What Is The Difference Between Facial Serum And Cream?

One of the effective means in cosmetology is serum. The use of the remedy takes its roots from pharmacology, so it has such a stunning effect on the skin of the face. For different ages, categories developed varieties of the drug with useful components and additives.


Why use the tools?

Expensive creams in some cases are not effective enough, so it is worth using products with a more saturated concentration of nutrients. In this case, you can use facial serum, but do not think that the manufacturer deceived you on account of the cream. Its main purpose is to hydrate and nourish the skin. The serum has a slightly different direction. The epidermis is negatively affected by ultraviolet radiation, and the environment can be aggressively affected. These factors slow down the synthesis of natural collagen and elastin in the body. Because of their lack of skin, there are folds and wrinkles. As a result, it gets an unhealthy color. The most effective method is considered to be laser rejuvenation procedures in dermatological offices. After that, your dermis will need some time to recover.

These procedures are quite expensive. Instead, you can use serums – it’s less radical than a laser. They affect the skin almost 24 hours a day. They have active components for the skin. The system of delivering useful components to skin cells has a different principle than that of creams. If you apply serum and cream in a complex, the effect of the latter is enhanced significantly. The condition of the epidermis improves significantly after a while. This daily facial care will allow you always to look good regardless of age.


What is the difference between cosmetics?

Serums may differ in the type of effect on the skin of the face. Some in its composition have components formatting or have an antioxidant deity, others have a lifting effect and increase elasticity, others – reduce wrinkles and make the epidermis smoother. Apply the drug can not only on the face but also on the cleavage area, neck. Enough 1 or 2 drops. Its consumption is minimal, so one package will last for a long time. The skin should be cleaned and treated with a tonic, then apply the serum, and after – a nutritious or moisturizer for the face. These serums are effective in eliminating early signs of skin aging. You can prevent the premature appearance of wrinkles. To achieve a better result, it is recommended to buy these two tools in the same series.



 The serum should be used regularly for one or two months and then make the same break. After a while, you can try a drug of a different type or from another manufacturer. So you will find the most appropriate remedy for your skin. Over time, you will begin to understand what works best for her.

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