Gas or Electric Oven? Find Out Which is Best

Novelties of kitchen appliances help create “miracles of cooking” and significantly expand the range of dishes. In this regard, the question often arises, which oven is better to choose, gas or electric? Before buying, you should understand what opportunities those and other devices have, which is more economically profitable, is associated with less risk.


Distinctive features

Any technique, whether it is a gas or electric oven, will cope with cooking. The features of gas devices include rapid heating. Energy is transmitted from the open flame of a gas burner, located most often below. Therefore, a constant flow of fresh air is necessary for work. It enters through the vents in the metal casing around the working chamber.

Electrical appliances are more popular today. Their work requires less control from a person, less dangerous due to the lack of an open fire. It so happens that, having a gas oven, people decide to purchase a second oven – electric, as it has more opportunities.

What is better – a built-in gas or electric oven, everyone decides for himself. It is necessary to take into account:

  • technical capabilities of the house or apartment;
  • frequency of use of the range;
  • variety of dishes;
  • the need for additional options such as blocking from children, electronic programming.


Power supply price


Gas and electric ovens use different power sources. It is more profitable to use gas than electricity. But for those who cook in the oven rarely (and most of them), this difference will not be so significant. The average family uses the oven 1 – 3 times a week or on holidays. In this case, the convenience of use comes to the fore, not the product’s price or power source. In addition, many modern electric models belong to the energy efficiency class A + and above, economically consuming energy.


Easy to connect

Which is better, gas or electric oven? This is important for those who live in a house with a centralized gas supply. The choice is evident for residents of high-rise buildings (above the 10th floor) (or rather, it is not) because of the ban on gas pipelines. Here it remains to choose a suitable model of an electric oven, with the necessary set of options.

Gas in cylinders is used in extreme cases, for example, in the country. It does not meet safety requirements.

To connect the electric oven allocate a separate line, socket, wires must be of sufficient cross-section. The power of the device is on average 2 – 3.5 kW, a significant amount of energy is required for operation. Old wiring may not stand.

In both cases, a specialist should connect so that the operation of the device does not carry danger.


Oven price

The ovens themselves are insulated or come complete with a hob. There are models that are installed separately, others are built into the furniture. There are ovens of different sizes on the market. Medium has a volume of 60 – 70 liters and a height of 50 – 60 cm Small (volume 30 – 45 liters and a height of 40 cm) designed for families of 1 – 2 people can be installed on the table. Of course, all this affects the cost of the product.

Ovens have a wide range of prices. This is due to a different set of functions. The simplest have temperature and mode adjustment using mechanical levers. Electric ignition makes it easier to turn on the gas appliance. The glasses are double, resistant to heat. There is a timer, lighting.

More advanced models are equipped with complex programs and have heating dishes, grilling, steam treatment, defrosting, pyrolytic cleaning, and blocking from children. Then the oven or gas cabinet is much more expensive.

The range of gas models is smaller, but their prices are higher than for electric ones. Modern induction ovens are the most expensive.


Cooking quality

Most people are unlikely to be able to distinguish the taste of dishes cooked on gas and electricity. The roasting effect mainly gives the food a grill, which happens in both types of ovens. What is better – a gas stove or a hob can reveal the hostess during cooking, based on their preferences.

Electric ovens have more uniform heating of the product. Heating elements are located at the bottom, top, and sometimes on the back wall. Often on the back surface, a fan ensures the movement of heated air inside the chamber. There are different modes of cooking, which differ in heating speed, duration, temperature. You can cook more different dishes.

In gas ovens, the heating is unidirectional. Often there is a situation when from below there is a strong heat, food burns, and on top – insufficient for baking dishes. Over time, you can adapt, adjust the strength of the fire and the duration of cooking. But in electrical appliances, this process is much easier. The temperature in them is set with great accuracy and you can not worry about the quality of baking. Manufacturers of gas ovens improve them, gradually approaching the functional characteristics of electrical appliances.



Easy-to-use appliances are among electric and gas ovens. Of the functions – only mode and temperature. Control of gas appliances mechanical, electric – sensory or electronic-mechanical. The mechanics are characterized by simplicity, practically does not break. Touch control has more features but more complex. If there is no desire to delve into the subtleties of adjustment and programming of different modes, it is better to choose an electronic-mechanical device.

The newest electrical appliances are complex intelligent machines that combine an oven, steamer, grill, microwave. They can be used:

  • for defrosting;
  • fast heating of dishes;
  • fermentation;
  • lanying;
  • steam sterilization.

In the memory of the device, you can save the cooking modes of the most frequent dishes. There is a lock, a timer, automatic cleaning, convection. The thermal probe determines the temperature in the depth of the baked dish, which allows you to know for sure about the readiness of the dish even without opening the door.

In the combined models, the gas oven is complemented by an electric grill. Less often it is the opposite: an electric stove is equipped with a gas grill. Products with an electric grill have a touch screen. The more expensive the device, the more functions are laid.


Care and maintenance

Modern ovens inside are equipped with a specially prepared bioceramic surface. Fat practically does not stick to it, so it is easy to remove it.

After cooking and cooling the device, the walls are wiped with a damp sponge to collect food residues. Regular cleaning is a guarantee that the next dish will not absorb unpleasant odors.

The option “catalytic automatic cleaning” is in most models. The walls of the oven are covered with a catalyst that accelerates the breakdown of fat. Pyrolytic – possible only in electrical appliances and quite expensive. This purification is achieved by increasing the temperature to 500 degrees, at which all food residues are burned. Reviews of experts are unequivocal: this is the most reliable way to get rid of dirt and germs, although it requires a large amount of electricity. To reduce the risk of burns, for a period of such strong heating, the door is locked.

To facilitate the washing process in many models, the door is made collapsible. In some ovens, you can remove the guides, which simplifies their cleaning. It is allowed to wash them in the dishwasher.



Gas is an explosive, flammable substance. Gas appliances are always more dangerous than electric ones. Although non-compliance with safety precautions and improper connection can lead to negative consequences in both cases.

Ovens running on gas are now being made more secure than before. All modern models are equipped with gas control. If the flame of the burner goes out, the gas supply is blocked in automatic mode, the auto-ignition does not work. This minimizes the risk of gas leakage. And yet we should not forget about the possible defects of the gas hose. What a specialist should connect is not even discussed.

To exclude the harmful effects of gas combustion products (carbon monoxide), it is necessary to ensure the proper operation of the ventilation and exhaust systems in the kitchen.

Electrical appliances are less dangerous. Unlike gas devices, they are not explosive and do not burn oxygen to form an excess of carbon dioxide. It is also important to connect them correctly so that there is grounding, to exclude the possibility of overload in the network, not to use extension cords. This will protect against electric shock.

It is also necessary to reduce the heating of the outer surface of the oven and closely standing pieces of furniture. And here, modern technologies help out. Between the working chamber and the external metal body have a heat-insulating material. Modern electric furnaces have an electronic emergency shutdown in case of any problems in the system, additional blowing for cooling. The temperature of 90 degrees is the maximum permissible for the outer sidewalls. If the sensors record their excess, the electrical appliance stops working to not cause a fire.


Models of ovens of well-known manufacturers

Electric Oven

Mansfield. Choose a gas cabinet with better reliable manufacturers: IFB; Morphy Richards; Samsung; LG; Panasonic; Bajaj; Godrej; Haier; Whirlpool; Prestige. All of them offer many options for convection ovens. IFB; Morphy Richards; Samsung; LG – with electric grill. It is convenient to cook meat in them. The dish is juicy, covered with a tasty crust. Indesit is characterized by economic power consumption. Electrolux combines many modes, including defrosting products.

Among the electric ovens are leading models Neff, Indesit, Zanussi, Bosch, Beko, Electrolux, Gefest, Hansa, Siemens. Some can cook two different dishes simultaneously, have a spit, a delayed start timer. The switches are recessed into the front surface, which excludes children’s possibility of turning on the device.

You can get acquainted in detail with the characteristics of each oven model on the Internet, in the hardware store or study the instructions for the device. It is essential to choose ovens of well-known manufacturers in specialized stores, to exclude the possibility of counterfeiting. It is helpful to study other buyers’ reviews since sometimes the declared characteristics do not correspond to reality.

An integrated approach will help you choose an oven that will suit the price, size, design, set of functions. She will be a good assistant in the daily preparation of dishes.

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