Easy Steps to Clean Your Dishwasher

All household appliances installed in the kitchen need periodic care. This is especially true of the dishwasher. On the main parts of this device as a result of cleaning, clusters are formed in the form of food and fat residues. In addition, scale is formed on the internal surfaces of the equipment. To remove all these contaminants, you need to choose the right dishwasher cleaner. With the nuances of the selection of such solutions, we will talk in our article.

Reasons for cleaning equipment

Manufacturers of dishwashers strongly recommend to carry out cleaning procedures at least once in 3-4 weeks, but housewives do not always adhere to this rule and carry out appropriate measures only in case of emergency. You can not condemn people, because the frequency of cleaning the device from contaminants depends on the characteristics of the machine. Urgent procedures are necessary when an unpleasant odor appears in the tank.

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The following factors affect the number of cleanings:

  1. Schedule of use of the device. Some housewives turn on the car daily, others wash a small amount of dishes with their hands, the device is used only with a significant accumulation of plates and cups.
  2. The degree of contamination of cutlery. Salads and vegetable fats are much easier to wash than animal fats and burnt food. Some of these contaminants accumulate in large quantities under sealing gums.
  3. Temperature regime of washing dishes. The user himself chooses the desired temperature, the less it is, the faster the device will clog.
  4. The amount of active substance in detergents. The more aggressive the solution, the longer the dishwasher will serve. At the same time, a large amount of household chemicals used can damage human health.

Before you clean the dishwasher from fat, you need to determine the operation of the unit. If the user receives clean, creaking dishes at the output, then the device works normally. If dark stains or traces of contaminants remain on cups and plates, it is necessary to take urgent measures to care for the equipment.

Most users don’t know how to wash the dishwasher inside. To carry out such work, you will need a soft kitchen sponge and a toothbrush. With this tool, the filters and impeller are cleaned, as well as the space between the seals. In addition, you need to look at the walls of the chamber and the container for laying dishes. There should be no mold in these places. In the presence of such defects, the problem areas are cleaned with detergents. At the final stage of work, the machine is started.


Recommended dishwasher cleaners

Not everyone knows how to wash the dishwasher inside. It is necessary to choose such means that can easily cope with mold and scale, fats and residues of food contaminants. At the same time, such substances should not corrode the details of the equipment (sealing gums or the inner surface of the drum). Consumers should also look at the cost of funds, because when buying expensive drugs, you can simply go broke. The best composition is considered to be “Finish”, but recently it has many inexpensive analogues. Here’s a review of dishwasher cleaner ratings.

Preparation “Finish”

This tool is used to combat MS limescale, which settles on the walls of the equipment during its operation. How to clean the dishwasher from fat try to understand many users. With this task well cope “Finish”. The drug not only breaks down fat into molecules, but disinfects all surfaces, forms a protective dirt-repellent film.

Due to such qualities, dirt and scale will not settle on the working surfaces for some time. Of the advantages of the “Finish” should be pointed to the economical consumption of the composition and the ability to clean surfaces from any materials. When using this tool, cleaning is carried out every 2-3 months of operation. In addition, “Finish” kills pathogens that enter the tank along with water and food residues. After treatment, the solution leaves behind a pleasant aroma.

One of the varieties of “Finish” is the two-component composition of Calgonit Fusion Power. One of the layers of this tool is used to disinfect surfaces, break down fats and eliminate mold, the second component effectively fights limescale. The main disadvantage of such a product is the release of an unpleasant aroma.

Uni plus

This tool comes to stores in the form of concentrate. Such a solution should be used to clean washing machines at least 1 time in 3-4 weeks. Uni plus perfectly removes body fat, forms a protective film on the working surfaces and eliminates odors.

Before using this drug, it is necessary to study the requirements specified in the instructions. This tool is most effective at a certain temperature regime. If the household appliances do not support the temperature specified in the instructions from uni plus, it is better to refuse and choose another cleaning drug.

During the work on cleaning the machine from contaminants, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The main problems arise with the packaging, the wax will not dissolve and will not allow the solution to pour out of the bottle if the water heating temperature is below the necessary parameters.

Somat Machine Cleaner by Henkel

This cleaner is made in the form of tablets or gel, which allows each consumer to make a choice in favor of a particular product. The tool destroys limescale, helps in the fight against fats, destroys nozzles and filters.

The tool is used once every 3-4 weeks, with constant use on schedule, you can permanently get rid of dirt and scale. The pack is enough for three dishwasher cleanings.



Before cleaning the dishwasher from scale, you must read the instructions for the cleaning product. Milit should be used every 2-3 weeks of operation of the equipment, but the housewives themselves monitor the condition of household appliances and the efficiency of its work. When a persistent smell appears, it is necessary to pour the product from the bottle into the cap (its volume is designed for one dressing).

The main advantages of this drug are:

  • economical use;
  • low cost;
  • good cleaning efficiency;
  • absence of aggressive substances in the composition.

Milit well cleans scale and wax coating, eliminates unpleasant odor. The solution is contained in a special bottle, it is turned down the neck and installed in the chamber. In the process of washing, hot water dissolves the wax, and it begins to flow to the drum.



This drug washes dirt and scale well in all hard-to-reach places of the machine. On the filters, the surface of the chamber and the grilles there is a characteristic shine. The composition has an intense aroma, it is felt even when the door of the household appliance is closed.

Before using Domol, you must familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s requirements. This solution begins to act at a water temperature of 65 degrees. The cleaning procedure is necessary every 25-30 cycles of the machine. For one treatment, 250 milliliters of this substance are required.


Folk remedies

In addition to chemicals, household appliances can be cleaned with the help of improvised means. Consider the most popular recipes:

  1. Before cleaning the dishwasher with soda and vinegar, it is necessary to pull out the filter and the cutlery basket from the device along with the impeller. These parts are washed out in a soapy solution, then installed in the same place. In the container for the supply of cleaning products pour a glass of vinegar 9% concentration, all the inner walls and other parts of the machine pour soda. Next, start the dishwasher, set the temperature at around 60 degrees.
  2. Prepare a special solution. To do this, fill a pack of soda in a small container and add the contents of a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. For the smell, we introduce 25-30 drops of any essential oil into the composition. All components are thoroughly mixed and installed in the freezer for 25 minutes. That’s all the composition is ready for use. We fill it in the basket, then turn on the device. Rinsing should occur at high temperatures.

We’ve looked at the most popular folk remedies for cleaning the dishwasher, but there are other substances that are good at removing persistent contaminants.



In addition to the chemical drug “Finish” in the domestic market there are many other means. If you want to save money or the absence of the right substance in the house, the cleaning drug can be made with your own hands.

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