Electric Bike Buying Guide

An electric bicycle is an excellent option for those looking for alternatives to move daily. After all, bicycles are an economical and eco-friendly means of transportation that doesn’t obstruct public space as cars do.

Today there is a lot of talk about the electric bicycle as a solution for individual transport.

We will help you find the best models for you who are looking for ease and sustainability.

There are several models on the market with different power, autonomy, and formats. It even has folding electric bikes. Unfortunately, so many options can end up generating doubts when making the purchase.


Understand how e-bikes work

Understand how e-bikes work

Bicycles are one of the world’s favorite means of transportation. However, in recent years, a new generation of electric bikes has begun to change the idea of eco-friendly transport as we knew it.

Electric bikes work like regular bikes. In general, they even use the same parts.

The electrical component is meant to help the human effort, not completely replace it. For example, an e-bike makes obstacles like hills and headwinds more manageable and allows you to travel farther without getting too tired.

They are hybrid vehicles; they work both with pedaling, like a standard bicycle and with the propulsion of an engine. In addition, they work with batteries, which can be recharged from any power outlet.

This varies from model to model, but in general, the motors of electric bikes start working after a few pedals, which gives you good help along the way.


Electric motors make a big difference and save a lot of effort.

It is allowing you to travel longer distances without sweating. On slopes, the power of the pedals is even more helpful and felt: it is much easier to follow bumpy roads with an electric bike.

The engines can be front, center, or rear. The shows are the simplest when it comes to mounting and distribute the weight better. However, the rear machines allow for better grip.

A motor located at the front fits in the center of the wheel. As the engine is on the front wheel, where the steering is found, it provides the feeling of a front-wheel-drive car.

Then there’s the rear engine, which can be found in mid-range models. It is more sophisticated because it interacts with the gears and other parts of the bike’s back.

And when placed in the rear, this engine improves traction, giving passengers a better grip on road surfaces.

At the top end is the centrally driven motor mounted on the chassis. It moves through the pedals and directs all that energy through the propulsion system, and is under its center of balance. It does not affect its stability.


What is the difference between an electric bike and a regular one?

What is the difference between an electric bike and a regular one

The noticeable and main difference between a bicycle and an electric one is the presence of two additional elements: an electric motor and a battery. The engine is responsible for generating energy through the pedaling of the cyclist, while the battery is responsible for storing the energy created.

Several factors may have led you to choose an electric or regular bike as a means of transportation: practicality, low costs compared to other vehicles, or simply your passion for bicycles in all their forms.

Both allow you to have the same benefits, allowing you to pedal or have the help of the engine.

The world of conventional bikes is vast, with models of the mountain, road, city, folding, and many more.

There are bicycles for all profiles of people. Conventional bicycles have been in existence for many years, and tests and trials are carried out with models that meet different profiles of people.

On electric bikes, there is no shortage of reasons for them to become the favorites of a new world, where safety and practicality compete for the first place in the new routine.

Electric bicycles are perfect for transporting loads since they support as much or more weight as a conventional bicycle. In addition, people with reduced mobility or some physical disability can use the electric bike as long as they meet their needs.

As the engine plays a fundamental role in pushing the bike forward without requiring effort, there is no need to worry about whether it is possible to pedal.


What should you be aware of when choosing your electric bike?

Many people buy a bicycle for physical activities, others for excursions and others as a means of daily transport. Choosing a bike is not always an easy task. Therefore, you should evaluate every detail that will influence your well-being and the used style of this article.

There are many variations in brands, models, styles, and quality.

Defining a good purchase alternative for your electric bike will imply, among other factors, what is your need for use. This, of course, is in addition to the price, model, and benefits offered.

Another vital factor to observe is the quality of the product and, mainly, the assistance offered by the manufacturer. Like cars and motorcycles, bicycles that are used in everyday life require some attention and frequent maintenance.


Some models of electric bikes that we recommend

We are looking to invest in a bike that doesn’t require you to put in as much effort? Below, we list 2 of the best models on the market.

Xiaomi bicycle hybrid electric bike – 250w motor – Panasonic battery – Shimano nexus three speeds – folding tubular chassis.

Xiaomi QiCYCLE includes a TMM4 force sensor located on the rear wheel, detects the force in each pedalling and automatically multiplies it, up to 150%; feel the power of a professional cyclist in your legs, travel long distances effortlessly, climb slopes as if nothing!

Now every pedaling is more accessible. Every pedaling is more fun.

The power sensor monitors the power of your pedal and knows your intention while pedaling, sends the motor to help you with the same control you want.

You Amsterdam bk1000 black electric bike 250w wheels 16″ with 40km autonomy 25km/h speed.

Electric bike finished in black, Electric motor of 250W of power, Removable battery with up to 40km of autonomy. Maximum speed reached up to 25km/h, folding aluminum pedals and front light.

16-inch wheels and 6-speed transmission, front and rear disc brakes.


Why should I have an electric bike?

Pedaling is a way to contribute to yourself, your physical and mental health, and the environment. Have you ever stopped to think about how many hours are lost in traffic each day?

Getting out of the routine, pedaling, moving, and having a lighter and healthier life is the desire of many. However, many do not realize that, sometimes, small actions can bring these benefits, such as choosing your means of transport.

For some, cycling is a sacrifice. However, if you are one of those people who does not even leave home, already thinking about fatigue on the way home, the advantages of the electric bicycle can encourage you.

Now that you know everything about electric bikes and know the best ones available on the market, you’re ready to buy yours!

Electric bikes are a growing trend in large cities and are perfect for those looking for a sustainable and practical means of transport for their daily lives.

As far as maintenance is concerned, it is recommended that cyclists perform preventive maintenance for between 3 and 6 months.

The exact maintenance checklist of an ordinary bike is analyzed during the review: gears, brakes, frame, and handlebars.

But in terms of electrical components, you need to conduct a thorough inspection.

There is also a battery check to confirm battery life and a standard visual check to ensure all components are working correctly.

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