How Protein Helps You Build Muscle

Athletes know the recommendation: After the sport, it must be a protein-rich meal. The protein is needed for muscle building. Therefore, after an intensive workout, dinner often consists of lots of meat or dairy products. But why does it have to be protein in the evening? Can’t protein be eaten in the morning for muscle building?


Protein for Muscle Building Complements the Training

Muscle building is when the muscles increase after burials through targeted training. In general, there are two types of muscle building in humans: in muscle hypertrophy, existing muscle fibres thicken. In muscle hyperplasia, on the other hand, new muscle fibres are formed. Whether muscle hyperplasia is even possible in humans is considered very controversial. What is not controversial: Protein is needed for muscle building.

Protein in the evening is important. Whether it is an animal protein or vegetable protein, however, can be neglected. However, the quantity supplied must be adjusted! On the other hand, the value of protein is significant for muscle building. The combination of different proteins can accelerate muscle building. For example, the combination of wheat protein and soy protein is considered particularly good. The value of this combination is higher than the value of muscle meat or eggs. The value alone, however, is not decisive, but the amount of the amino acid L-leucine.


Protein in the Evening – Why?

Before training, a carbohydrate-rich meal or a carbohydrate-rich snack is consumed. This makes sense in part so that the body immediately has energy available in sufficient quantity during the sport. Carbohydrates in a light form, such as pasta or rice, do not strain digestion so that all forces can be concentrated on the sport. Mineral water ensures that the body also has enough water and minerals, especially salts. Protein is important for muscle building, but it would not be favourable in the diet before training because it must be broken down by the body first.

Your muscle-building rate fluctuates over the course of the day, in a rhythm of 3-5 hours. It rises to a maximum after a protein serving and then decreases after 3– 5 hours (even if the protein is still consumed!). However, at night, we sleep about 6-8 hours and therefore have a low muscle build-up rate after 3-5 hours. When the last protein ration is taken for 5 hours from sleeping, we have a low muscle building rate all night, which can hurt muscle building. Therefore, it is important to take a portion of protein in the evening for optimal muscle building! W


How Exactly Does Protein Ensure Muscle Building?

Protein Ensure Muscle Building

The protein in the evening is not directly responsible for muscle building, but the training. In training, the muscle is exhausted. As a result, the cells increase the production of muscle proteins. If the build-up is greater than the breakdown of muscle protein, this becomes visible to some whatsoever. However, this will take several weeks. So you can influence muscle mass using targeted training and a lot of protein (even in the evening).

Muscles differ from other tissues in the body. Because most tissues consist only of cells. The muscles, on the other hand, consist of individual cells, which are combined into fibres. These fibres form bundles, which in turn are grouped into strands. These strands make up the actual muscles. If you hurt your muscle cells, they can’t regrow. Unlike other cells in the body, they are not capable of division. A muscle fibre can be up to 30 cm long and up to 0.1 mm thick. In the muscle, blood vessels run between the individual fibre bundles, supplying the bundles and individual fibres and cells with nutrients. Your body needs protein in the evening to keep and expand the muscles efficiently.

If you train hard, protein is stored in the muscle cells in the evening and the night after the workout. This protein retention thickens the muscle fibres. Protein can only be used for muscle building if more of it is available than the body consumes. Whether you can do it with a protein shake, or if you take protein in the evening over a large bowl of quark with oatmeal, it doesn’t matter.


Protein in the Evening Provides Amino Acids to the Body.

Proteins consist of amino acids. Amino acids are involved in many metabolic processes in the body and are especially needed to build up new cells. If you know that you need protein for muscle building, that doesn’t mean you need the proteins completely: your body builds the amino acids contained in the protein into the muscles. Your body can produce some amino acids, but not all. So protein in the evening is mandatory so that your body has all the necessary amino acids available. The different amino acids are required for very different processes.

Experts often call the nocturnal resting phase catabolic. This means muscle-breaking phase. Because the body uses the rest to make repairs, for this, he needs protein. You should provide the protein in the evening via the food. If you don’t do that, the body resorts to the muscles as a protein store. Muscles are thus broken down to repair cells with the existing protein. If you take protein in the evening, for example, Casein Protein, you prevent muscle loss. Casein is processed for up to eight hours. As a source of protein in the evening, quark with a lot of casein is very suitable.


Protein Not only for Muscle Building

Protein in the evening has several effects. The positive effect of protein on muscle building is just one of them. Unlike carbohydrates, protein saturates in the evening long-lasting. It provides energy, but at the same time provides fat loss. This is because the body does not use the proteins as a source of energy but first breaks them down into individual amino acids under energy expenditure. These are needed as a building material for the body cells: above all, of course, muscle tissue, but also for nerve cells, enzymes, hormones and even skin and hair.

Therefore, the body must draw energy from another area to disassemble and use the protein in the evening. Therefore, protein is always recommended in the evening when losing weight. Since your body cannot store protein, which does not need immediately, it immediately uses it in thermogenesis, i.e., heat formation. If you eat protein in the evening, you will not have any cold feet at night. Even if the protein is not only used for muscle building, it has positive effects. Protein in the evening is fed up for a long time so that the desire for a midnight snack does not even arise.

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