Road Safety Training Camp marks Road Safety Week in New Delhi

The United Nations observes Road Safety Week between 8  and 14 May to highlight the need for collective response towards reducing road accidents and building safer roads all over the globe.

To mark the week in Delhi, the  United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan, in association with the Cradle Foundation, Delhi Police, Honda and WHO organized a road safety awareness and training camp at the Delhi Police Traffic Park in Connaught Place on 11 and 12 May 2022. Located at the heart of the capital, the traffic park has been exclusively designed to train children and youth to follow traffic rules conscientiously.

On both days, the organizing partners put together an array of exciting activities dedicated to creating awareness around traffic norms. The camp was attended by over 400 students from different schools. The students were engaged in interesting games, emphasizing the different road protocols, witnessing live demonstrations about good driving and riding practices.

At the end, each student was encouraged to write down a pledge for road safety in order to personalize their engagement with road safety.

The UN’s motto for this year’s Road Safety week was “Slow Down”. Indiscreet speeding have often resulted in a lot of untimely deaths. UNIC National Information Officer Rajiv Chandran encouraged the students to share the safety norms that they had learnt about on that day with their respective families as the pledge towards safer roads could only be achieved as a collective effort.  Eminent representatives from the Delhi Police, Cradle Foundation and the World Health Organization in their respective addresses, impressed upon the students the absolute necessity of abiding by the traffic rules. Small initiatives like respecting the signals, no matter how pressed for time one may be, or sticking to one lane and not arbitrarily over-taking, contribute to making the roads a lot safer than they currently are.

The Road Safety Week was indeed a unique experience which encompassed fun and play with very important messages about road safety. The camp’s activities well resonated the UN’s efforts towards bringing the road traffic behaviour within safety parameters, and discussing ways to develop technologies that can enhance the safety quotient of the vehicles and raising awareness about the impending dangers of violating traffic rules.