5 Advantages of Buying a Laptop

Now it isn’t easy to surprise anyone with a laptop. Toshiba published the results of a study of technical markets. The ratio of laptops and stationary systems in the American market – 1/3, European – 1/5, Russian – 1/17. And for Russia, the situation is improving. Last year the ratio was 1/25.

But the need to explain to yourself and others the benefit of the purchase of a laptop has not yet disappeared. Immediately note that laptops are unlikely to compete with computers in gaming entertainment for obvious reasons. So if you’re going to buy a powerful PC for gaming, then see here what the gaming market has to offer right now.

Yet, the benefits of using mobile systems for other purposes are obvious.


The Main Benefits of Laptops

You’re in touch always and everywhere.

You're in touch always and everywhere

Sometimes in advertising still the laptop is presented as a business tool. However, mobility is important for both the bank and the student representative, even if it will be manifested in free movement around the apartment. Let’s say, in the absence of your own separate workplace, you can work sitting on the balcony, in the kitchen, on the couch in the living room and even, sorry, in the toilet. You will not wake up the household at night with the monitor’s light and clicking keys and go to another room. Therefore, laptops are suitable for a business person with a personal car, although it is very convenient.


You save your space

Depending on the workplace’s organisation, a fully assembled stationary computer will take you somewhere 1.5-2 square meters. At the same time, the laptop is off. You can even put it on the bookshelf and upright. It will take no more space than, say, the same dictionary.

And what is the price of two square meters of living space in the metropolis? Clearly more than the cost of a laptop. And as strange as it may sound, it turns out that buying a laptop will bring you economic benefits!

It is worth noting that reputable companies have long equipped their staff with mobile devices. And both top managers and specialists of management and technical plan.


You don’t spend extra money

You don't spend extra money

.Strangely, laptops are considered expensive equipment. Of course, they are not cheap. And yes, the prices are comparable to the cost of hospital computers. However, let’s keep in mind that you need to purchase a monitor, keyboard, mouse, flash devices, audio and video equipment, such as a webcam or microphone, separately. All together costs a round sum, which in the “hospital” does not look out of place for us. Therefore, we should not be confused by laptops’ price because all the additional gadgets are already built-in and included in the price.

You don’t lose functionality. Less – doesn’t mean weaker! Modern laptops in functionality are no worse than desktop computer systems. Let’s take a closer look at this item because they say the opposite in the user environment.

It is widely believed that the laptop is very difficult or even impossible to install full peripherals set because of its small dimensions. And that’s a misconception. In fact, most mobile systems have extension sleds, which are all the necessary drivers. If such hardware cannot be installed inside a laptop, it is straightforward to connect with a USB interface. Your laptop can be fitted with all sorts of boards available in PC card format (depending on the necessary slots built into your laptop, either SD or MemoryStick cards are used). Such examples can be cited a huge number, ranging from GPS receivers and Ethernet cards to Winchesters and GPRS modems.

More recently, many gamers and music fans expressed their dissatisfaction with laptops. This attitude was formed because of the lack of access to professional sound and graphics applications. With the advent of Creative Sound Blaster Extigy, the situation has changed. This system is nothing but a professional sound card for external use. As a result, fans of music and high-quality audio accompaniment of DVD films could get high-quality multichannel sound. Toshiba began equipping mobile systems for the personal use of NVIDIA GeForce 4T 420 Go graphics cards, setting an example for other manufacturers. Video accelerators used in such maps can satisfy the majority of users. Exceptions are avid gamers and their need for the most powerful graphic solutions. Of course, graphics of this class and energy level to install in laptops is simply impossible, but, first, there are not so many such cards. Secondly, the demand for them is only a fraction of a per cent of the total number of users.

To sum up the above, we can talk about the identity of functional desktop and mobile computers for the majority of consumers.


You look successful

Human worldview, alas, does not keep pace with market realities. Now buying a laptop will cost you a little more expensive than a stationary computer system. Nevertheless, society still considers its presence a prestigious symbol, a mandatory attribute of successful top management and financial independence. However, among Russian consumers, the situation is somewhat different: the indicator of a successful person is considered simply having a personal computer, desktop or mobile.

According to Intel, only 5% of families own a personal computer in Russia, when in Europe and America, this figure exceeds 50%, and in some Baltic countries – 70%.

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