How long does the gas in my air conditioner last?

Many Internet users have contacted our portal asking how long the air conditioning gas lasts, mainly split type. Turns out the air conditioning gas wasn’t supposed to last for a while.

If it’s over, it’s because it’s gone (there’s a leak in the circuit). Always trying to clarify the doubts of our users, this post can help you uncover some myths about this topic and how to avoid problems related to it.


How long does the gas in my air conditioner last?

Gas/coolant is an extremely important element in the operation of air conditioning because it is the one that has the function of transforming hot air into the cold air, it is the “fuel” of the air conditioning. The most common fluids are the R-22 and R410-A.

Under normal air conditioning operating conditions, these fluids only undergo physical, liquid-to-gas, and gas-to-liquid transformations, with no loss in their quantity. In other words, the air conditioning gas just doesn’t end.

If the lack of gas is detected in your appliance, it may have been caused by a failure during installation, as well as by the appliance that comes with an inadequate amount of factory gas, damage to the pipes or also by the aging of the system. But the most common cause is even escaped.


How to detect a gas leak?

How to detect a gas leak

In most cases, the appliance loses its efficiency and starts to cool down less and less. And when the leak has been going on for a long time, the appliance may not turn on or off after it has been turned on. But to know if the air conditioning problem is really lack of gas, due to a leak, a professional air conditioner needs to perform the tests.

What to do if a refrigerant gas leak is found?

Note that the simple load of the refrigerant will not be enough if there is a leak. Once the leak has been verified by the professional, the professional must carry out the tests to find the source and perform the necessary repairs. Only after repairs should you do the gas refill.


Who can fix my air conditioner and replace the gas?

Only a professional in the field of air conditioning can do this. If your device is still under warranty and has been installed by an authorized brand technician, call the manufacturer’s service centre.

Here you can find the Authorized Technical Assistance contacts of all brands.

On the other hand, if the person who installed your device was an independent professional, you should contact the professional who installed it or look for other professionals.

Understand everything about the guarantee of air conditioning and why your device should be installed by an authorized brand professional.

Gas leaks aren’t a joke. If you think this could be your problem, call a professional soon! Remember, the gas doesn’t last, it doesn’t end, it leaks.

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