How much should you Drink Water Every Day

In Aisa, it is recommended to drink 30-35 ml per 1 kg of your weight. Asians drink 15-20 times more bottled water than in India. Perhaps that is why the average life expectancy in Europe is 82 years, and not 65 years, as in India. Most of the water is drunk in Italy, and no wonder there is the smallest percentage of the incidence of hypertension. The blood is more liquid, the vessels are elastic, the cells work, there is no cholesterol, and all this can be achieved only with the help of water. It is recommended to drink 2-3 litres of water per day, not counting drinks.


Why do we drink little water?

It turns out that the signals given by the brain about the lack of water are very similar to the calls about hunger. The body never received water. And therefore, the fats already laid on the stomach and sides are not processed; their new portion is postponed, upsetting us every time we stand on the scales or when we have to buy a new suit for a size larger. Without water, it is impossible to lose weight! And of course, instead of drinking a glass of “tasteless” water, we prefer something tasty and wash down with sweet drinks.


When and how to drink water?

Morning water intake is essential. Water left us – we breathed (900-1000 ml of water is consumed per day for breathing), sweating, cells worked. As a result, the body is dehydrated in the morning. During the night, the body loses 600-1000 grams in weight. Therefore, half an hour before meals, drink 300-400 ml of water, during which time the water will pass throughout the body and prepare the organs for digesting breakfast. Once again, we remind you – do not confuse water with tea, coffee, beer, etc.

For example, such an experiment: one day, drink tea, another beer, third water, and go for a walk in the morning. So, beer will stay in the body for a little more than an hour, tea – one and a half, but water for about three hours. This suggests that water has joined the body’s work, while drinks the body quickly infuriates the body (in the future, we will talk about this).


What kind of water to drink? What type of water will help our body to be healthy?

The fundamental problem is that we drink water from the tap and cook food on it for the vast majority, chlorinated water. What is this water, and how does it work with our body? The answer is given by the Ministry of Health of the Indian Federation, releasing in 2002 an information manual “Drinking water and public health – The effect of the chemical composition of drinking water on human health”: … chloroform was first discovered in 1974 in the United States after the primary chlorination of water – up to 54 μg / l, after passing through the treatment tank, the content doubled, which is due to the further interaction of chlorine with organic substances. When filtering water on the filters, there is a further increase in the amount of chloroform to 164 μg / l; that is, the number of chloroform triples. Chloroform hurts the genetic apparatus of somatic and germ cells and causes malignant neoplasms and cytogenetic disorders in the population, malignant liver tumours, and impaired renal and thyroid function. Epidemiological studies in 76 counties have confirmed the appearance of various forms of cancer depending on the concentration of chloroform in drinking water. A link has been established between mortality from the bladder, rectal cancer and chloroform in drinking water.

The conclusion suggests a simple one – try to drink and cook on artesian water extracted from a reliable well protected from pollution with a depth of 50-100 meters. To penetrate to such a depth, water takes more than one century; there are no organic substances in contrast to the open reservoirs from which we get water. Then there was an excellent ecology and other energy.

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