Essential Oils for Hair Growth and Prevent Hair Fall

The sight of hairs falling out can spoil the mood of any person. And if the hair intensely falls out for a long time, then in the course of any, even the most expensive means. Meanwhile, to solve the problem is not difficult, using essential oils from hair loss.

What kinds of Essential Oil You have to Use

Before you start using essential oils, you should find out which one will be most suitable for you. To do this, you need to determine the type of hair.

Hair type A variety of essential oil
Fat Mint, tea tree, eucalyptus, melissa, pine, cypress, cedar, clove, lemon.
Dry Orange, tangerine, ylang-ylang, lavender, sandalwood, rosewood.
Any Lavender, rosemary, tea tree, cypress, geranium.

Once you have chosen the right tool, you can find the one that best fits the problem. So against the beginning of baldness the most effective are oils:

  • Cypress;
  • Ilang-ilanga;
  • Tea tree;
  • rosemary;
  • pine trees;
  • Cedar.


How to store

You can buy essential oil in almost any pharmacy. Its cost is low, and useful properties are preserved long enough with proper storage. It is best to store the product in the refrigerator. If for some reason it is impossible, it is enough to put the bottle in a cool dark place, where the sun’s rays can not get.


How to use

It is possible to apply essential oils against hair loss in different ways. It could be:

  • aroma-combing;
  • Head massage;
  • rinsing;
  • oil masks;
  • enriching shampoo and conditioner.



In fact, aroma-combing is a type of light massage of the scalp. The procedure improves the blood supply to the scalp. This increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the hair follicles, which means that the nutrition of hair bulbs is improved. In addition, aroma-combing is a relaxing and enjoyable process, it can become an integral part of regular relaxation.

A comb of natural materials is required for aroma-combing. For hair, the most preferred are a comb made of wood or bone. For useful combing, a few drops of essential oil are applied to the comb, and the curls are carefully combed along the entire length.


Oil head massage

Massage of the skin surface of the head itself is useful, and if you combine it with the use of essential oil, it can be considered a truly irreplaceable tool – medicinal properties are combined with excellent relaaculation effect.

To carry out the massage, you need to prepare a massage. It is prepared from a mixture of base oil and essential oil. In itself, ethereal concentrate is the strongest remedy, so when used in its pure form, you can burn the skin.

As a basic basis, you can use any vegetable oil – olive, coconut, jojoba, almond or other, in the amount of 3-4 tablespoons. The base should be warmed up a little in a water bath and add a few drops of essential oil. After that, you can start a massage.

The product is rubbed into the skin of the head surface with light movements. Then you need to massage the skin without much pressure with the pads of your fingers. After the procedure, you can wash your head with the right shampoo.


Root-strengthening masks

Regularly applying masks with the addition of essential oils, it is possible not only to fight against hair loss,but also to make the hair more attractive. You can use the following recipes:

  1. Add five drops of rosemary oil to a glass of water. The solution is applied to the root part of the hair immediately after washing the hair. After half an hour, you can rinse your hair with warm water and dry without using a hair dryer.
  2. Mix on a tablespoon of castor oil and honey, add three drops of rose oil and cinnamon. Apply the mixture to the roots of the hair, as well as the entire length of the strands. The mask is aged on the head for one and a half to two hours and washed off with warm water.
  3. Mix 20 ml of any base oil with two drops of cedar oil, add three drops of lavender oil and rosemary. The mixed mixture is carefully applied to the hair and scalp with massage movements. Wrap your head with a towel for half an hour, after which you can wash it off.
  4. Stir 5-10 drops of lavender essential oil and 50 ml of main oil, better olive oil. Soak the composition on the hair for 30-60 minutes.
  5. Dilute to a creamy state colorless hen and add five drops of oil solution extract ylang-ilang. Hold the mask for at least an hour under the insulating cap.

You can add essential concentrates to almost any hair loss mask. This will only increase their effectiveness. However, it is not desirable to keep the mask with the addition of oil concentrate on the hair for too long.


Useful hair rinses

Rinsing hair after washing the head is useful because the care of the hairline continues even during sleep. It is enough to rinse your head with a useful composition after each wash. From this the condition of the hair will improve significantly, besides the curls will smell nice.

To make a rinse “cocktail” you need to add six drops of suitable essential oil to the hair. You can add an oil mixture by experimenting with different options. Breeding essential oil is associated with some nuances. In particular, due to its structure, the ethereal concentrate does not dissolve in water. Therefore, the right amount should be dripped on the crystals of sea salt, which then need to be dissolved in water. In the absence of sea salt, you can use a regular cook.


Shampoo and conditioner

This method is more suitable for prevention than for treatment. However, it is quite easy to use and does not require much effort. Therefore, it can be used by every woman who cares about the beauty of her curls.

About 10 drops of essential concentrate should be added to the shampoo and balm or conditioner used. Before adding the remedy should dilute it in a tablespoon of any base base for better dissolution. Now any head wash will be a restorative procedure.


List of ethereal properties

You can choose a hair loss product using the list below. At the same time as the problem of hair loss can be solved and other concerning the condition of the hair.

Kind of essential oil Therapeutic effect on hair in addition to fighting hair loss
Nutmeg Stimulates hair growth, quickly washes out of hair natural dyes
Cypress Enhances hair growth
Sage Tones hair, giving them shine and elasticity
Carnations Accelerates hair growth, fights fungal and infectious diseases of the scalp
Ilang-ilang Restores the hair structure, smoothes the hair surface, gives the hair cover shine and elasticity
Cinnamon Increases blood supply and activates growth
Tea tree Prevents the appearance of dandruff and itchy scalp, normalizes the function of the sebaceous glands
Eucalyptus Disinfects, tones hair, eliminates dander
Bay Gives volume to the stir
Rosemary Cleans the skin pores of the head surface and accelerats growth
Air Prevents the appearance of dandruff
Cedar Restores keratin layer, stimulates growth, eliminates excess fat
Carrot seeds Saturates the hair cover with vitamins, promotes regeneration
Incense Enhances hair growth

Regular use of essential oils helps to eliminate many problems of hair cover, and some even prevent. However, if the long-term application does not bring the desired result, it is advisable to seek advice from a tichologist. Hair loss may be caused by the presence of a disease that requires serious treatment.

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Dr. Med. Raoul Hasert is a specialist in dermatology and venereology. He is a senior physician in Praxisklinik Dr. Hasert.

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