How Do I Clean My Vacuum Cleaner?

The other day, the question was asked: “What about cleaning a vacuum cleaner? It smells like my dog. It does not seem easy to clean the inside of the hose or clean the brushes. But with some useful tips, this is indeed possible to do this regularly.

It is of course so nice that what we clean our house with is also clean. Use the tips below to clean your vacuum cleaner.


10 Steps to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner:

  1. Unplug it;
  2. Remove and empty the container from the vacuum cleaner or remove and replace the vacuum cleaner bag;
  3.  Clean the filter and rinse the container with water if necessary. By cleaning the filter, you usually remove all odors from the vacuum cleaner outlet. So does your vacuum cleaner smell? Clean the filter of the vacuum cleaner;
  4. Straighten a metal hanger and use the hanger to push through any blockages in the vacuum cleaner hose if necessary. Be careful and avoid puncturing the hose.
  5. Wrap a cloth around the end of a broom or mop stick. Use duct tape to hold the wipes in place. Use the handle of the broom to dust the inside of the vacuum cleaner hose; be careful so that the hose does not crack or damage. If desired, a garden hose can be used instead of a broom or mop handle.
  6. Place the vacuum cleaner on its side and cut any hairs or threads out of the brush with scissors.
  7.  Check the brush strap for cracks or wear and replace the strap if necessary;
  8. Spray the brush with diluted vinegar. Turn the brush by hand to spray all sides of the brush. Allow the vinegar to dry completely before using the vacuum cleaner. Do not allow the vinegar to appear on the rubber band or other rubber parts of the vacuum cleaner, as the acid may affect the rubber over time;
  9. Wipe the surfaces of the vacuum cleaner and cord with a damp cloth. Make sure that the vacuum cleaner is not connected to the wall socket before wiping it;
  10. For more thorough cleaning, inspect your vacuum cleaner for any screws or check your vacuum cleaner manual to determine how to disassemble your vacuum cleaner. Disassemble the vacuum cleaner and wipe all surfaces with a lint-free cloth moistened with diluted vinegar. Make sure that no liquid drips onto electrical parts and allow the vinegar to dry completely before re-assing the parts.

If it turns out that during cleaning it turns out that a number of parts are no longer in good condition and need replacement? Then you can easily order separate parts for your vacuum cleaner. It is a lot cheaper than buying a new vacuum cleaner and often also very easy to carry out.

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