UN Girls Football Tournament

Playing football has been a rite of passage for boys for generations – whether at home, in school, at the park, or in the streets. But this has not been the case for girls – which is a shame. Female athletes have always had to overcome the bias that their game isn’t as good as the men’s game. For a nation that is cricket crazy, it is about time that football got its place in the sun — with the girls getting equal opportunities.
Sporting skills arm people with tenacity and task motivation in competitive environments. A lot of girls miss out of on opportunities to gain these skills, to experience camaraderie and develop leadership skills. Without these chances, gender equality cannot be achieved.
The facts clearly suggest that there is a powerful correlation between sports and skill development. Sports are an extremely powerful teaching tool that can be used to achieve gender equality. Therefore,
UNIC New Delhi organized the second UN Girls Football Tournament in conjunction with several other initiatives to promote sports for peace and development.
In its second year, UNIC established a strong  collaboration with the National Progressive Schools Conference (NPSC) network to communicate its message on gender equality through sports. The main idea behind organizing such a tournament was to encourage girls to take up a sport that is traditionally seen as being “for boys only”.
Teams from 12 schools in Delhi NCR battled all odds to participate in this 5 day football tournament. The girls pushed the steriotypical boundaries to pursue their passion for football and compete for the UN Trophy.
At the opening ceremony at Delhi Public School Gurgaon, the 12 teams lead by their respective captains marched in unison with pride. The closing ceremony at Modern School Vasant Vihar saw Ahlcon Public School and Modern School Vasant Vihar battling it out for the UN Trophy. The match ended in victory for Modern School. The tournament came to a close in high spirits.