How to Assemble a Meat Grinder Properly

Manual or electric meat grinder is considered quite a popular device in the kitchen. It is used to process meat for minced meat, squeeze juice from fruits, fill homemade sausage, make vegetable puree or cook pasta. In order for the equipment to work correctly, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the nuances of its device. From our article we will learn how to assemble a meat grinder and disassemble.


Existing types and design features of meat grinder

In modern stores you can find a vast number of models of meat grinders. All of them can be divided into two types: electric and manual. Together with the devices, the manufacturer supplies additional parts (nozzles and knives), which increases their functionality.

The popularity of users has won electric models. To obtain the final product, you do not need to expend physical effort, just press the start button and push the meat or vegetables into a special funnel.

Most modern housewives prefer to buy electric meat grinders in the kitchen, considering the manual version to be relics of the past. These devices are reliable and easy to operate, they do not break. One part that can fail is a knife, but it can be easily sharpened. The body of manual devices is made of stainless steel, aluminum or cast iron.

Manual meat grinders are easy to use. At the same time, electric models make it possible to choose the desired grinding speed or reverse stroke. Many nozzles allow you to create additional products.


Manual meat grinder consists of the following elements:

  • steel housing with a special fastener for installing the device on different types of surfaces;
  • screw screw;
  • cross-shaped or disc knife (used for grinding products);
  • tightening metal ring;
  • handle (fixed on the device with a special screw);
  • round grilles with holes and a slot for fixation on the body.

Manual models are fixed on the surface with a special foot. For final fixation, a screw with an overlay is used. Devices with a plastic foot are securely fixed on the surface. When installing metal products, a piece of soft fabric is placed under the foot so that the device does not slide on the surface.


The device of the electric meat grinder is as follows:

  • plastic housing;
  • electric motor;
  • removable meat receiver;
  • convenient plastic pusher;
  • auger;
  • corrugated plastic rod (this element is installed on the drill for reliable fixation);
  • metal knife convex shape.

Unlike manual models, there are no legs. A wide platform provides the stability of the device with several rubber linings.


Assembly and operation of a manual meat grinder

Before starting the main work, it is necessary to wipe all parts thoroughly. Carrying out such actions will increase the period of operation of the device. Moisture and food residues will lead to rust on the body.


How to assemble a manual meat grinder

Now we will learn how to assemble a manual meat grinder step by step:

  • Take the auger and insert it into the case. A wide part of this device should be near the handle, narrow – in the place of fixing the knife.
  • Insert the handle into the protrusion of the auger and fix its position with a special screw.
  • In the other part of the auger, we install a cross-shaped knife, its flat part should look outward. The cutting element of the disc type must touch the edges of the lattice.
  • After the knife is installed, put on a metal round mesh (the protrusions on the body and mesh should coincide).

At the final stage of work, we twist the fixing round nut and check the operability of the equipment by several rotations of the handle.


How to put a knife in a meat grinder

Earlier we got acquainted with assembling a manual meat grinder, now we will learn how to properly insert a knife into a meat grinder. In stores you can find two main types of knives, with a one-sided or double-sided blade. Elements with a double-sided blade are installed on either side. When the auger is installed, the part with a one-sided blade is fixed on the device so that the cutting part slides over the surface of the grille. If improperly fixed, meat or other products will be crumbled but not crushed.


How to use a manual meat grinder

The device in question has a manual drive. The principle of its operation is based on the pressure created by the screw. Meat from the loading hopper falls on the auger, which presses the product to the body and moves towards the exit. When moving along the shaft, part of the meat falls under the knife, which cuts off small fragments from the piece and pushes the product through the grate into the substituted container.

Grinding of raw materials occurs constantly together with the rotation of the handle of the device. If the user wants to get small minced meat, it is recommended to use lattices with small holes or pass the product again through a meat grinder. If large pieces of meat are stuck or the product is jammed, the handle is rotated in the opposite direction.

The reason for the improper operation of the device most often becomes the winding of films from meat on the cutting part. In this case, it is necessary to disassemble the meat grinder, clean the knife from the adhering parts and collect it back. Disassembly of the device is recommended to be carried out after each grinding of meat or other products. This will increase the service life of the device.


How to unscrew a meat grinder

There are times when it is very difficult to unscrew the clamping washer of a meat grinder. This is due to the blunting of the knife, which leads to the accumulation of meat near the cutting part. In such a situation, the following is done:

  • Turn the device over and install it in a container with hot water for about 10 minutes.
  • Take a small hammer and do light tapping in the center of the grille and on the edges of the clamping nut.
  • Unscrew the part, after the manipulations, it should quickly succumb.

If there is an assistant nearby, you can try to unscrew the meat grinder together. In this case, one person holds the device, and the second conducts unscrewing.


Assembly and operation of an electric meat grinder

If the user encountered the assembly of a manual model, he will easily understand the electric household appliance.

How to assemble an electric meat grinder

The scheme of assembling a meat grinder is as follows:

  1. Connect the plastic gearbox with the metal crown of the screw, the grooves of the parts must be combined. Turn the gearbox counterclockwise until a characteristic click appears. If the parts are not connected correctly, the engine will not be able to crank the auger.
  2. The inside of the screw must exactly match the outline of the hole on the body.
  3. On the output part of the auger, put on a sharp knife, install the grille. Holes and protrusions must match. During such work, it is necessary to put the knife correctly.
  4. Screw the pressure nut and install the hopper at the top of the device housing.

Now that we know how to assemble an electric meat grinder let’s get acquainted with other nuances of this process.


How to insert a knife into an electric meat grinder

During the installation of the part, the cutting part of the knife must come into contact with the grille, which will contribute to the thorough grinding of the products being served. After installing the knife, fix the grille in a particular groove, then twist the nut. If the cutting element is incorrectly installed, the meat will be clogged and remain inside the device.


How to use the electric meat grinder

At the initial stage of work, the processed products are cut into small pieces; they should fit into the hole of the receiving hopper. Turn the device into the outlet, press the start button, and push the product with the pusher to the drill. Getting on the shaft, the raw materials will move and fall on the knife. Here the effect is crushed and goes outside into the receiving bowl.

When the engine is running, the processing process occurs constantly. If the drill is clogged, the user just needs to turn on the reverse and remove the remaining products. Later, they can also be used along with a new portion of meat.

There are a few simple rules for using an elokthromomic box. Do not throw bones into the loading hopper along with the meat. Before serving, any product is cut into small pieces. After the work, it is necessary to disassemble the household appliance, thoroughly wash and dry all the details.


How to disassemble an electric meat grinder

Earlier, we learned how to assemble an electric meat grinder – this is a simple job for every user. Disassembly of household appliances occurs in reverse order. First, you need to unscrew the clamping nut, remove the metal grille and knife. Then turn and pull out the drill along with the gearbox. At the final stage of work, the loading capacity is removed. All removable parts need to be cleaned of residues and washed in water; then they are wiped with a soft, damp cloth.



Manual models of meat grinders have a similar design and principle of operation. Electrical appliances differ in power and functionality. Such devices will last a long time if properly operated. During such operations, you need to pay attention to the position of the knife – the cutting part should come into contact with the surface of the lattice.

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