How to Buy a Mattress

How to Buy a Mattress: Here’s What to Look For

It may seem like an open door, but there are many things to look out for when buying new mattresses. We did notice that when our youngest moved from a junior bed to the bottom bed in her sister’s bunk bed. The oldest was given a loft bed to make the most of the space in the bedroom. For example, her mattress should not be higher than 21 centimetres; luckily, she could bring her own mattress, so fresh, of course.


How to Buy a Mattress: Points of Attention for a New mattress

How to Buy a Mattress Points of Attention for a New mattress

A mattress lasts for years and must be not only good but also comfortable. Let me list some points of attention:


It has to fit in or on your ‘old’ bed, and you should also not be longer than the mattress due to.m. the supporting effect. Do you want a double or two single mattresses, or do you go for a top mattress? Different sizes can be ordered; measure that accurately. The maximum thickness of the mattress for the loft bed is 21 cm. otherwise, the fall protection does not work, and daughter love can roll out of her bed;


Mattress hardness

A guest or cot bed can be used with a harder mattress than the type you use daily as an adult. Hardness is also subjective, and you learn partly through experience.


The type of mattress

A waterbed needs different from a cot mattress. Choose in advance from the core that suits your bed base. Would you like a pocket suspension or a foam mattress? Is a natural or synthetic material preferable? Also, mattresses consist of fibres, latex or gel. All depending on any allergies, ventilation, costs and wishes. All mattresses have a different lifespan;


Physical complaints

You spend about a third of the day on your bed. It is worth letting (temporary) physical complaints or discomforts inform you well. There are possibilities for installing comfort zones; you may benefit during the day;


Practical points

We all have a budget; remember that a mattress will last for years. Is the mattress cover removable or even washable? How do you get it in the house is also worth consideration. If you order it online and it is brought home, the mattress sometimes has to ‘lie out’.

In the end, we are all equipped with the correct mattress. We sleep on a top mattress ourselves and the girls on one of 90×200 cm. So easy those same sizes because of.m. the bedding. And remember: turn your mattresses around regularly!

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