How Much Electricity a Kitchen Chimney Uses?

Kitchen Chimneys have become one of the essential commodities at home. Numerous benefits of kitchen chimneys such as removing excess heat, cleansing air, removing the unwanted smell, and protecting kitchen tiles have increased their demand in modern kitchens.

Suppose you are thinking of buying the best kitchen chimney. In that case, apart from the cost of the chimney, the electricity consumption also matters as high electricity consumption increases your electricity bill as well as it becomes less eco-friendly.

So, by the end of this article, you will find how much electricity a kitchen chimney uses.


How Much Electricity A Kitchen Chimney Uses?

On average, a kitchen chimney consumes around 150-250 Watts of electricity for smooth running. However, it is according to the suction power.

Usually, the power consumption of a kitchen chimney depends on various factors, such as model, extra features, and using hours.

For instance, a regular kitchen chimney consumes less electricity than a kitchen chimney with auto-clean features.

Other parts of a kitchen chimney, such as light, also consume electricity. So, it is not wrong to say that a kitchen chimney can consume 4500W of electricity with all parts running at the exact times for most of the time in a day.

Here are the essential parts of a kitchen chimney with their average power consumption.

The Motors

The Motors

Motors are a crucial part of any chimney. On average, they consume 60-300 W of electricity depending on the quality and size.

Low-quality chimneys have motors consuming electricity in the range of 60-100 W. However, they are not much effective and burns out quickly.

On the other hand, medium or high-quality chimneys have motors that consume 150-300W of electricity.



kitchen Chimney Lights

Lights are another part present in the latest kitchen chimneys. Usually, people either use kitchen lights or chimney lights while cooking.

On average, a light consumes 25 W of electricity per light (many chimneys have more than one light). However, some not-so-good quality chimneys use 2W lights.

You should turn off the lights to save electricity. After all, with kitchen light, there is no need!


Auto-Clean Feature

Some kitchen chimneys have auto-clean features, and some do not. If your kitchen chimney is with this feature, then it can consume up to 100W of electricity.


Total Consumption

So, by adding the average electricity consumption of all the three parts, we get:

Motor (150W) + Light (50W) + Auto-Clean (100W) = 300W

However, with the change of model, consumption also varies.


How To Calculate Kitchen Chimney Power Cost?

How To Calculate Kitchen Chimney Power Cost

You can easily calculate a Kitchen Chimney Power cost with the formulae:

  • Monthly Electricity Consumption (in KW) = (Chimney Motor Watts * Working Hours) *30/1000 (As 1KW= 1000W)
  • Chimney Power Cost = Monthly Electricity Consumption*Electricity Costs

(Electricity costs varies from state to state and country to country)

Illustration: Suppose you installed a 250 W kitchen chimney and run it 4 hours a day. The electricity cost in your area is Rs. 5 per unit. Calculate how much electricity your kitchen chimney consumes per month.

Solution:Monthly Electricity Consumption= (250W*5) *30/100

= 1250W*30/1000

= 37500/1000

= 37.5 KW

Chimney Power Cost = 37.5 KW*5

= Rs. 187.5 only

So, a 250 W kitchen chimney running for 4 hrs daily only costs Rs. 187.5 of electricity in a month.

Besides this, we all know that the electricity consumption of kitchen chimneys for domestic use varies from vents in restaurants. But how much?

Let’s have a look at calculations of electricity consumption based on kitchen chimney usage.


Electricity Consumptions of Kitchen Chimney- Domestic

As Watt is an hourly unit, you have to calculate how many hours the chimney will be working. Suppose you have one kitchen chimney and you cook three times a day.

Let’s say, for making breakfast, you take 30 minutes. Then for making lunch and dinner, you take 2 hrs as a whole.

However, most people turn on their chimney when they find a smell of smoke in the kitchen. So, your kitchen chimney is running 2 hours a day approximately.

It means 60 hrs a month; now you can easily calculate the chimney cost according to the electricity cost.


Electricity Consumption of Kitchen Chimney- Restaurants

On a busy day at restaurants, the average hour cooking takes place is 8-10 hours. And unlike in domestic use, restaurants have to use a kitchen chimney all the time while cooking.

Chimneys in restaurants have motors consuming 500-600 W of electricity. Also, restaurants have more than one chimney, so, as a whole kitchen chimney runs 900 hours a month (approximately).

If the chimney consumes 500 W of electricity, it monthly consumes 900*500 = 450000 Watts of electricity.


Electricity Consumption of Kitchen- Domestic Business

Monthly consumption in Domestic business is more than domestic use but less than in restaurants.

On average, domestic businesses use kitchen chimneys 7-8 hours a day. So, the kitchen chimney runs 240 hours per month.


Does A Kitchen Chimney Consume a Lot of Electricity?

As we have discussed till now, a kitchen chimney does not consume much electricity. Also, through calculation, we can say that it adds up to only Rs. 200 to our electricity bill.

However, other factors such as model, usage, features, and quality play an essential role in electricity consumption.

Also, by turning it on when necessary and not using all the features constantly, you can save up to 30W of electricity.

In last, we are trying to say that the benefit you get from a kitchen chimney is worth the electricity it consumes.

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