How Does The Mattress Affect Sleep And Health?

Together with orthopedic doctors, our best developers have developed a unique functionality for calculating the necessary parameters of the mattress individually for you. In the calculation results, you will see recommendations for choosing the stiffness, materials and height of the mattress, and suitable models, taking into account the combination of price/quality and popular rating.

For any person, an important role is played by how much he sleeps and how he sleeps. Many have heard that sleep should be eight hours, the bedroom should be ventilated, and better, in general, to sleep with the window open. However, it is important to go to bed simultaneously, not to eat before going to bed and put on free clothes at night.

However, no less important than all the above rules to ensure quality sleep a good, optimally appropriate to a specific person mattress. If the mattress is not of high quality or does not fit in its characteristics, it can easily lead to diseases or uncomfortable and, as a result, restless sleep. On the other hand, an optimally suitable orthopedic mattress can have a permanent positive preventive effect on the human body.


What health problems can lead to sleep on a poor mattress?

health problems

The wrong accessory for sleep can lead to a chronic nervous state, lower vitality level, and a decline of forces. And these are only psychological problems! Besides, sleeping on an inappropriate mattress can lead to many diseases related to the back and spine. Uncomfortable sleep leads to a person showing signs of sciatica, intervertebral hernia, osteochondrosis, and osteoarthritis.

These diseases can lead to serious problems, as they cause almost daily torment and discomfort. And all this – because of sleep on the wrong mattress! If a person constantly sleeps in an uncomfortable position, it can even stagnate the circulatory system.


What useful features do modern mattresses have?

To ensure a comfortable rest should pick up a mattress with anatomical properties, as it will positively affect your health and well-being. Most modern mattresses have similar characteristics:

  • Provide optimal position of the spine, provide strong support for the neck and lower back and at the same time easily sag under the hips. As a result, the person sleeping on such a mattress completely relaxes, takes the optimal form and restores strength, rather than wakes up broken, tired and with a sore back.
  • Some models have a memory effect. They take the optimal form, “enveloping” the body, which is on the mattress and providing complete muscle relaxation and support of the spinal column. The person sleeping on the mattress with memory will be in the optimal position, and his spine will be maintained optimally.
  • Hygienic. This is no less important characteristic than the correct mechanical design of the mattress. The modern mattress is necessarily treated with dust repellent and antimicrobial compounds. In such a mattress will not live dust mites and various kinds of microorganisms.


Figures and facts about the effect of the mattress on the quality of our sleep

In the West, research is often conducted to study a person’s sleep and the factors that influence a person’s quality. As a result of one of the experiments, American scientists found that the new mattress helped 98% of the subjects eliminate chronic fatigue, back pain, stress. Simultaneously, all participants were absolutely healthy, and their old homemade mattresses were not of the worst quality.

The experiment was also conducted by WebMD and was global in nature. It revealed that more than 20 million Americans suffer from allergies to dust mites. But most often they live in mattresses.!


Mattresses with heating panels

Not so long ago, mattresses equipped with heating panels appeared on the market. Such models are offered, for example, by Consul, which installs heating panels such as Ever Dry. They are used to quickly dry mattresses and create a comfortable microclimate in the sleeping place. The heating system design is made zoned so that the owner can only turn on the heating of a certain area of the mattress – for example, one bed on a double mattress.

Approach the choice of mattress very carefully. This will allow you to choose the optimal product, which will create the most comfortable conditions for rest, allowing you to gain strength for new achievements every day.

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