Five Naive Questions About Air Conditioning

Household air conditioners have long since moved from the category of exotic, into something completely ordinary and common all over the place. Of course, such equipment is not in every house or apartment and those who decided to buy climate equipment are asked a number of questions, the answers to which can give experienced owners of split-systems or consultants of climate technology stores. Playing “questions and answers” will help to clarify the picture much faster. so…


– Do we need air conditioning in our climate, when the “non-calendar” winter takes at least six months, and summer is often cool and rainy? Is it worth installing expensive equipment for a couple of hot weeks a year?


– “Air conditioning is air cooling” is a myth inherent in strange coincidence only to the post-Soviet space. In Western countries with no less cold climate, for example, in Scandinavia, air conditioning is equipped with almost all offices, many apartments. What’s going on here? In that the air conditioner is not originally intended to cool the air, or rather – not only for this operation, but to create comfortable microclimatic conditions in the room. And comfortable conditions are made up of various factors – ensuring the required temperature, relative humidity and mobility of the air, the degree of its cleaning, etc.

By the way, only a few models of air conditioners are designed for the flow of fresh air into the room outside, which is also known to few. Optimal indicators in all these parameters are achieved with the help of air conditioning.


– Does the installation and operation of air conditioners violate the standards for noise in residential premises?

installation and operation of air conditioners

– The maximum maximum allowable noise level in residential areas is 60 dB. The noise level from the working air conditioner usually does not exceed 45-50 dB. If this indicator is particularly important for the room, it should be taken into account that inverter split systems are the least noisy.


– To what extent does the installation of air conditioning systems “break” the style of the interior of the premises?

– Office design is most often done in certain common traditions of “euro-repair.” This design, which is based on modern finishing materials and simple style solutions, best combined with the design of air conditioners.

Housing is a little more complicated. If the interior is built on the contrast of old and modern, the air conditioner will take its rightful place among other “sophisticated” equipment.

If the interior is made “in the old days,” the air conditioning can be hidden, used. In general, the companies producing air conditioners, try to take into account trends in interior design and offer appropriate to these trends options. This comment concerns both the shape of air conditioners and their color solution.


– Which air conditioners are optimal for housing?

– It depends on the type of housing, metering of living space, etc. For a small apartment usually enough simple window air conditioning. For a suburban summer cottage is optimal mobile mono-unit air conditioning, which can be delivered to the cottage only in the holiday season, and at other times to be used in urban housing.

For suites or cottages where the family lives all year round, the best option is a split- or multi-split system. The latter provide air conditioning in several rooms at the same time due to several internal blocks connected to one exterior.


– What to do with air conditioning after the end of the warranty period of service? 

“Nothing. After all, it only means that the seller stops repairing the device for free. If the air conditioner is given a guarantee of 7-10 years, it is not a fact that after the expiry of the specified period it will fall apart. If properly operated, the air conditioner can last much longer.

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