5 Effective Home Remedies For Hair Fall

Whatever the grounds for hair loss, it is advisable to use complex methods of treatment. This means that in addition to various traditional methods with the use of professional means, it is desirable to use folk methods to combat wormwood. Which recipes are most effective against hair loss when used at home?


Hand-made lotions

Lotions against hair loss are becoming an increasingly popular remedy. They are convenient because you can use them daily; they do not require washing away, and therefore provide a long-term therapeutic effect. Homemade lotions can be made using the following recipes…

The root of the burdock is finely chopped, you can scroll it on a meat grinder, only need about forty grams of raw materials. The resulting mass should be poured with two glasses of hot water and put to insist on a couple of hours. After that, you need an unprocessed infusion to cook on low heat until the liquid is evaporated in half. The broth should be drained and refrigerated. To rub this lotion into the skin on the head should be at least three times during the week, you can after each wash of the head. If you combine the application of the composition with massage, the effectiveness of the procedure will be significantly increased.

A decoction of burdock root, onion juice and cognac mix in a ratio of 4:4:1. Such lotion is better to run into the scalp before washing, for one or two hours. Properties of composition are increased circulation in the scalp, strengthening roots and stimulation of hair growth.

One hundred grams of nettle leaves pour half a bit of water and the same amount of vinegar. The mixture should be boiled in a tightly closed pan over low heat for half an hour. The resulting infusion should wet your hair after washing your head.

Add eight tablespoons of lime to two glasses of boiling water. You can find one in any pharmacy. The composition should be brought to a boil and boil for twenty minutes. If you regularly rinse your hair with this broth for a month, hair loss will stop.

Two glasses of dry nettle leaves pour a litre of boiling water. After the infusion infused and cooled, you need to drain it through the gauze. Such nettle lotion should be rubbed into the scalp after washing.

A few nettle stalks pour half a bit of alcohol and cook over low heat until the colour of the composition changes to cognac. The cooled broth should be drained and poured into a tightly closed container. Apply the composition daily, rubbing into the roots of the hair.


Effective strengthening masks

Very often stop hair loss can home masks from the most conventional products. Some of these recipes will give a head start to expensive professional funds. Of course, the use of masks is a way not for the lazy. To achieve the desired result, you need to apply the chosen recipes against hair loss for at least a month, and the preparation of the composition will have to spend a little time. But if such difficulties do not frighten, then a few effective masks will be beneficial…

Two tablespoons of castorka to mix with one vial of vitamin D. This mixture should be applied to the hair for fifteen minutes. Then it would help if you washed your head with yolks. To do this, beat three yolks with a little warm water, apply the composition on the hair, massage and wash off. Shampoo to use for washing is strictly prohibited. This procedure should be performed three days in a row, after which you need to take a week break and repeat the three-day treatment. The method may not suit everyone, because during treatment hair can look very untidy, perhaps the strands will be too sebaceous. It is better to use the method if you can hide curls during treatment under the headdress.

One onion finely chopped, add two tablespoons of cognac and turnip oil. The composition should be applied to the roots of the hair and along the entire length of the strands. Under the insulating cap, you need to withstand the mixture for about two hours. This mask perfectly strengthens the roots of the hair. If you want to stimulate hair growth, you can add a spoonful of sugar and a couple of spoons of dry yeast to the specified composition.

To two tablespoons of aloe juice add the juice of one medium potato and a tablespoon of honey. Light massaging movements to apply the composition on the scalp, insulate and endure for two hours. You can do this procedure twice a week; it will strengthen the roots and restore the hair structure.

Natural yoghurt and olive oil mix in proportion 6:3, add one yolk. Mixed to homogeneous mixture should be applied to the roots of the hair for twenty minutes, to withstand under the insulating cap.

Mix on a tablespoon of aloe juice, birch juice, honey, garlic juice, adds one yolk. The mixture should be applied to the hair for a couple of hours, but it is possible to withstand the composition and longer. With regular use, hair is significantly strengthened, their growth is activated.

Pour a glass of boiling water four tablespoons of hops and a tablespoon of marigold flowers. After three hours, the resulting plant porridge should be distributed on the scalp and keep insulated for at least an hour. Hair will become stronger; their growth will increase.

Make the porridge out of aloe leaves, add a little honey and one egg. The number of ingredients to be selected, focusing on the length of the hair. Each of the components prevents balding, and in combination, their properties are much amplified.

Mix fifty grams of vodka and two yolks will add to the mixture a few drops of vitamin retinol, which can be purchased in any pharmacy. Keep the mixture on the hair for about an hour. It is advisable to wash without shampoo.

This composition is somewhat unusual, but will help to strengthen the roots of the hair, will give them shine and strength. In half a glass of freshly brewed tea add tobacco from one cigarette, attach to the mixture a little cocoa, a teaspoon of buckthorn oil and a few drops of vitamin A. Carefully mixed composition to apply to the scalp for an hour and a half.

It’s good to strengthen the bran hair. From them it is necessary to prepare porridge, diluting with water. Herbal broths or kefir can be used for the same purpose. Apply to the roots of the hair and hold an hour or more. You can make different masks on this basis, adding honey, yolks, oils.


The simplest methods against baldness

For those who do not want to tinker with masks or who do not have time to help simple, but from this no less effective recipes to fight against hair loss.

Ordinary salt, when applied to the treatment of hair, becomes a truly multifunctional remedy. It strengthens hair, improves the condition of the scalp, stimulates hair growth, makes hair more shiny, curvy and healthy. Applying salt treatment is simple. It is enough to moisten the hair before each wash of the head, apply a handful of salt on the skin and massage the surface of the head lightly. After that, you can wash your head as usual. As a rule, several of these procedures are enough to make hair loss less intense, and with regular use hair almost cease to fall.

The next effective anti-hair loss remedy should be purchased at the pharmacy. It is called an alcoholic tincture of ginseng and is worth a mere penny. This solution should be applied to the scalp a few hours before washing the hair. After several applications, hair loss decreases markedly.

This method is suitable for the lover of all-natural. It has long been known as the relative harm of shampoos. The determinants, preservatives and other chemical “dredging” in them affect the condition of the hair cover is not the best way. Therefore, it is beneficial to choose the favour of natural detergents. If you wash your head with egg yolks without shampooing, you can stop hair loss altogether.

If you can’t give up professional funds at all, you can use balm for washing. Many of these products are almost natural, and there are special balms with plant extracts from hair loss. Many experts recommend using the balm as a self-washing agent for hair in the face of severe damage to curls.

For shampoo adherents, too, there is an easy way against hair loss. To do this again have to go to the pharmacy and buy their mummy pills. To prepare a medicinal drug, you need to dissolve in a small number of water pieces ten tablets, add a spoonful of honey, and then pour the composition into the usual shampoo. You can wash your head as usual, but it is advisable to leave the shampoo on your head for ten minutes, and then wash off.


For the laziest

Hair loss at home can be cured by such simple methods that it may just seem not real. Of course, we are not talking about hair loss due to severe diseases, but if there is a seasonal thinning of the hair or weakening of bulbs due to improper care … The famous Chinese wellness system will help Tsigong.

According to people practising this method, it helps to fight against hair loss, strengthen hair growth, eliminate premature grey hair, restore the hair health and shine. So many positive effects will bring ordinary combing. However, instead of a comb, you need to use your own fingers. The method is called hair-cutting with fingers.

Any person can apply this technique in any conditions. The essence of the procedure is more than simple:

  • Relax and take a comfortable position, try to get rid of psychological and physical stress.
  • Using the fingers of both hands to comb the curls, starting from the forehead and advancing to the back of the head. At the same time, put a little pressure on the skin with the pads of the fingers. In the wormwood zone, the impact should be more intense.
  • To conduct such a session for five minutes, three times a day.

This simple procedure is a good way of relaxation, while improving blood flow in the scalp, activates the activity of hair follicles, which leads to the strengthening of roots and strengthening hair growth. There are cases when such massage helped to get rid of strong bald patches and splashes.


Resuscitation method

Finally, a simple recipe against hair loss, which will help resuscitate badly damaged strands and can quickly strengthen the roots. To prepare the miracle drug, you will need to clean and finely chop two whole heads of garlic. Sliced garlic should be poured with any vegetable oil so that it barely covered the garlic mass. The resulting line-up should be tightly closed and put for a week in a dark place.

Once the infusion is complete, the mixture should be drained. The oil is rubbed into the scalp, wrapped in food film and a towel, and then aged for about an hour. To make it easier to wash off such a mask, you need to apply shampoo on dry hair, a little rub, and then rinse with water. Apply garlic oil should be a couple of times a week. The effect is noticeable after two or three procedures.

Such simple recipes will help against hair loss at home. But still, it is better not to allow the problem to occur, providing the hair with constant preventive care, at least in the same folk ways.

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Dr. Med. Raoul Hasert is a specialist in dermatology and venereology. He is a senior physician in Praxisklinik Dr. Hasert.

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