What To Look For When Buying Electric Grills

Electrogris appeared relatively recently (about 30 years ago), but during this time have already managed to fall in love with Russian buyers. Thanks to the abundance of different structures (portable and stationary, contact and contactless) and wide price spread, everyone can choose an electric grill to their liking.

It does not matter whether you are a meat eater or a vegetarian: electric grill will open you a lot of new culinary prospects. You will be able to diversify your usual diet with toasty dishes of meat, fish, poultry and vegetables, which will not contain excess fat and carcinogens. So, are you ready to choose the best grill that will change your views on frying kebabs? Begin!



First, we need to decide on the basic parameters of the future culinary assistant.

Type of electric grill: contact or contactless?

Contact grills provide for the toast of dishes that lie on a hot relief ceramic surface. They come in open and closed. Who’s going to get the contact grills?

  • Those who like to participate in the process;
  • Those who like to control the degree of roasting on their own;
  • For those who like to roast strips on meat, fish or vegetables.

Contactless grills have a different design: the ingredients are planted on skewers or skewers and spin inside the container with heated air. Who’s going to get contactless grills?

  • Healthy food lovers (meat does not come into contact with the surface, so carcinogens are not formed);
  • Supporters of classic kebabs on skewers will like that the meat in such electric grills turns out exactly the same as when frying meat on skewers on an open fire;
  • Owners of spacious kitchens, as such grills are usually more contact.



There are three variants of electric grills:

  • Floor;
  • Desktop;
  • Embedded.

Each of them has its own strengths and disadvantages.

The floor grill is great for cooking meat or fish outdoors: it is easy to take out in the garden or on the balcony, and then enjoy all the delights of barbecue without polluting the air with combustion and smoke. The only condition is an extension cord.

A table grill is the most compact option of all. It can be cleaned in a closet if the kitchen lacks work space. Its disadvantage is the inability to prepare large pieces of meat or vegetables entirely.

Embedded grill is usually the prerogative of catering companies. It is in them they prepare all the favorite grilled chicken. Of course, there are smaller options for the house, which, however, will still occupy a lot of space in the kitchen. Although now there are many models of ovens with grill function, buying a built-in grill in an ordinary house, in general, does not make sense.



As for contact grills, they are also divided into three groups:

  • Unilateral;
  • Bilateral;
  • Universal.

One-way electric grills are affordable and easy to manage, but they do not protect the house from pleasant, but not always appropriate fragrances.

Bilateral grills reduce cooking time by roasting at the same time on both sides. They also reduce the spread of food odors around the house.

Universal grills combine the merits of the groups described above, but at the same time are more expensive. By the way, they can simultaneously fry several types of products.



What else should you pay attention to a sophisticated buyer when choosing an electric grill?

  • The power of the device affects the speed of cooking. If you are a young student who is free of family and children, you will be given the simplest model with a capacity of about 0.8 kW. If you are the mother of the family and often host numerous friends, it is worth swinging at the device with a capacity of about 2 kW.
  • The surface area of the contact grills is also worth choosing based on the number of people who will look at you with hungry eyes while you fry your crown dish. The more the company is going, the bigger the surface should be.
  • The readiness indicator is a convenient additional feature for beginner cooks. If you are sure that you know how to determine the right degree of roasting on the eye, you can safely take the electric grill cheaper, without overpaying for this option.
  • Automatic disconnection will be useful for forgetful dreamers and sociable owners, who may have more important things to do than tracking the cooking process.
  • Delayed start is a great option for those who like to provide themselves with fresh food in advance. This option is not suitable for those who have treacherous cats that can catch and steal meat directly from the electric grill.



Consider the manufacturers who have the highest ratings on the Internet:

  • Contact desktop grills: Maxwell, Tefal, Philips, Bork. A wide variety of models should not put you at a standstill: choose, starting from the right type, and do not worry – the reputation of these manufacturers is confirmed by the positive reviews of their customers.
  • Floor portable grills: Clatronic and Steba. If you are looking for an electric grill for a summer cottage, then among the wide range of Steba just find a suitable option.



  1. Buying an electric grill without a removable pallet will be the worst mistake. You will have to manage in every way to launder the surface itself from excess fat. And a removable pallet is always easier to wash.
  2. Buying a floor grill in a city apartment is a reckless act, only if this apartment does not provide a huge loggia. Barbecue in the apartment is more convenient on a table grill.
  3. Saving on buying a model with a little power, soon you will learn what is a hungry rumbling in the stomach – because you have to wait so long for the meat to cook!

We wish you a good purchase and fun friendly get-togethers at the barbecue!

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