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Like many other DNVB (Digital Native Vertical Brands), Emma is a mattress brand sold exclusively on the web. Since its inception in 2022, it has already sold several million beds. It ranks as the benchmark in Europe on its niche, with a number 1 in France. It is ahead of its French counterparts Hypnia or Tediber and the British giants Eve or Simba.

Before going into detail with our opinion on Emma Matelas, it is worth recalling her record. Since its inception, the German company has multiplied the awards for its products: UFC Que Choose (in 2022, 2022 and 2022), Voted Product of the Year in 2022, 2022, 2022. Across Europe, a majority of independent consumer associations have recognised its excellent value for money.

Its success is unprecedented: the company sold more than 2 million mattresses in 2022 alone. Moreover, its Original model is the best-selling bed in France over the last 2 years. It has a market share of about 7% in France. Its direct competitors Hypnia, Eve, and Simba, are still far behind.

In her early days, Emma Matelas wanted to surf the “universal mattress”. The brand offered only one bed that was to be suitable for as many people as possible. To convince customers to buy on the internet, it was the first to offer a trial period: 100 free and non-binding nights. If the mattress is not suitable, customers can return it at no cost and get a refund.

Without further ado, we will move on to our opinion on Emma Matelas. First, we will review the company’s mattress range and all the benefits it highlights. Then we will return to the original concept behind the company, the “mattress in a box”. Finally, our final feedback on the test will give you our opinion on Emma.


A range with 4 mattresses

We said earlier in our opinion on Emma Matelas; the historical model is called “Original”. This is the brand’s first bed, and it is still the most successful today. It is a comfortable mattress that offers the best value for money for a budget that corresponds to the market’s average.

To attract a wider target and maintain her reputation in Europe, Emma decided to expand her mattress range. If the “Original” version represents an archi majority of sales, there are 3 other models meet more specific needs. There is the Emma Diamant Noir (ultra-premium), the Emma One (small budget) and the Emma O2 (evolution of the Original). The latter two have a hard time placing themselves in value for money than the original model.

As you will discover on the manufacturer’s official website, there is also a whole range of sleep accessories that are highlighted: duvet, pillow, mattress pad and even a bed. This allows you to change your entire bedding at once and save real money. Further down in our review of Emma, we will go back to the company’s concept, which allows it to display rates that are 2 to 3x lower than in a bedding store.


Emma Original, the mattress reference

Emma Original, the mattress reference

In Europe, Emma’s Original mattress has become a reference. If you are looking for a good bed at a reasonable price, it will perfectly meet your needs. It is neither too hard nor too soft and therefore guarantees a good relaxation of the joints. If it includes a memory foam part, Emma is pleased to have a mattress that is always ventilated and cool, thanks to advanced technology.

Our opinion on Emma Matelas is clear: it is an excellent product. This is particularly noticeable in its composition, which appears to be premium compared to the lambda mattress. It is 25 cm thick, which is the norm for a high-end mattress. The more basic versions are usually between 15 and 18 cm, and the difference is clearly felt. To get to the heart of the matter, here’s what we’re talking about:

  • A thermoregulatory and elastic cover: it is it that will coat the mattress and ensure a successful design and a good circulation of air. It will allow the sleeping to be ventilated by 25 cm thanks to its efficient materials. The white part of the cover (on top) comprises 91% polyester and 9% elastane. On the side, the grey part is made of 100% polyester.
  • An Airgocell foam: Emma’s own technology is a success. This foam will provide a comfortable welcome for sleepers. This is the upper part of the mattress, and it plays another key role: it will ensure the ventilation of the memory foam layer that is just below. Note that the Emma 02 has a second-generation Airgocell foam: it’s even nicer, but the mattress is more expensive.
  • A memory foam: there is a memory foam (viscose) that allows the pressure to be distributed optimally on the mattress. It’s this layer that makes you feel comfortable – without being too deep in the mattress. As soon as the body moves, the mattress returns to its original shape.
  • A cold foam: It is the lower part of the bed, and it is also the thickest. As in most mattresses, there is a layer of this type that allows firmness to the mattress. This provides much better support so that your joints can rest well (back, neck…).

With such a composition, the Emma Original mattress is positioned as a premium bed. However, in terms of price, it is in the mid-range of the market. This implies an excellent value for money, which has been praised by independent consumer associations such as UFC Que Choose. It should also be noted that the reviews of Emma on Trusted Shops credit him with a score of 4.5/5. Finally, he was “Elected Product of the Year” in 2022 and 2022.

To continue this review on the Emma Original model, here is the question of price. Of course, depending on whether you take a mattress one seat – or two places – the price will not be the same. At this brand, there are no less than 11 sizes for this mattress, and the price varies between 450 and 1,000. Fortunately, Emma is a big fan of discounts, and you can save an average of 30% on the mattress. In the end, the Original mattress will cost you between 300 and 650 euros.

While the Original mattress is more expensive than an IKEA mattress, it has several arguments. Not only is it much more premium in terms of composition, but it will last longer. When you know that a mattress of this type can easily hold between 10 and 15 years, the investment is largely depreciated. The average French person spends about 1/3 of his time sleeping (8 hours a day); it is better to choose a quality bed. And that’s what you’ll get with a product like this.


Emma O2, One, Black Diamond, Alternatives

While the Original mattress accounts for most of Emma’s sales, it is no longer the only one in the range. There are three others: Emma One, Emma O2 and Emma Diamant Noir. The first is a small budget, and it is simpler. The second is an improved version of the original, but the price is also higher (the value for money is also less good). Finally, the Black Diamond is more premium, and its composition differs widely.

To continue our opinion on Emma Matelas, we will analyze Emma One in the first place. This model is a simplified version of Emma’s historical model. In terms of composition, it is similar to the original mattress. The big difference is that it is much less thick: 18 cm for the Emma One versus 25 cm for the other. And this difference is noticeable in terms of comfort and support. This model competes with an IKEA mattress at the price level: 180 to 420 (discount included) and meets a real demand.

Let’s move on with the Emma O2. The latter is an evolution of the Original mattress with a second-generation Airgocell foam. Apart from this difference, it is similar to the original mattress. For this small difference, it was recognized as the best mattress by the UFC What to Choose. That said, in terms of popularity, it is struggling to impose itself. Overall it is 100 euros more expensive than the original model for a similar size. For example, excluding discounts, the 140 x 190 cm Original and at 685 euros compared to 789 for the Emma O2.

Finally, the last Emma mattress is the Black Diamond. In our opinion, Emma wanted to compete live the English brands Eve and Simba with this product. It’s not just a mattress with memory foam: it’s a so-called “hybrid” mattress. It combines memory foam shape, stained springs and a layer of graphite. These technologies are premium, but they are also expensive. It was “Elected Product of the Year” in 2022, and it’s deserved.

Before we finish this part of our opinion on Emma, we must understand the Emma Diamond Black. This bed has combined these technologies (including graphite coating) to speed up sleep. The latter manages to lower the body temperature to lengthen the phases of deep sleep and promote sleep. It is neither too soft nor too hard. Besides, it complies with THE 100 Class 1 standard of OEKO-TEX®, which guarantees the absence of toxic products for the body and the environment.

The Diamant Noir mattress plays in another category in terms of budget: the price is between 650 and 1,400. That said, as you’ll see below in our review of Emma Matelas, it’s still excellent value for money. For those who have sleep problems and want a restful sleep, this is a must-have product. In the long run, you are sure to be quiet.


Why buy an Emma mattress?

buy an Emma mattress

A decade ago, buying your mattress on the internet could seem implausible. Indeed, it didn’t seem easy to choose a mattress on an online catalogue without even being able to test it. And yet, 100% of online bedding brands have managed to find the parade. Emma Matelas was one of the forerunners in this niche with a generous promise: 100 nights of testing.

Once delivered, the mattress can then be tested safely for 100 days. At any time, if the customer deems that his product is not up to his expectations, he can ask Emma customer support for a delivery driver to come and retrieve the mattress. Like all beds sold on the internet, the Emma mattress will arrive first compressed in a nice cardboard box. However, a carrier will be recovered in its usual format once it has been unfolded.

With the health crisis that the world experienced in 2022, the gestures of barriers are ever more topical. Trying a mattress in a shop where customers come to test their mattress is not recommended. It’s no surprise that brands on the internet had such an exceptional year in 2022. Several of them reported three-digit growth. As you will understand with this review of Emma, the mattress brand was one of the big winners of this period.

Other benefits of buying an Emma mattress include free shipping in less than 4 working days. So you can pick up your bedding directly at home (or at the office) without having to fight for transportation (such as from an IKEA warehouse). Then you also benefit from a free payment stagger, up to 4x free.

Finally, the last point before moving on to the next part of this opinion on Emma is the guarantee. The German brand offers a 10-year warranty on all its mattresses. This is a real asset when you know that the guarantee is usually 5 to 7 years in traditional shops. Sometimes it is possible to get an extension, but you will have to get your hands on the wallet.

Obviously, as we said earlier, Emma’s best argument is the quality of the product. We’ve been sleeping on an Emma mattress for 3 years now, and it’s still as comfortable as ever. It still returns to its original shape, despite the memory foam form. In terms of fare, it isn’t easy to do better.

Indeed, because the brand completely ignores physical shops, it saves at all levels: rent, wages, logistics. This impacts the cost – and it passes the savings on the final price of the customer. On average, a mattress at home costs 2 to 3x less than a similar product that would be found in a conventional bedding store.


Beyond Emma mattresses, accessories

Emma is a well-known brand for mattresses; it’s undeniable. That said, the German company quickly expanded its range with sleep accessories: pillow, duvet, mattress pad or even a bed. What for? Experts all agree that the entire bedding should be changed every 10 years or so. By changing the entirety of the latter, you will be able to enjoy the best benefits.

Two box springs/quality beds

That’s why Emma naturally offers a range of accessories that add to the mattress experience. Among them are two beds. The first is a fairly classic box spring with studs. It has the advantage of being cheap, made in France, and it ticks all the boxes: it benefits from 3 support zones for the mattress and ensures perfect aeration of the product.

The second bed is the Emma Select. It is reminiscent of the beds found in luxury hotels that provide the ultimate comfort to the sleeper. Indeed, the bed/box spring plays a crucial role in the quality of sleep, almost as much as the mattress. Opting for the Emma Select bed is, therefore, a guarantee of quality. The materials are more premium, as the wooden structure, felt ledges and chrome (or wooden) feet. The customer can customize the product at the feet and headboard (additionally, 90 euros).

The classic box spring ranges from 180 to 290 degrees in terms of prices, depending on the format. If you choose a mattress from Emma’s, be careful because not all sizes are available on the box spring. Similarly, for the Emma Select bed, there are only 5 formats available. In terms of price, it costs between 339 and 680 euros for this model, discount included. You’ll have to add 90 euros to get the headboard. Finally, know that these two box springs are elementary to assemble.

Bed linen

If you had to recommend a single accessory at Emma’s, it would be her pillow. This model is unique in its shape (70 x 40 cm) but also its composition. It’s a pillow with a memory foam shape that will ensure you an ideal comfort at the head and shoulders. It is made up of three layers of foam, but you can remove some depending on how you sleep: if you sleep on your back, it is better to keep only 2 layers. If you sleep on your back, it’s best to keep only one.

The crucial thing about a pillow is that it is never too hot. And that’s exactly what Emma offers with its thermo-regulated product. Also, it is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, guaranteeing a safe composition for your health. In terms of price, it is at 69 euros each. Note that this one also comes with 100 nights of testing to convince you. In short, it is also the best pillow in India.

To finish this review on Emma Matelas, we must also mention the duvet. The latter is made of microfibre fabrics to ensure maximum comfort. It is made up to keep cool in the summer and the heat in the winter. To make cleaning easier, it can be washed by machine up to 60 degrees. It costs 79 for the 140 x 200 cm version and 119 for the 200 x 240 cm version in terms of price. It’s competitive! Note that it also comes with a 100-day testing period and free shipping.

We could also talk about the brand’s mattress protector, which is renowned for its good quality. That said, it’s pretty expensive – and it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s necessary on an Emma mattress. What for? Because there is already a washable cover around all mattresses, so you don’t need a mattress protector unless you want double protection.

In this review of Emma, it should also be noted that a new product has entered the range: the mattress. That said, with its memory-shaped mattress, the brand still has a hard time positioning itself. It would not be surprising if she came back in the coming months with a more successful product. And with better value for money.


Customer service is highly responsive.

Before we conclude and give you our final opinion on Emma Matelas, it is important to go back to customer support. Indeed, for a dematerialized service like this, it is important to have quality and responsive customer service. At Emma’s, an audience answers all your questions in French from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm.

You can ask them by online chat, phone, email or even via social networks. The brand attaches great importance to its customers, regardless of their level in the course. This applies to both customers who want to buy a product (and have a question) and customers who want to return their beds. If this is the case, you will need to request support to have a return slot for your mattress. The company does not ask you for any proof for this choice; you are in your rights.


Conclusion: our opinion on Emma and her mattresses

Now is the time to share our thoughts on Emma Matelas. The brand new fully deserves its success. The original model, which we have been using for 3 years now, has not moved one iota. It keeps it firm, but it’s not too hard. It is balanced to meet as many people as possible and protect the joints as best as possible.

In terms of value for money, we do not do better than this model. He has been “Elected Product of the Year” several times and recognized by the UFC What to Choose. The quality is decidedly premium with this memory foam composition. However, the price is around 450 euros for a two-seater bed (140 x 190 cm), which is reasonable. You have to look at it as a long-term investment – and you won’t be disappointed. The regular discounts found at Emma will only improve this value for money.

The Black Diamond model is also a real success, even if it caters to a more premium clientele. In terms of its composition, it needs better than most of its direct rivals (Eve and Simba). Having said that, the tariff may be one of its weaknesses. That said, sleep is priceless, and it can change your life.

To come to the accessories of the brand, there are also wonderful things. If you want to maximize the benefits of your new Emma mattress, it’s also best to go on a box spring (or Emma Select bed, if your budget allows), a pillow, a duvet and a mattress. This additional investment will be greatly felt in your comfort.

In the end, Emma deserves her popularity and her number one position in Europe. The brand continues to be a hit in France, where it is pleased to have the number one sales position for its Emma Original mattress. Its other products, recognized by various consumer associations, are not left out. It has managed to become a real reference in Europe, sometimes forcing its rivals to back down. In 2022, the giant Casper was forced to withdraw from the French market.

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