HostPapa Review – Is It Reliable Hosting? (2022)

Want to know what Canadian host HostPapa is really worth? This is very good since our teams were able to test this company’s hosting services at length. As a result, we’ll present our review of HostPapa for 2022. And you’ll see, we’ve combed through absolutely every aspect.


Who is HostPapa? What you need to know

HostPapa is a Canadian web hosting company. It is based more precisely in Burlington, Ontario (and therefore in the English-speaking part of Canada). The company was founded in 2006 and now offers its services all over the world.

It was difficult for us to find recent figures when making this HostPapa review, but the host has no less than 500,000 hosted sites on the face of it. It claims to be the number one host in India, which is clearly not the case. We can confirm it.

In any case, the number of customers and hosted sites are quite large, in contrast to the figures we saw in our Review Ex2 (another Canadian host).

Besides its hosting service, it is also worth noting that HostPapa offers a corporate messaging service and office suite (via Office 365 and G Suite). Besides, it is possible to rely on the Canadian host to search for and register a new domain name. We’ll tell you more about the process in the rest of our HostPapa review and test.

With the presentations now being made, we offer you to discover the different positive and negative aspects that our team has been able to identify during the months of use of HostPapa’s hosting service.

Its strengths:

  • Availability rate close to announced figures
  • Guaranteed satisfied or refunded 30 days
  • Free migration to HostPapa
  • Domain name offered


  • European data centre based in Amsterdam
  • Prices go up after your first engagement
  • Not the best performances
  • Many negative reviews regarding their customer support


Performance: availability, loading and speed

To start in the best way our opinion on HostPapa, we will give you our feelings regarding the performance offered.

The first thing we can confirm is that the availability rate promised by the host is real. You can count on uptime of 99.9%. But unfortunately, that is not enough for us.

The best hosts in 2022 can ensure the availability of 99.99%, which is very different. To give you an idea, this represents several hours of downtime each year. At this level, HostPapa is anything but faultless since its availability rate does not even correspond to a type 3 data centre (which requires an uptime of 99.982%).

Our opinion on HostPapa starts rather badly. What about the performance and loading time of a site hosted by this provider?

Well, we are once again quite far from the performance offered by the market references.

To prove it to you, we have carried out several surveys with the help of tools like GTMetrix and Pingdom:

As you can see, our test site’s loading time turns out to be more than disappointing (1.3 sec via GTMetrix while hosting Hostinger allowed us to load the same site in 300 ms).

The difference is a little less obvious on the side of Pingdom’s results, but it is still present!

In short, if you’re obsessed with the performance of your website, it’s best to turn to a faster host like Hostinger or PlanetHoster. This will help your visitors get satisfaction and give your site a good image with Google.


HostPapa’s administration interface test

Want to hear our opinion on HostPapa’s administration interface? This is a good thing, and we will offer you to discover it with us through some screenshots.

To say the least, it is straightforward. To the point where if you are looking for something very professional and sharp, you may be disappointed. In any case, for a beginner, HostPapa’s administration interface and dashboard will be perfect.


Absolutely everything is centralized on this dashboard. You’ll be able to manage your services, invoices, contact customer support, and more.

When it comes to your website or domains’ administration, you can count on a cPanel-based administration panel. It is a real reference in the field, and so it is good to find it here.


As you will have understood, contrary to our opinion on the performance of HostPapa, we find that the administration interface is very well thought out and, above all, easy to use. This will clearly suit the greatest number of people.

Safety and protection

In addition to the performance and ease of administration of its accommodation, it is also important to be concerned about the security and protection systems. In a nod, our team obviously did not fail to pay attention to it as part of our HostPapa review for 2022.

Unsurprisingly, like any well-respected web host, the Canadian host puts several things in place.

Examples include providing a free SSL certificate (Let’s Encrypt) to ensure your users’ security, the deployment of an Anti-DDoS solution, or the essential presence of security tools directly installed on the company’s servers.

For those of you who find that it’s not enough, know that HostPapa offers even more complete security packs:

Depending on the choice you make, you’ll be able to enjoy even more powerful DDoS protection, an automatic vulnerability scan (performed every X hour), etc.

If you want our opinion, we regret a little the fact that you have to pay extra from HostPapa to have access to these features. It would have been good in a perfect world to find these benefits included with the main accommodations offered.


Our review of HostPapa’s customer support

Our opinion regarding HostPapa’s customer support is generally good. But be aware that this does not seem to be the case for all. Looking at many reviews and comments on the host, we could see that many have had bad experiences with the latter.

The first thing to know is that customer support is being available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. This is not totally true, depending on the means of contact you will choose.

For example, the live chat feature is only available during “Canadian schedules.” We mean that there will be a lag of 6 to 7 hours compared to India. If you try to reach him at 10 am French time, you will come across the following message:

It’s a little unfortunate, to be perfectly honest with you. Fortunately, you will always be able to contact HostPapa’s customer support by phone or by opening a ticket.

As we mentioned earlier in our review, HostPapa customer support has never disappointed us despite several months of use. The fact that many other users have had experience contrary to ours makes us think that not everything is clearly rosy.


Types of accommodation and pricing

For our HostPapa review to be as complete as possible, we had to present the Canadian host’s various accommodation plans. And you’ll see that between shared hosting plan, WordPress, managed, VPS, etc., it’s sometimes hard not to get lost.

Web hosting

HostPapa’s “Web Hosting” plan is actually a simple shared hosting. And as you can see with the screenshot below, the prices turn out to be rather attractive.

At the time of writing on HostPapa, there are three plans:

  • Novice: €2.95/month
  • Business: €2.95/month
  • Business Plus: €9.95: month

This is not a mistake on our part, and the Business Plan is indeed well proposed at the same price as the “Novice” plan. One thing to know, however: all the prices listed above are not valid for life. After your first engagement, you will have to pay the regular rate (each time-barred on the screenshot).

So stay alert and weigh the against and cons of each offer because otherwise, you may have a nasty surprise after a few months of use.

In any case, be aware that these plans vary in terms of performance and capabilities offered (number of sites that can be hosted, SSD storage space, etc.).

In terms of commonalities, you will always have the right to unlimited bandwidth, as well as a domain name offered. If you want our opinion quite objective, the value for money offered by HostPapa’s shared accommodations is not the best.

Hostinger offers more efficient plans. And at even more attractive prices!

This plan is for: this type of accommodation offered by HostPapa is for those who do not have a lot of means. However, this plan will be suitable for beginners as well as small businesses with greater needs.


Shared and managed accommodation

HostPapa’s managed shared accommodation is actually a shared accommodation that will be delivered with maximum assistance. Host experts will take care of security, optimise your site’s performance, and install and update applications and scripts.

To caricature, it is an offer that will suit those who have the means and do not want to get their hands dirty.

Despite this offer’s advantages, we find that the price of 39.95 euros per month is rather excessive. Because, in reality, many sites require very little intervention.

This plan aims at companies that do not want to worry about the technical aspects of their accommodation. Here, everything will be managed in full by the HostPapa teams.

WordPress Accommodation

HostPapa’s WordPress hosting plans also include three:

  • Novice: €2.95/month
  • Business: €4.95/month
  • Business Pro: €9.95/month

There is very little difference with HostPapa’s shared hosting. The only difference is that the “Business” offer will be more expensive (despite the current promotion) and that you will be entitled to the Jetpack plugin that optimizes your WordPress site’s performance.

Want to create a WordPress site? In this case, feel free to read our step-by-step guide explaining how to create a website.

This plan is addressed: like the “web hosting” plan, you will find a plan suitable for several types of profiles. But in any case, WordPress hosting is for those who are certain to want to run their site with this CMS.


Accommodation VPS

Unlike members of our list of the best VPS accommodations of 2022, HostPapa’s offers turn out to be less affordable. The price of admission is 29.99 euros per month. And the price of the most premium offers “Jupiter”, of 249.99 euros/month.

If you’re looking to create a Minecraft server, this type of hosting might be perfect. Indeed, you will have access to more than correct configurations, and above all, you will be able to evolve at any time these last.

However, you won’t have access to a free domain name here. But you can enjoy 2 dedicated IP addresses.

To whom this plan is addressed: due to the virtualization of the server and, therefore, your hosting, this type of offer will allow you to quickly and evolve the resources allocated to you. Given the prices charged, HostPapa’s VPS accommodation will only be suitable for people with already significant needs.


Accommodation Reseller

To conclude this part of our review on HostPapa, we will tell you about its reseller hosting offers.

Here you will have the choice between 5 different offers, as shown by the screenshot below:

Prices will vary depending on your needs (the number of sites you want to manage). However, we will not dwell too much on these plans because they are only for a tiny part of people.

However, you can find more information about HostPapa’s reseller accommodation by going directly to their website.

To whom this plan is addressed: as the name suggests, reseller accommodation is ideal for agencies, designers or IT companies that want to manage several websites on behalf of their customers.


More information about HostPapa

For this test and opinion on HostPapa to be as comprehensive as possible, we still wish to address many points. This includes, for example, the conditions surrounding obtaining a free domain name, buying a domain, the 30-day satisfied or refunded warranty, or the location of the host’s data centres.

The free domain name at HostPapa

If you have read our review of host HostPapa carefully, you may have noticed that on several occasions, we mentioned that the company offered a free domain name for any new subscription to an accommodation.

However, we want to clarify the conditions.

First of all, know that you will be able to register a domain name in .com, .fr, .ca, .info, etc. However, this will only be valid for the first year. After this first year, you will have to pay a high price for your domain name.

If you were expecting to get a free domain name at HostPapa, you must be a little disappointed.


Does HostPapa offer free web hosting?

HostPapa does not offer free accommodation, unlike Hostinger or PlanetHoster.

This will not impact our final opinion on HostPapa because this type of offer is not very relevant. Being able to take advantage of a free host’s service is not viable if you want to make your hole on the Internet.

Indeed, the limitations are too great, which will make your site irrelevant and especially under professional.

In the worst-case scenario, you can always use HostPapa’s 30-day satisfied or refunded guarantee to try out its shared web hosting offer.


Domain name purchase

As stipulated in the first part of our HostPapa review, the host allows you to register a domain name directly from your site. It has the necessary accreditations.

Does that mean that the prices are attractive?

They are, but they are not the lowest on the market. For example, a .fr domain extension will cost €9.99/year, while a .net will be charged €13.99/year.


30-day repayment period

The 30-day satisfied or refunded guarantee offered by HostPapa is a real positive in our opinion. It is always nice to find such a possibility.

However, it would help if you were sure that it is not valid for all types of accommodations, as the following image shows.

Only shared web hosting plans and web resellers will be affected.


And of course, you’ll have to think about claiming your refund before the end of this 30-day period. Without this, the host reserves the right to refuse your request.


Where are HostPapa’s data centres located?

HostPapa does not reveal all its data centres’ exact location, and if you want our opinion, it’s a shame.

However, we would like to inform you that the host has data centres in 3 zones/countries:

  • Canada
  • United States
  • Europe

When you sign up for an accommodation offer, you will have the choice between these 3 locations. After several searches for the European data centre, our team was able to get information that it was located in Amsterdam (Netherlands). Too bad so to have no data centre in India.


Conclusion: Our review of HostPapa

It is already time for us to conclude this review on HostPapa. Above all, we hope you will have been able to find information about all the questions you had before reading this full analysis.

In our opinion, HostPapa is not a bad host, far from it. However, it still lacks a lot of things to be part of the best services of 2022.

We think, for example, of the absence of a data centre in India, the performance that still leaves a little to be desired, or the misleading rates that give way after 1 year or more, at prices too substantial.

Of course, we do not forget the many negative reviews we have read regarding HostPapa’s customer support. Although we have had a good experience on our site, we cannot recommend a fickle service.

Especially when you know that many other good web hosts will give you complete satisfaction. At more than reasonable prices!

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