What is the Difference Between Front Load and Top Load Washing Machine

For years, your washing machine has been doing its job, but now it’s broken. You want to buy a new device. But which one? Should it be a front loader as before or do you decide for a top loader? In one variant, you fill the laundry through a door at the front, in the other via a lid on the top. This has different advantages and disadvantages, as UPDATED explains in this guide. You’ll also find out which models are right for you.


Front Load VS Top Load Washing Machine

Different designs of the two types of washing machines

There are two different types of washing machines. Although they are structured differently, they are largely made up of the same parts. The centrepiece of both variants is a stainless steel drum with holes, which is rotated by an electric motor. How to top and front loaders differ:

  • Front-loaders are the most common washing machines in Germany. You have a door with a viewing window on the front. If you open this, you can fill the drum. It stands upright and is attached to the back wall. The controls, such as the buttons or the display, are located at the front of the machine, as is the load to fill the detergent. These machines are usually 60 cm wide and deep and 85 cm high.
  • Top Loaders do not have a door at the front, but instead, have a flap on the top. If you put them up, you can put laundry in the drum. This is mounted horizontally on one or two of the side walls. There is no viewing window. A top-loader is taller and narrower than a front loader, with typical dimensions of 90 cm in height, 40 cm in width and 60 cm in depth. The panels and buttons can also be found on the top. You fill the detergent and the softener into the designated compartments in the lid or add them directly to the laundry. These variants are available in many American households.


Front loader: What you should know about

Front loader What you should know about

For front loaders, you can watch over the porthole when the laundry is washed. The machines have other advantages – but also a few weaknesses.

The advantages of front loaders

  • A front loader has a larger drum and therefore usually has a high capacity. Depending on the model, up to 14 kg of laundry fit in.
  • For example, you can install such a machine under a worktop in the kitchen. This way, it is practically and inconspicuously integrated.
  • If the front loader is in the bathroom, you can use the upper surface as a storage area, for example for hair dryer, toothbrush or shaver. If you want to save space, you even put a dryer on top of the device. However, you should inquire beforehand whether the machine can withstand this.
  • It is easier to get the washed garments out of the drum than with the top loader: you put a laundry basket in front of the opening and pull out the laundry forward.
  • If a part breaks, it is easier to repair because the machine is larger overall.
  • The devices are more storig.

Good to know:

If you choose a front loader, you need a larger area to set up. Because the door opens to the front, there should be enough space for that too.

Also note: When loading and unloading the machine, a little sportiness is required, as you have to get down on your knees or bend over.


Top loader: What you should know about

Top loader What you should know about

Top loaders have some advantages due to their construction – but also a few disadvantages.

The benefits of top loaders

  • Top loaders fit into narrow niches and thus also in smaller bathrooms or kitchens. Also in front of the device you don’t need so much space, because you don’t need to open a door.
  • You can fill the machine comfortably from above and do not need to bend over. This is gentle on the back.
  • If you have started a washing program and you think you have forgotten a sock, that’s no problem: you can open the lid at any time and put laundry in it. It is also possible to remove a garment prematurely, for example, because it should not be thrown so hard.

Good to know:

Due to its small size, a top loader is ideal for single households. This usually fits up to 7 kg in.

Important: Pay attention to a flat surface when setting up. Because top loaders can lose some stability during slinging and thus “walk” a few centimetres.

And – for top loaders, you often have to pay a little more. This is because the components are housed in a smaller space. This is why repairs often cost more money.


These models are suitable for you

You can choose between different washing machine models, both for the top and front loaders. They each have different equipment.

Top loader: Three machines at a glance

  • The privilege device “PWT A51052” has a capacity of 5 kg and, like most top loaders, is particularly suitable for two- to three-person households. The device hurls up to 1,000 revolutions per minute and comes with ten standard programs and three additional programs.
  • The Bauknecht top loader “WAT Prime 652 PS” washes with the highest energy class A+++ and has a volume of 6 kg. The highest calling speed is 1,200. The model has nine standard and seven additional programs.
  • The Miele washing machine “W 695 F WPM” is also filled over the lid. The drum fits 6 kg of laundry and it hurls at 1,400 revolutions per minute. The device has 14 programs, including one for wool. It has the best energy efficiency class with A+++. The top loader is as quiet as birdsong in normal operation with 47 dB.


Front loader: Three machines at a glance

  • The Hanseatic front loader “HWM510A2” picks up to 5 kg of laundry and hurls at up to 1,000 revolutions per minute. The machine washes with twelve programs and comes with crease protection, which should save you the later ironing.
  • In the Siemens machine “iQ800 WM6YH842” you fill up to 9 kg of laundry. That is sufficient for four to five people in the household. You can control the model from an app. It also has a special program for removing stubborn stains. The front loader can hurl at up to 1,400 revolutions per minute and uses the highest energy efficiency class A+++.
  • The LG washing machine “9 F4 WV 910P2” has a drum that fits 10.5 kg of laundry – enough for a family with at least five members. The model works with the highest energy efficiency class A+++ and brings great features such as a digital touch display and the possibility to control the washing machine via the app. The machine hurls at 1,400 revolutions per minute.


Different washing machines, various advantages

Whether front loader or top loader, both variants have advantages and disadvantages. Top loaders take up less space and you don’t need to bend while loading. You can’t put anything on the lid for that. Front-loaders usually have a larger drum and thus a higher capacity. You can push them under a cupboard. However, you need a larger footprint. Also to open the door forward.

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