How to Download PPT From SlideShare with Online SildeShare Downloader for Free

Modern technology has made our lives 100x easier. But owing to its dynamic and evolving nature, we have to learn a lot of newer things every day. One such example is PPT, something that is necessary for colleges and offices. 

Some might face challenges while handling PPT, especially while downloading one from Slideshare. If you are going through the same, the following article is made for you. 

We have discussed the best ways to download a presentation from Slideshare to help you through the process. 

What is Slideshare?


Slideshare is one of the most famous document and presentation-sharing platforms right now. LinkedIn owns it, and thus the users using this platform tend to be more focused and related to businesses. Currently, Slideshare has more than 80 million users, and the number keeps growing. Not merely that, it is one of the best 100 most visited sites in the world.

Slideshare contains over 18 million professional content uploaded in 40 different categories. So if you are looking to reach large audiences, Slideshare can be your stop.

And do you know what’s best? It is totally free, and you can upload, download or review content published on Slideshare without a cost.

So if you have already created an account on Slideshare, then that’s great, but if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?

Now coming back to the pertinent question, how can you download presentations from Slideshare? But before that, you will have to understand how the download feature works.

Understanding the Download Feature

Download Feature

When it comes to downloading presentations from Slideshare, it depends on the author. Meaning that the authors of Slideshare who have published their content can choose to enable the download option or not.

So if you happen to land on a presentation that you liked and want to study more in detail or keep it for future reference, you can either download it or clip it (more like save it feature).

For example, if Slideshare has a presentation that offers all the imperative information you are thinking about, downloading it can become more handy plus convenient. It can also be helpful if you are willing to study it further when you are offline.

So if the author enables the download option, you will find the button below or beside the presentation on Slideshare. What if the download button is not enabled? More on this in a bit.

But that said, if you are taking or downloading someone else’s content, make sure that you are following the copyright laws.

How to Download from Slideshare?

Now that we are sorted out with the rest of the information let’s look at how to download a presentation from Slideshare.

Log in/Create your Account in Slideshare

Log-inCreate your Account in Slideshare

The first step is, of course, fundamental. You will have to log in to your account or create one if you don’t have an account. You can log in to the Slideshare account with Facebook or LinkedIn.

Similarly, if you want to create your account, you can choose either one option: Facebook or LinkedIn. Once you have your account read and logged in, the next thing is to find relevant content or presentation.

Find Your Relevant Presentation

Relevant Presentation

Finding the right or correct presentation can prove to be complicated. However, Slideshare has done an excellent job by providing a search area field with a button where you can look for a specific presentation according to the keywords. You will find the search button on top of the main screen.

By keyword, we mean that you can type a term or word that best describes your presentation or idea; you can even look for a person’s username or phrase.

For an even better search, you can click the magnifying symbol just beside the search field. Here you can select the parameters according to your need and preference. Besides that, you can even search for a presentation that is uploaded within a specific period.

For instance, you can select the dropdown menu and choose the respective time frames, like the last 7 days, or uploaded anytime and so forth.

Similarly, if you are looking for specific content in a particular type, you can also select that from the dropdown menu. It contains all types of presentations, videos, documents, and infographics.

Once you have selected the appropriate parameters according to your preference, hit the search button to display the relevant results. Next, open the Slideshare presentation by clicking on it.

Downloading the Selected Presentation

Downloading the Selected Presentation

Once you have done all the necessary steps, downloading the Slideshare presentation is relatively easy and straightforward. You will find a button just beneath or below your selected presentation, given that the author has enabled it. You can scroll down to the button and click it.

A pop-up will appear about clipping the file; if you wish, you can do that or click No thanks. Your downloading will start.

Now, depending on your web browser, the downloading may differ. In some cases, it will directly get downloaded, for example, in Google Chrome. However, in other cases, it might show a screen before downloading where you will have to select some options according to your convenience.

Generally, the downloaded file will be in PDF format, and there is a limit of 20 presentations to be downloaded in a day.

If the Author disables the Download Button?

If the Author disables the Download Button

As we mentioned before, the author has the right to choose to disable the download as well as the clip button. Now, if that’s the case, then you will not find a download button anywhere on or near the Slideshare presentation.

The same goes for the clip button as well. You will not find it anywhere near the presentation. One of the best ways to tackle this situation is by respecting the wishes of the author, as there is a reason why he/she chose to disable the button in the first place.

Your best bet here would be to contact the author to request a copy or consent to use their content. In case you find that they are not responding, you can even try to drop a message to them on LinkedIn, as Slideshare is connected with LinkedIn.

If you are fortunate enough, your request might be granted, but don’t get frustrated if it goes the other way around. If you are desperately in need of the file, you can simply take screenshots of the presentation and save them. Of course, in this case, you will not be able to edit them.

That said, you can also use some third-party software that can download them for you, but this way, you might be violating copyright laws and Slideshare terms. So do keep that in mind before you plan to hop to another software.

You can simply search for the software, find youtube videos, or an entire discussion on quora. Be that as it may, we would not insinuate going for any of these methods. The best thing would be to contact the author and try to explain to them why you want to download it and how you loved their content.

This way, you will seem genuine and will increase the chances of them giving you their presentation copy.

However, since you are here, we would hate to see your face disappointment and not let you go without a solution either. That said, we are not condoning the violations of Slideshare terms or copy-right laws; if you wish to download disabled content without logging in, you can do that by the below-mentioned step. But at your own risk.

How to Download from Slideshare without Logging in?

How to Download from Slideshare without Logging-in

We figured that some people would be skeptical about the whole idea of logging in or creating an account. So if you sound like one of them, then you also have a way around it.

To download the PPT without logging in from Slideshare, you will have to visit this website first, or you can paste this address into your address bar —

Simply Debrid is an all-in-one file hosting downloading platform supported by a ton of file hosting services, including Slideshare.

There you will find a ton of options, but you will have to click on the generate tab that is just beside the tag SIMPLY DEBRID and on the top of the main screen.

Once the page is open, you will have to go to your presentation on Slideshare that you wish to download, copy the URL of the presentation, paste it on the field, and click generate a link.

Note:- Please ensure that you are disabling your Ad-blocker if you have one. Because it will not proceed further and will count as your daily limit as a free user.

Once you click on generate a link, scroll down, and you will find the file and click it. Next, there will be a pop-up screen followed by a button saying download, and all you have to do is click it — voila, downloaded.

With that being said, of course, this is not going to be that simple and easy, albeit it will certainly download the file whether the downloading button is enabled or disabled by the author. As much as we would like the comfort of certainty, this method comes with some caveats.

Firstly, since you will be a free user, you can only click generate link one time and probably download it only once. Remember we mentioned something about disabling your Ad-blocker? It turns out that if you proceed to click the link without disabling your Ad-blocker, it will count your daily limit of downloading one time, and you will end up waiting for another day.

Lastly, if you wish to download different presentations multiple times without any constraints, you will have to purchase a Premium Account. This means you will have to splurge a little bit. So if you are willing to spend some cash to download that disabled presentation just so you can edit it, Simply Debrid is your spot.

Converting Your Downloaded File

Converting Your Downloaded File

Once you get your desired presentation from either Slideshare or other sources, the chances are that it will not be in PPT format. Generally, if you download the file from Slideshare, it depends on the author as to which format they have uploaded the file in the first place.

Typically, you will either find PDF or a PPT file; in some cases, it can also be a word file. If the file is in PDF format, you can go to free online conversion tools to get the job done. There are a plethora of different sites offering free conversion; simply google it.

In most cases, all these websites will have three buttons, upload — where you will upload your file. Convert — as the name suggests, you will convert your file to the preferred format. And lastly, Download — you will get your file downloaded in your desired format.

If you get the downloaded file in Word type, you can simply import the word doc to your PPT Slideshow. But a more feasible option would be to convert it by using some free online tools. Just like we did in PDF format, you can do the same to convert it from Word to PPT. This way, you will have more control over your PPT file.


Now that you know how to download a presentation from Slideshare, go ahead and enjoy it. Slideshare is an excellent website to expand your audiences; free to use, easy to use, and offers analytics to view your content.

Having said that, make sure that you are not violating the copyright laws or Slideshare terms by downloading the presentation that the author has disabled. Instead, follow our mentioned steps and contact them.

Thanks for reading this guide, hopefully, it cleared all your confusion, and if you have any doubts — you know what to do.

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