work immensely easier. Detergents also make ironing easier.

But what is better? Steam iron or ironing station? The blog and forum show some differences between these two. However, it is up to you to decide.


What is a steam iron?

steam iron

I smoothed out in steam irons, or as it is also called in other regions, flattens or irons wrinkles out of clothing. Unlike a conventional iron, this household appliance uses a device (tank) which is filled with water and later heated by the supply of electricity, together with the ironing surface of the device. Once the right temperature is reached – adjustable by a selector switch – steam can be emitted at the push of a button or with the automatic setting for different intervals, which spreads on the clothing, penetrates the fibres and can thus smooth out heat-sensitive or Derbe clothing effortlessly. With the linen, it also takes a little pressure on the plate. This allows ironing and the steam to penetrate the fabric at the same time. This saves you from putting on a wet cloth to protect the sensitive fibres and still get the best and smooth results.

It takes a few minutes for the iron to heat up, adjustable depending on the type of fabric, and the water in the tank has reached the desired temperature.

But when the time comes, your textiles are laid out on the ironing board or a smooth surface with a soft base, you can start. By constantly smoothing and pulling the things, ironed wrinkles are avoided. Unless you want to have pleated wrinkles or equip a pair of trousers with an ironing fold, then the steam is ideal for this. The moistening of the fibers, through the emitted steam, ensures that the desired wrinkles are fixed faster or unwanted ones can be smoothed better. But beware! Always check the laundry labels to see if your piece to be ironed is suitable for this, otherwise you won’t have much fun with it.


What Types of Steam Irons are there?

Es there are different types of steam irons that differ in colour, shape, but also in use. This includes the ironing station for the home and the industrial ironing press, to name but a few. The conventional steam iron

The steam emitted by the ironing surface (also called the sole of the iron) with light pressure moisturizes the “sloping” laundry and facilitates the smoothing of this enormously. Despite the water tank on the device, it is very handy and almost indistinguishable from an iron without steam.


The steam ironing station

steam ironing station

This type of ironing station is already a little more compact than iron with steam. There is no integrated water tank on the iron. The tank and the steam generator are located outside the plate, but inside the station and on the ironing board. Through an extra hose attached to the iron, the steam is fed to the iron. In some, even larger versions, these have been integrated into the station and generate significantly more pressure and steam.

If you have to iron a lot, such a station can pay off. The prices are quite affordable.


The commercial ironing presses

Again, there are considerable differences. It can be smaller presses that are used in shirts and blouses. The sleeves and buttoned front and back are pulled over a designated shape and steamed before the press is lowered and used with heat. This type of shirt and blouse press is also available for domestic use, only significantly smaller.

The other type of commercial ironing press is a large machine that lacks bed linen, hand, bath and tea towels. This also works with steam and is briefly called “deficiency” in the laundry industry.

The steam ironing presses are designed for continuous operation and partly have a work surface that is adjustable in height.


The all-rounder

Yes, there is it – the “fast-all-könner” among the steam presses. A well-known manufacturer has designed it and offers it for a moderate price (cheaper than an ironing station). It is a successful mixture of the steam iron and ironing station, only smaller, handier and much more compact, but with just as much power. Numerous settings and functions that recognize the specific fabric type of your underwear.

This means that synthetics or wool no longer need to be switched. This makes the steam ironing station completely automatic. If you release this home appliance and place it on the storage area, the device will turn off itself.


Benefits & Function

the advantages of an ironing station are, among other things, the water tank and the greater steam pressure. With a capacity of 1 – 2 litres, in contrast to a steam iron, the laundry pieces can be smoothed much more and for longer. And, it is not as strenuous as with a steam iron. The ironing station can be purchased with ironing table or only with the base station and the water tank. Another decisive advantage of the ironing station is that the water is heated in an external tank and does not have to be moved with it, as with the steam irons. This makes the handheld device much lighter. The steam pressure at the station is between 4 and 6 bar, which also means that multi-layered and thicker pieces of laundry show a smoother result. The steam iron has shorter emission phases, which push the steam into the fibres at approx. 130 °C. Nevertheless, with each shock less steam (about 200 g) than at an ironing station, more water is consumed during an ironing course than in a station. So you also need to refill the water tank more often.

Both household appliances are an ingenious invention if you imagine that people in the ironing beginnings had to fill the heavy iron with glowing charcoal to be able to produce wrinkle-free clothing. Did you know that the first ironing utensil was invented and used about 200 years BC? These “pan irons” were filled with a mixture of glowing coal and sand. This smoothed Chinese silk robes.

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