Headphones Buying Guide

How to Choose Headphones & Earphones?

When we have dwelled into the 21st century, it is a bit challenging to think of a life without challenges. But, all we need to have peace of mind and some moments to happiness to get rid of the daily tolls. If you are also a person of that category, then you must think about buying headphones or headphones as listening to music is the best pill to reduce your stress and to relax your nerves.

Now, the problem that persists is about making the right choice of headphones or headphones. But, nothing to worry as I am here to assist you with that only. Pay attention below to get the keen knowledge about the headphones.

Wired or Wireless

Headphones Buying Guide

Wireless Headphones:

When we count on the style of the headphones to make a perfect selection, then we consider wireless headphones as a plus point as it keeps us away from the fear of damaging of earphone plug-in jacks.

So, if you are going to buy wireless headphones, then you must be aware of the proper working of Bluetooth technology as you cannot listen to your music or call without its assistance. Along with this, you must check that is there any call facility equipped with the headphones or not as per your need.

The wireless headphones are the plus point in itself as these do not need any audio jack to get inserted. Nowadays, Smartphones are coming without 3.5mm audio jack which supports type C headsets only. So, if you are buying wireless headphones, then you need not worry about any such issue.

The latest technology headphones are equipped with the over-ear facility so that there must not be any damage to the ears even after regular listening music or calls for hours. Now, comes the point of types of wireless headphones, which can be explained as follows.

  • Connected

Best Headphones Buying Guide
The “connected” headphones usually get the recognition with the connection between the pair of earbuds where a wire joins them both. You need not worry as you will not have to plug-in these with your device.

You need to turn your Bluetooth on, and then connecting the headphones with your device can be highly assistive to you. The advantage of having these headphones is that you can keep your phone on a side when you are doing some tasks.

So, in simple words, these are handy headphones which can even assist you in serving with the remote facility to change the volume level too. Along with this, you can also choose the headphones which have the best noise clearance possible.

  • Complete Wireless

Headphones Buying Guide 2022The “Complete Wireless” headphones come without any tangling wires. So, finally, you can say goodbye to cables which get stuck somewhere and get broken this way. These will come in pairs or separate units-one bud for each ear.

The battery life of these headphones will depend upon the high or low profile of the company which has designed the earplugs. Many headphones come up along with the chargers but some not, so you must choose the headphones as per your need or requirement.

The best headphones always come up with a good battery backup so that you can do your tasks effortlessly without worrying about charging the headphones for hours. There are a lot of options available in the market, but you are the one who will have to decide the best.


Wired Headphones

Headset Buying GuideThe direct connection of headphones with your MP3 player points towards the wired headphones. The best thing about these headphones is that you need not worry about charging your battery which can get died even in the midst of your favourite shows, movies or any matches.

The foremost thing that comes with these headphones is the sound quality which can be beyond your imagination. So, you can get rid of your loneliness as well as you can enjoy music and your favourite shows without any interference with the best audio quality.


Behind-the-neck headphones

Earphones buying guide

When you are counting on these “behind-the-neck” headphones, then you are on a right path. These are the best headphones as these rest on your neck. So, if you are ready to go someplace and want to entertain yourself for a while, then it is an inevitable choice.

The reason behind buying these pairs of headphones is that you need not worry about the wires to get tangled in your pretty and beautiful hairs.


Headphones Type

If you are perplexing in the situation to find the best headphones, then you must know that there are manifold available in the market. So, you need to make a wise choice to get endowed with the best features.

When you are considering “cover or fit” as the basis of deciding the best headphones, then you should be aware of the size of your ear hole so that in-ear headphones do not hurt you. Here come the types.

#1. In-ear


If you want to buy headphones for walking or exercising, then these can be an inescapable choice to be made. Now, you must be bewildering to know the reason behind its supremacy.

So, you must be knowing that these earphones fit the ear holes perfectly, so you need not worrying about adjusting these with every second. Also, the noise isolation of these headphones is commendable which endows you with a fantastic experience.

#2. Ear Buds

The best headphones for the drivers are the ear-buds because these fit the ears so well and these do not come up with the wires or something.

Even these headphones cannot endow you with the best sound quality in listening to music, but these are best to take the work calls during the times when it is not possible to pick them. Along with this, the low cost of these headphones copes up with every other issue very well.

#4. Over-ear

These headphones are specially designed for the people who want to get rid of the noises of outer surroundings. Because these headphones provide proper isolation from the disturbing sounds.

So, if you are very much considerate about the sound quality of the headphones, then these are best to fit with your style. Along with this, ” over-ear” headphones are highly bent towards the people who love good bass too.

#5. On-ear

The “On-ear” headphones are poor than the “over-ear” headphones when consider noise reduction capacity. These are good for the people who want to buy headphones for mild usage not for long span.


Extra Features of Headphones

#1. Waterproof

It is not an effortless task to wipe out your sweat while working out to keep the efficient care of the headphones. So, if you are a fitness enthusiast and you need to buy headphones for the workout then “water-resistant” technology must be equipped within your chosen pair of headphones so that you need not worry about damaging the headphones.

#2. Noise reduction

While listening to music, or watching any show, you will not love to get interrupted by any external noise. The headphones with noise reduction capability can assist you with your needs by providing relief from environmental noise as well.

So, if you are also considerate about this thing, then you must be aware of two technologies which can be enforced for you to make a decision.

  • Active-noise cancellation: The active noise reduction technology mimics the outside noises and creates different sound waves to reduce the effect of surrounding noises.
  • Passive-noise cancellation: The headphones with passive-noise reduction technology are bit lesser than the active ones because these reduce the effect but do not create their own by providing a seal to cover the ear.

#3. Voice recognition

When you are listening to any music or something else, then it becomes challenging to command the controls by touch or buttons if we have the option of voice assistance. You can even change music, read messages with the usage of your voice through headphones.

So, there are some headphones which can endow you with the best quality of sound along with best command assistance including Apple Siri or Google Assistant. After this, you can make a great choice.

#4. Volume control

Sound more than 85 dB are not good for the health of the ears as those can be vulnerable leading into hearing damage. Notably, the children can get trapped in this with a high pace.

Thus, if you are going to choose the best headphones, then keep this thing in mind that the headphones must not have more than 85 dB sound. This point can assist you in making a right decision.

#5. Sound amplification

Sound-amplification is an essential factor to keep in mind while buying the headphones. Especially, when you are a busy person, and you need to attend so many work calls every day.

The Sound amplification technology can assist you in attending the calls with best sound quality as you will not have to worry about the surrounding noises in that case.

#6. Microphones

When you are buying the headphones, then you will not purchase the headphones which you cannot use for calls. Therefore microphones are the necessity in a good pair of headphones.

Along with this, kids need microphones to play the games properly. So, you must choose the headphones which have the best microphones to serve you with supreme quality sound and high-flying operating system.

#7. Healthy option

Then comes the health, which is very much important than any dose of entertainment. Especially if you are a jogger or swimmer, then you need to buy the headphones which have bone-conduction technology.

The sound waves coming from the music players through the headphones reach the eardrums first, then this transmission to the inner ear after which sound waves interact with the bones of the head.

If you want to keep your ears strain free, then nothing can be a better choice than the headphones equipped with the bone conduction technology. The reason behind it is that nothing can be an important factor than the health.

#8. Fitness tracking

Some of the headphones are coming with the biometric monitor which can assist you in tracking your workout records as those headphones can track the heart rate with which fitness becomes effortless.

Many of the headphones show connectivity with the fitness tracking applications too, due to which you will not have to worry about buying the extra equipment for measuring the heart rate. So, you should purchase the headphones with fitness tracking technology equipped within them.

#9. Controls

Nowadays, headphones are coming with the controls featured within them only. You need not operate the volume or the soundtracks if you buy the headphones with the best operating system.

The “in-line” headphones enable you to use them with the best possible way without the assistance of the Smartphone sometime. With the card-mounted technology of such headphones, you can even mute or control the volume.


Basic Features Of Headphones

Buying headphones is a very crucial choice to be made if you are very much concerned about the impact of the equipment on the health. There are some specifications which can assist you in picking the best gear from them all.

#1. Impedance:

Impedance is used to measure the electric resistance which can be expressed in terms of “ohms.” The phones come up with 16 to 64 ohms of impedance. But, if you are buying headphones for personal use, then 25 ohms or near about that can be perfect impedance level. But, its requirement varies with the device you are using the headphones so buy carefully.

#2. Frequency:

The researchers say that normal human hearing is compatible at the frequency lying in the range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz where Hz or Hertz is the measure of frequency. So, the lower the frequency, the better the results as low frequency can endow you with better bass response.

#3. Sensitivity:

Then comes the sensitivity which can be measured in the units of dB/mW where db stands for decibels and mW for milliwatt. It can be defined as output in comparison to input. Higher sensitivity is suitable for human ears so the headphones having 100 dB/ mW or higher must be preferred.

#4. Stereo or Mono:

When the sound in both the channels is identical, then these can be called as mono, and if both have different sound quality such as lower or higher, then the type is stereo.

#5. High-Resolution Audio:

If you are willing to get the fascinating sound quality, then headphones must be compatible with high-resolution audio for which their bandwidth and dynamic range, need to be more than standard CD.


Making the Right Choice According To Your Lifestyle

#1. For Sportsman

If you are a fitness freak person, then music must be your best companion as it is the energy source which can assist you in boosting your mental strength as well as enthusiasm. So, in that case, you must be looking for the headphones which can suit your personality well.

If I am getting you right, then these points are must to keep in mind while purchasing headphones being a sports person.

  • The headphones must fit your ear canals well so that you need not adjust again and again.
  • Compatibility with your smart device is one of the vital points to consider.
  • The biometric technology equipped with the headphones can become plus point for you to track the beats of your heart.
  • If you go on night running or exercising, then the reflecting chords must be kept in mind while buying headphones.
  • You should pay a keen eye to the controls available with the headphones.
  • Then comes the capability to get the resistance from the water as you cannot keep special hand-towel for the headphones.
  • Last, but not the least is the best bass so that you can keep motivated to achieve your fitness goals.

#2. For Work

If you are busy with your heavy schedule, then you need not compromise your entertainment with this as you can get the best headphones to keep your things private. For buying the best work assistive headphones, you need to have a look at these points.

  • The best noise cancellation technology can make your headphones friendly to you even in the workplace.
  • To look beautiful and organized, you cannot let your hairstyle destroyed. So, you can give a try to the in-ear headphones or behind-the-neck headphones.
  • Along with this, you should also keep a check on the sound quality. Sometimes, music from your headphones can disturb your partners which will not be cool at all.


#3. For Traveling

If you are travelling enthusiast, then music must be your best soul mate. But, it is quite apparent that you cannot listen to loud music while annoying your travel partners. So, technically, you need to buy a pair of headphones.

If you are already looking for one, then you can get further assistance from the following points.

  • The headphones you are choosing must be light in weight as you cannot load bulky headphones along with the toll of your luggage.
  • Then comes the folding capacity, which must be kept in mind for the safety of the equipment. The tucking of foldable headphones becomes effortless in the luggage.
  • Sound-isolation is also equally important to consider if you are looking forward to purchasing the best headphones as your travel partner.
  • Portability of the headphones also needs a keen eye to be paid so that you can get the best and amazing journeys with your companion.

#4. For Professionals

If you are looking to buy the headphones as a professional option, then you are on the right page. You can get proper guidance to choose the best suitable pair for you. Scroll down to know more about the headphone buying guide for the professionals.

  • The large ear cups which can fit your ear correctly are the best pair to choose if you are a music professional.
  • “Closed-back” designed headphones are the other options as these can serve you with the highly isolating sound quality by screening the outer voices and letting your music become private.
  • Many audiophiles prefer the “open-back” headphones as these can endow with best sound quality by delivering flatter and de-emphasizing the other extra noises.

#5. For Gamers

Entering into the virtual world is all about gaming which can be incomplete without perfect sound or audio. If you also agree with this fact, then you must purchase the best-fitting pair of headphones for you so that gaming can become better for you. Have a look below.

  • The high volumes of the headphones can take you to walk in the virtual world where you will not have reality in mind anywhere.
  • The perfect and high-quality bass is another feature which must be equipped in the gaming headphones as that can emphasize the experiences and can let you win the matches.
  • You should also pay attention to the “over-ear” headphones as that can be perfect in every manner for enhancing your plays or matches.

#6. For Kids

The particular purchase for the kids is the perfect choice for their health. If you kids use your headphones, then scold them to do so. That can be highly dangerous for their eardrums.

So, if you are concerned about your kid’s health and entertainment both, then you must pay attention to the following points to get the best headphones home.

  • The listening levels of the headphones must be set to a certain level which must be lower than 85 dB as that is not harmful to kids’ ears.
  • The designing of the headphones should be bit funny as the children love to have the accessories with cartoon stickers.
  • The right size of the headphones is also must to choose so that your kid can take care of the equipment well.
  • Along with this, the headphones must have durability for a long span as it is not much effortless to keep the things in control from the kids.
  • The in-ear headphones must not be paid attention if you are shopping for your children as that can be vulnerable to health.
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