How Much Laundry Detergent Should I Use?

We know that the right dose of detergent is important. We often find that the underwear is not as clean as we want, does not have a fresh smell, or is dry and hard. Many factors influence washing results; some do not depend on us, such as water rigidity, but to change others – in our power! One of the most common problems that can eventually damage your underwear is the use of too much detergent. Do not exceed the dose of detergent to achieve better results. Today we will explain how to properly dosage the detergent used, but first, let’s look at the different types of such products available for sale and how to use them!


Washing powder

Washing powder

Washing powder is more suitable for white fabrics, as it contains chemical bleaches. The powder should be put in the detergent dispenser; We recommend using a measuring cup to add the amount indicated on the package to the distributor. Powder detergent washes laundry well, even at low temperatures. The only problem you may encounter is the marks on things due to incomplete dissolution of the powder: in this case, we recommend performing an additional rinse.


Liquid detergent

Unlike washing powder, liquid detergent is better dissolved and leaves no traces on things. It is used mainly for colored and delicate clothing items. Its detergent capacity is lower than that of washing powder, so you need to use more. Here we also recommend using a measuring cup and reading instructions on the packaging. Again, the detergent should be poured into the dispenser before the start of washing.


Laundry capsules

Finally, there is a solution in the form of detergent in capsules, tablets, or shells, the advantage of which is automatic dosing. The number of capsules to use depends on the boot of laundry; Always follow the instructions on the packaging. These capsules, dissolved in water, are placed directly in the tank of the washing machine. As we have already said, the advantage is that detergent and conditioner for fabrics are already dosed: on average, their cost is higher than that of other types of washing products, but for some people, this option is more convenient. The choice is yours!

We’re also thinking about how to dos detergent. With our Rapid and hOn washing machine, you’ll always get hints about what cycle to use for your laundry and the amount of detergent you need; take a picture of things on your smartphone!

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