Heavy Duty Commercial Mixer Grinder

A good high-performance blender supports you in the kitchen to prepare, for example, soups or smoothies. Also, it chops frozen berries from the ice cream compartment reliably small. A good blender is already supplied with a recipe book, so you can try your new kitchen assistant immediately and conjure up delicious creations.

High-performance mixers Grinder are available in almost all price ranges. To find the best kitchen appliance for yourself, you should look at a high-performance blender comparison and compare the different types in the different categories. This is the only way to find your personal high-performance mixer test winner.

The best high-performance mixer has high revs with decent power and low wattage, low power consumption.


A high-performance blender must not be missing in a good kitchen, in which the processing of fresh ingredients is standard. Good kitchen appliances not only make work easier – for example, crushing hard ice cubes or nuts – but can also be used as a smoothie maker. Therefore, many recipes can be recooked with the blender’s help and make it easier to eat a healthy diet on the go with a smoothie – flattened bananas in your pocket are thus a thing of the past.

But which high-performance blender is the best, and which categories are important if you want to buy a high-performance blender? In our high-performance blender comparison 2022, we show you how to find the best high-performance blender, what differences there are and give tips in the purchasing advice on where you can buy a high-performance blender cheaply.


How To Choose Heavy Duty Commercial Mixer Grinder

How To Choose Heavy Duty Commercial Mixer Grinder

How a high-performance mixer works

A kitchen mixer is equipped with rotary knives. When the stand mixer is switched on, the blades rotate in a circle and crush raw food into a porridge.

The more blades there are, the finer the result becomes. For an excellent cutting force and a long service life, the blades are usually made of stainless steel. Thus, you only have to put the raw food in the container with the rotary blades, start and let the mixer do its job.


The high-performance mixer models at a glance: Find the best high-performance blender for your needs


If you are looking for the best high-performance blender for almost all recipes, a stand mixer is the best choice.

This is particularly heavy (usually more than 4 kg) and remains reliably in place during mixing so that no force of its own has to be expended.

If you are looking for a kitchen blender that is used as a smoothie maker but is to be used regularly to prepare food, the stand mixer is also recommended.

This distinguishes a high-performance mixer from commercially available mixers and purifiers: the effort is eliminated, and you can crush everything – without exceptions.


High-performance mixer purchase advice: These criteria are essential

3.1. The frame volume must match your requirements

When purchasing, note the capacity.

If you want to buy a high-performance mixer, which as a stand mixer should be the perfect helper in the kitchen, the capacity is an important criterion. Most mixers have a capacity of between 1.5 and 2.5 litres.

Especially if you want to prepare a soup for the whole family, a volume of fewer than 2 litres can be too little.

It is also recommended to pay attention not only to the size but also to the container’s material.

A high-performance mixer with a glass container has the advantage that it does not contain plastic parts (BPA) classified as harmful to health. If you don’t like a high-performance blender with a glass container, there is also BPA-free plastic.


3.2. Cleaning the high-performance mixer should be particularly easy

If the high-performance mixer can clean the container in the dishwasher, and this is particularly comfortable. But one should pay attention not only to the container but also to the attachment with the rotating blades. If it can also be cleaned in the dishwasher, you have a convenient kitchen assistant – especially if you use it regularly to try out different recipes with the high-performance blender.


3.3. The speed of the high-performance mixer determines the use of

The more revolutions a blender creates, the faster and finer the result. Ice crush with a blender and over 40,000 revolutions per minute? This is done in a few seconds.

For example, the Rommelsbach MX 1205-R high-performance mixer achieves up to 20,000 revolutions per minute. Ideal for green smoothies; however, you will have less pleased with this device if you want to crush ice cream for drinks. However, if you are looking for a cheap high-performance blender for smoothies, this device is a good choice.

By the way, there are also high-performance mixers, which are only right-turning. This is often recommended in a high-performance blender test when it comes to particularly gentle preparation. Right-turned water is more natural in its structure and, therefore, healthier. However, according to the many hand mixer comparisons, there is no difference in taste.

Suppose you are wondering what you can do with a high-performance blender: Everything! The more powerful the device, the less thought you need to worry about. Hard nuts or carrots are no problem for a good blender.


3.4. Low wattage means low power consumption

A professional high-performance mixer has to do a lot, so many high-performance mixer test winners are often equipped with a very high watt performance. The fact is that the higher the wattage, the higher the power consumption.

So if you can’t choose between two very similar models in a high-performance mixer comparison, you should choose the one with the lower wattage. The high-performance mixer Vitamix Pro 750 Power convinces, for example, with a pleasant 1380 watts.


High-performance mixer at Stiftung Warentest

The KitchenAid and Bosch appliances were well received in the test.

The Stiftung Warentest tested stand mixers and presented the Bosch Silentmixx as the quietest mixer.

If you want to buy a high-performance blender that is particularly safe for your fingers, the Stiftung Warentest recommends KitchenAid.

The Vitamix Pro 750, on the other hand, was the high-performance mixer test winner, as it not only convinced with its long service life, but the mix result was more than satisfactory. However, it should not be forgotten that this high-performance blender is one of the most expensive mixers compared to other models with over 800 euros. Therefore, our recommendation is that: Stiftung Warentest is always a good guide to inform yourself about different brands and types’ strengths and weaknesses. However, which manufacturer ends up being your personal high-performance mixer test winner depends on usage as well as price.

High-quality kitchen appliances are expensive, but not everyone can or wants to afford a blender for just under 1,000 euros. Therefore, the best high-performance blender I, the one that has the best price-performance ratio for you personally.


Questions and answers about the high-performance mixer

5.1. Where can I buy a cheap high-performance blender?

A high-performance mixer test is a way to find out about the different types and manufacturers and make an initial comparison. When high-performance mixers are compared in the test, you can usually find information about which stand mixer is suitable for smoothies and suitable for fine soups or ice cubes’ crushing.

In addition to the categories and purchase advice, the prices are listed in the individual categories – often with information on where you can buy the blender particularly cheaply. Most of the time, the purchase is made in an online shop, as the choice is wide and the prices are comparatively low.

There are high-performance mixers with soundproofing and also separate, repurchaseable apertures as sound insulation. If the volume is important to you, you should choose a mixer with already integrated soundproofing. These cost more money, but they spare the nerves in the long run.


5.2. Which manufacturers are known?

When purchasing, the performance, equipment and design count.

In a good high-performance mixer test, you will meet the following brands/manufacturers in particular:

  • High-performance mixers from Revoblenh can be obtained in the middle price segment and are convinced above all by their chic, colourful design.
  • Bianco high-performance mixers, which are often supplied with an additional drying container so that you can fill portions on the go. The Bianco Puro is also available in all colours (from orange to green to pink).
  • Blendtec mixers, which are usually found in the professional catering sector.
  • Also well known are the brands Philipps, Vitamix, Klarstein, KitchenAid and Severin.


5.3. Where can I find recipes for preparation with a high-performance blender?

Do you want to use the blender for soups or want to make pesto with your high-performance blender? Recipes for using the high-performance mixer are usually included as a small extra in the scope of delivery.

Alternatively, there are countless recipes on the internet, so you can try many different creations if you want to create a soup or delicious green smoothies with a high-performance blender.


5.4. Is there a high-performance mixer on the go?

Travelling with the high-performance mixer is actually possible. There are small, portable models and mixers with tiny drinking containers of less than 1 litre. This is ideal for use on the road in a caravan.


5.5. Can rice milk be made by yourself with a high-performance blender?

Once the rice is cooked and the water has completely absorbed, rice milk is produced by pouring this mixture with a blender. Of course, a high-performance mixer can be used for this purpose. However, this should be equipped with a high rotational number so that in the end, real milk and no porridge is produced.

Depending on the consistency, you can then pour the milk through a fine sieve as an alternative. The last “larger” pieces are left behind, and the rice milk becomes particularly fine.

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