Eyeshadow Everything You Need to Know

This product with creamy texture is becoming more common to see in women’s makeup cases. Before choosing the one that fits us the most, it is essential to know in depth all the details that eye shadows can offer us. To continue with this guide, we will solve the most common questions that usually arise to users. The first thing we need to do before applying eye shadow is to extend a shadow base.


What Is The Eye Shadows?

Eye Shadows

Eye shadow is a cosmetic product that is applied to the eyelids and under the eyebrows. According to your personality, the different colours used to adapt to your irises’ tone give you a different style every day. Besides, its use will allow you to give prominence and intensity to your look and incorporate some colour into your face.

To know the origin of the eye shadows, you have to go back to Ancient Egypt.

They used to be used on special occasions, such as burials. They were also applied because they believed they protected from sunlight, improved vision, and prevented eye infections. They are currently used for both day-to-day and specific events.


Is Cream eye shadow better than powdered?

The answer is no. Neither is better, nor the other is worse. They are simply different and, depending on the intensity, depth and luminosity you want to give your look, you can decide which shadow to use. However, it is best to combine them to achieve the perfect finish that best suits your style, your skin tone and, above all, your eyes. Both textures have their pros and cons, so if we use them simultaneously, we can compensate for each other. The cream shadow offers longer duration, intensity and non-stain, while the powdered shadow fades and blends easily, as well as having a greater variety of colours to choose from, the one we like the most.

Cream shadows bring luminosity and greater intensity to the look. That’s why, depending on the situation for which you’re going to use eye shadow, you can choose between one format or the other. Using the two joints, first the cream shadow and then sealing it with powdered shade is the best option to achieve the expected result.


How is cream eye shadow applied?

  1. As explained above, one of the advantages of cream eye shadow is its easy application. However, if the way to do this is unknown, it can become a difficult product to use, and we probably won’t get the desired result. That’s why we’re going to give you a series of guidelines for you to apply correctly. The first thing we need to do before applying eye shadow is to extend a shadow base. This will prevent them from splitting up, as well as helping you keep it intact for longer. This first cosmetic will be spread over the moving eyelids, giving slight touches with the fingertips until the skin absorbs it completely.
  2. With the base already dry, it’s time to apply the cream eye shadow. Offering a more intense and vibrant colour than powdered shadows, little is enough to use. We’ll do it just like with the base, with the fingertips and on the moving eyelid. But this time, we will blur the product by massaging it and not making strength.
  3. Next, make sure you get the result you expected. Otherwise, you can apply a little more shade to make the makeup more eye-catching. Once you have what you wanted, brush some powders to help absorb skin fat and get a more durable colour.

As you can see, this type of shadow is straightforward to apply. If you want to get more natural or shiny makeup, you can follow the steps below and make your look more intense.

  • If you’re applying two different shades for a more natural finish, drag the shadow you want to predominate toward the cut line between them. Generally, it looks better with the shadow that has been put on the outside.
  • Finally, if you want brighter makeup, grab the glitter with a small brush and apply them over your eyelids. The creamy texture of the shadow will make it easily stick to it.


Which colour of cream shadows best matches my eyes?

  • In the world, we find many people with brown eyes. However, green, blue, grey eyes, hazelnuts or even one eye of each colour. This is a very decisive thing when choosing the shadow that favours us the most. What colour are your eyes? Please read our guide and find out which shadow is right for your look. Brown Eyes: Being the most versatile colour, most shade tones look good. However, the ones that favour it the most are the purple ones and the most intense plum tones.
  • Blue Eyes: Neutral nude tones and brown shadows, both ash and soft chocolate, highlight the lighter blues in your iris. However, if you want to give your look warmth, it is best to choose orange, terracotta or bronze.
  • Green eyes: Pale, neutral evil tones will instantly brighten the gaze of green eyes.
  • Grey eyes: A little brightness will give depth and light to this eye colour, with silver and charcoal tones working best to deliver this result
  • Hazel eyes: A light layer of a bright violet hue will greatly highlight this colour’s eyes.


Can cream eye shadows produce negative effects?

The eyes are probably one of the most sensitive parts of the human body. Therefore, when it comes to make-up, we must be cautious to avoid infections. Cosmetics in general and eye shadows are becoming safer, but they can also produce negative effects, especially if misused. When applied around the eye, in this case, in the eyelid area, thanks to its creamy texture, which allows the shadow to adhere to the skin, cream eye shadows avoid some reactions such as itching of eyes. However, this does not remove others, such as irritation or blepharitis, which is the eyelid’s inflammation.

Eye shadow is a cosmetic product that is applied to the eyelids and under the eyebrows. (Source: Meg B: P8Fxe0J8Flo/ Unsplash.com)

The most important thing to prevent this from happening is to make sure it is a good quality product and review the ingredients with which they are manufactured and the expiration date it has. And finally, if something has not become clear, it is best to contact experts in the field to solve any doubt.


What are the pros and cons of cream eye shadows?

As with the vast majority of cosmetics and beauty products, cream eye shadows have their pros and cons. The article has already been mentioned some of its features, but it is also important to know its drawbacks. Here are the pros and cons of using cream eye shadows.


  • Easy to apply
  • Moisturize dry eyelids
  • Great coverage and duration
  • They bring luminosity and greater intensity to the look.
  • They enhance the colour of the eye.
  • They can be applied with both your finger and a brush.
  • Its texture helps a uniform finish.


  • They can get in the way.
  • They can form folds by blinking.
  • Difficult to blur
  • Less variety of colours


Eyeshadow Buying Guide 

Eyeshadow Buying Guide 

In addition to all the information you’ve been reading throughout this article, there are five points you shouldn’t overlook when you decide to buy a cream eye shadow. These criteria will help you choose the product that best matches your eyes and best suits your eyes when you go to use it.


Skin type

The first thing you have to consider before buying a cream eye shadow is skin type. These are ideal for dry skin, as they promote hydration. However, if you have oily skin, this option is not the most recommended for you, with powdered shadows being compact and volatile, which is the best choice.

Therefore, as with the vast majority of cosmetics, each skin type has a recommended and specific product. That’s why, to choose the shade that favours you the most and with which to get the best result, you will need to choose the one that best suits the characteristics of your skin. Cream eye shadows are a perfect ally when it comes to the eye’s makeup because, thanks to its texture, you will achieve a more durable finish. 


Eye colour and size

Another factor to consider before buying a cream shadow is the colour of our eyes. Depending on the tone of our iris, we will choose one or the other. Green and purple tones will favour browns, while blues will be enhanced with coppers and lilacs. In the case of greens, their intensity will increase with grey or bronze. Likes, eye size, will also condition our choice.

For example, for small eyes, you can use shadows that give greater prominence to your gaze, opting for shades that enhance it, while, in the case of large eyes, you won’t need to give them more depth, and you’ll choose more discreet shadows.


Ability to blur

Many users claim that cream eye shadow is harder to blur than traditional eye shadow. This claim is true; this feature makes the cosmetic much more durable. However, this does not mean that the shadows in tomato cream are difficult to use. As we can see in the graph below, most cream shadows are considered “medium” difficult to blur. When buying a new cosmetic, make sure its app is as simple as possible.



Quality is an essential thing to weigh when buying any cosmetics. However, if we are talking about eye shadow, we have to emphasize this point because when applied around the eye, it is necessary that they are of good quality to prevent eye reactions or infections.

They are of better quality and do not necessarily have to imply that they are the most expensive. In fact, there are low-cost shadows that offer a perfect result with good quality, while some high-end ones leave a lot to be desired. To know if they give quality, you have to see that they pigment well, that they last quite a lot on the eyelid and do not hang.

Gabriel ReyMake-up artist from Kiko Milano in Seville

“One of the most common mistakes is putting a lot of shade if we don’t download a little earlier.”



You should also pay close attention to the finish of the cream shadows. Depending on the result we want, we will choose one or the other, so it is necessary to know the different results. If we want to look simple, the best option will be to choose the matte.

However, it is important to know that, for example, metal can accentuate wrinkles, pearly offers an iridescent reflection, and bright is the perfect alternative to metallic ones for those with dry skin. This is why it is essential to know what finish we want when choosing.



To get the most out of our eye shadow, ideally knowing what we want it for and when we’re going to use it. This is important because, for each moment, we will use a different type of makeup. In the day today, we will use nude tones, similar to our skin.

On the other hand, if we want to use it in night events, it is best to choose dark tones, while, on special occasions, in which the objective is to give greater prominence to our gaze, silver and gold, as well as the raucous colours, will provide us with a brighter and more metallic finish.



Cream eye shadows are a certain type of cosmetics that offers longer life and a more intense finish thanks to its texture. They are simple to apply and can be combined with powdered shadows for the perfect finish for a deeper look.

Although it does not yet present the same variety as powder shadows, this product gains greater prominence among the female sector. It has become fundamental within the makeup cases of many women. If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for?

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