How Do I Choose an Air Conditioner?

The air conditioning effectively completes the heating system so that the house is pleasant summer and winter. The devices are more or less sophisticated. Some are not very powerful. Others are able to refresh the entire home. Monosplit or multi split air conditioners, air heat pumps, or water-air heat pumps… air conditioning units are numerous and adapt to small rooms as well as large spaces. Investment in this type of system is not insignificant. Being able to compare quotes is therefore essential. Be aware, however, that the average amount for reliable air conditioning is 6,830 TTC1. Prices vary according to many criteria, especially if the installation is taken care of by a professional. Want to know how to choose your air conditioning?

Read this article carefully, focusing on the operation and installation of air conditioning. You will understand why a device justifies its price higher than others and what its main characteristics are. You’ll also know what budget to budget by referring to the average prices and ranges at your disposal.


Choosing Your Air Conditioning

Choosing Your Air Conditioning

To choose the right air conditioner, it is necessary to take stock of the surface of the rooms to be air-conditioned and to take into account the characteristics of your habitat (area, number of rooms, height under ceiling, number of windows, quality of insulation …). For this, it is strongly advised to take stock with an air conditioning professional and in some cases, ask him to carry out a thermal assessment. This assessment, free of charge, should be used as a premise for the estimate.

Using this evaluation method, professionals will take into account the surface area and thermal characteristics of the rooms to be air-conditioned, including the number of windows, insulation, exposure and the number of occupants, in order to determine the power needed for your future air conditioning system. They will certainly also ask you to choose between a conventional air conditioner and reversible air conditioner, between the electrical appliance and renewable energy appliance.


Choosing air conditioning: heat pumps

Reversible heat pumps provide heat in winter and fresh air in summer. Their technology is called hypothermia. Air pads are extremely easy to use and react according to the recorded temperature. Water air pacs use a device that cools the water flowing through the radiators, floor or heating ceiling. The criteria of choice remain primarily the surface to be heated or cooled, thermal and acoustic performance (some can be noisy), the level of range, the different features, the options added or the difficulty of access or installation. High COP and EER coefficients ensure increased performance.

For heat pumps, it is advisable to call on professionals who will take care of sizing the heat pump to your home.


Choosing air conditioning: features of air conditioners

Choosing air conditioning features of air conditioners

Air conditioners have different power between less than 2 kW and more than 5 kW. Overall, there will be 100 W of power to air-condition 1 square meter, (so 2.5 kW for a 25 square meter room, 3.5 kW for a 35 square meter room and so on). However, this calculation does not accurately reflect reality. The ideal is to seek advice from a pro who will guide you to the right product according to your habitat.

Another feature to consider when choosing your air conditioner is the number of rooms to be air-conditioned. If it is a single piece, a single-block or Monosplit system (composed of an external unit and a single inner unit) will be sufficient. If you need several interior units, one for each room, your choice will be on a Multi-split air conditioning system, consisting of an external unit connected to several interior units.

Finally, if you are more looking for a troubleshooting solution than a real permanent air conditioning installation, the one-piece mobile air conditioner appears the product indicated. Cheap compared to other solutions, however, it is often noisier and more cumbersome than a wall or built-in air conditioning.


Choosing air conditioning: determining the price of the air conditioner

If the average estimate for the installation of air conditioning is 6,830 TTC1, the average price range varies from 2,480 to 11,180 TTC. Prices charged by the manufacturer and then by the dealer and possibly the installer if you have chosen to have your device installed by a professional greatly contribute to influencing the total amount of the bill. Indeed, the margins on the purchase of the equipment always vary from one craftsman to another and the cost of labour is set freely.

The choice of an air conditioner can also be influenced by possible aids. The French government promotes energy savings by offering the CITE (Energy Transition Tax Credit) and the Eco-ptz to people wishing to install a renewable energy heat pump. Other aid is available on the condition of income or not: Aid from the Anah, aid from energy suppliers, aid from local authorities and various agencies.

1 These figures and averages were obtained from data voluntarily provided by users. They correspond to the quotes requested through our quote application forms and drawn up by professional partners.

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