Hair Removal Buying Guide

Wax hair removal is efficient, slows hair growth, makes it less thick, and skin feels soft for longer. That’s why, despite his bad reputation for the pain he can cause, he has his loyal fans who don’t change this technique for anything.

What is true is that, for convenience, for savings and convenience, doing so at home can be a better idea. If this is your first time doing so, it’s best to get hold of a complete kit, with heater, remover paddle, gloves and everything you need.

But if you already have everything you need, then you need a good wax, on pearls or bars, that will give up, for a few passes, and why not? Make it less expensive, too.


9 Tips For Hair Removal | Buying Guide

9 Tips For Hair Removal  Buying Guide

Wax heater efficiency

Here we will talk especially about the efficiency of the heater or the waxing machine,which will allow us to melt the wax to wax.

And when you get a wax kit to wax what usually enlarges the price is precisely this artifact, that is why we have to make sure that it is of good quality and worthwhile.

We will not always use the heater with wax of the same brand or with the same type of wax, so it is convenient that it perform well with any of the types of wax,at any desired temperature and at any time.

It is important that you keep the wax warm at a stable and constant temperature while waxing. It is also true that a heater that melts wax at scorching temperatures is not convenient and is not safe.



Safety is vital here, we talk about high temperatures and there we have to be careful. The first thing to consider is that the heater is of heat resistant materials, we talk about non-flammable ABS, for example.

But it is also crucial to make sure that the heater does not overheat or overload during operation. A very useful function is the automatic shutdown function for this. The more security features you have, the less risk we take.


Ease of use

The less trouble and the less complications we have when heating the wax,the better. Therefore, when making your kit selection, it is better to consider if it is easy to use, so that it is worthwhile and makes sense to wax with wax at home.

Adjustable temperature is key, you can graduate through a knob or buttons, whichever makes you more convenient, there is also the option to configure through a digital display that has the added value that looks sophisticated and allows us to comfortably see temperature information, for example.

Heating wax is a job that needs constant monitoring, so it is convenient to have a transparent cover that allows safe visibility at all times. The indicator light is also a good idea, it will alert you when it is on or off and when you have got the desired temperature.


Efficiency of wax beads

Most depilatory wax kits on the market come with wax beads to melt. The trick here is to buy a kit with wax beads that melt quickly and can blend together easily, but also that they can adhere well to the hairs of the body, so that they can remove hair from the root,efficiently.

If the wax solidifies quickly, surely the next thing will be to crack, so you’ll be less likely to pull your hair out, but it’ll break it in half. If it breaks in half we have two details: the hair will still be noticeable to the touch, the skin will not remain soft,and it will grow sooner than expected.

But it is also important that it is not too aggressive a wax that adheres too much to the skin. If this is the case, a part of the skin will be more likely to go away with the hair, creating wounds on the skin or burning it, none of these are good ideas.


Wax Pearl Formula

Contrary to what many think, not all waxes are the same or formulated the same, so paying attention to the formulation is convenient.

Ideally, wax beads are made with more natural ingredients, such as beeswax,for example, which is often the most popular for making them. Natural ingredients are often less harmful to the skin in the long run.

Pay special attention to allergens, carcinogens or toxic ingredients, as well as heavy chemicals that may endanger your skin. In addition to this, an interesting consideration would be the aroma of our wax.

It seems silly, but the aroma can make the experience a little more enjoyable and greatly improve it. The smell is accentuated as it melts and is as varied as you want.

You can choose the aroma according to the season, for example, cinnamon, vanilla and apple are very Christmas, while citrus fruits are ideal for summer. But lavender and chamomile can reassure you at any time.



We advance it later, so that the wax heater of your home hair removal kit with wax is worth it, it must be versatile and be able to work with the wax pearls that it brings but also with any other that is recommended, that you find more or that you want to try from another brand.

If you can also work with other wax formats, such as block wax or canned hard wax, it will come even better because it won’t limit you when exploring with new products or methods.

Not getting married to the same kind of face all the time will allow us to enjoy this investment extensively, since you won’t have to lose money every now and then having to buy new complete kits or replacing the wax heater.


Area of use

The skin is not the same in all parts of the body. The skin on the legs, for example, is thicker than that of the face. Even inside the face, that of the lip area the eye contour is even more delicate.

In this sense, not all waxes are worth the whole body equally. The wax you use to shave your legs can be very aggressive to your face and can lead to injury. That said, always check which areas of your body can be treated with the wax bead formula included in your kit. Don’t trust yourself.



The pain? What’s going on! That’s the least of it. Here what can be truly exhausting is the cleaning of the entire hair removal kit. is that we talk about a material that is sticky when it is hot, but that can adhere very well to the surfaces, which is certainly a headache to remove later.

In this scenario, a removable wax container in your wax heater is of great help. The advantage here is that you don’t have to deal with how big and bulky the heater itself can be, but you directly take out the container and clean it apart. In any case, it is always a good idea to clean still hot or warm.


Wax container capacity

If you’re going to wax the whole body or if that particular area of the body is very wide, it’s important that the container in which the wax goes can respond to that. So it will be convenient that it is a reasonable size so that you do not fall short of product during hair removal.

Now, if you just wax your face or armpits just, then there you would have to consider a much smaller container, which allows you to melt the right thing and does not take up too much space when storing.


Where to buy wax to wax?

A well-complete home wax kit is usually above 30 euros, which is quite affordable. Now, if we talk about a wax-only kit, you can get it for a much cheaper price, even for less than half, if we talk about a low cost brand.

We can get hold of a very complete kit through Amazon, you have it all. Here you’ll find international and national brands, high-end, medium or low, and in a really wide price range, the same on eBay.

In perfumeries such as Primor and Druni, in El Corte Inglés, pharmacies and the Website LookFantastic, you can get a variety of kits. As in supermarkets, here we will find brands with which we are quite familiar, such as Veet and our own brands.

It is not advisable to lean towards options like Aliexpress or Wish, they can be of dubious quality. But if in the end it is your choice, always remember to review the opinion of other users regarding the quality, the reality of the product being delivered and the reliability of its ingredients or materials.

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