Do Protein Shakes Work? Muscle Gain and Weight Loss

The protein is, in addition to water, literally the source of all life. It is not only competitive athletes who are well-advised to add protein powder to their bodies. Anyone can do something good with a protein shake. For example, whey protein is a real asset for higher performance, better concentration and a more attractive figure. There are several good reasons for the protein shake:


Tastes and Does Well – the Protein Shake

Protein Shakes

Protein or protein belongs to the category of so-called essential nutrients. Protein cannot, therefore, be produced or stored by the human body itself. Rather, it is necessary to supply it “from the outside” to ensure adequate basic services. Protein should, therefore, not be missing from the daily diet plan. Fish, meat and dairy products are probably the best-known sources of protein. Pulses, soya products and the like also play a crucial role in this context. However, the fact is that if the demand for performance were higher, a larger quantity of food of this kind would have to be eaten. In most cases, however, this is not possible. Therefore, protein must be taken separately, including in the form of protein powder.


Protein Powder – the Elementary Dietary Supplement.

The basis of proteins is about twenty different amino acids. It is well known that, in addition to proteins and amino acids, carbohydrates are also part of the foundations of a healthy diet. However, this article is primarily about protein or protein powders. Proteins are attributed to numerous positive physiological functions, which are invaluable to the human body, such as well-being, performance, general health, etc. However, this cannot always be taken sufficiently. A protein shake is an ideal alternative.


The Protein Shake – ideal for building muscle and losing weight

Whether animal or plant-based: the protein required by the body must be supplied in comparatively high doses as part of a weight-loss treatment, a diet or when certain sporting or mental benefits need to be retrieved. Protein powder, which is enjoyed as a protein shake, is low in fat and calories and tastes excellent. With each protein shake, the performance can be enormously improved.


Without protein, nothing “runs” in the human body.

As a rule of thumb, when it comes to getting the body in shape and losing weight, the protein content must be increased. This should be about 1.5 to 2 grams per kilogram of body weight per day. If this is guaranteed, weight loss can be accelerated and, also, an improvement of the muscular structures can be achieved, provided that the movement is adequate. A protein shake or protein powder supports forming the forming muscles after exercise or after a long walk. At the same time, the protein shake also boosts calorie consumption. It is only important to pay attention to a basic diet that is as low as possible in sugar and fat. It should also be known that the sole intake of protein does not support muscle building in a long way. Rather, this can only be ensured by a suitable level of movement or sport. Always part of the


The ideal combination – Protein Shake and Sport

Strength training proves to be ideal for building muscle. If you take enough protein powder, you can sustainably increase your muscle growth. Of course, only if you do enough sport and the performance portfolio is correspondingly high. The daily protein shake or whey protein ensures that the growth stimulus of the muscles is forced overall. Why is that? Because the nutrients can be absorbed very quickly by the human body. That’s why it’s important to drink whey protein after training because that’s the only way to push the individual training success. If you can’t do sports for whatever reason, you shouldn’t do without your whey protein. Even in training-free phases, the body gradually builds up its muscular structures.


An enrichment in the nutrition plan: Whey Protein

If you do not drink a protein shake or eat protein during or after exercise, there is a risk that the daily protein requirement will not be adequately met. As a result, the organism uses the body’s own protein without the daily protein shake. Especially with considerable physical exertion, the body knows how to help itself only in this way. The accompanying consequence: the perseverance, the individual performance as well as the condition suffer.


If necessary, use the protein shake.

In principle, the protein content should be between 14 and 16 per cent of the total energy demand. If you don’t just want to eat large amounts of quark, milk, low-fat cheese, legumes, eggs and the like, you can achieve considerably more with protein powder in comparison. Vegetable proteins are less rich and productive than animal proteins. But it is also a fact that animal protein in the figurative sense brings a rather “bland taste” for many. The focus here should therefore be on first-class product quality.


What is Whey Protein?

Milk protein consists mainly of casein and whey protein. The English translation for this is “Whey”. Interestingly, the milk protein consists of numerous different protein elements, which, in turn, achieve a positive effect on the body. Casein is characterized by a relatively long stay in the gastrointestinal tract. This creates a solid, gel-like mass that helps to delay digestion a bit. This is where the whey protein comes into play. It is a very quickly digestible protein composed of valuable amino acids. About 60 minutes after ingestion, outstanding blood values can already be measured. If one compares the body’s absorption rate in the vegetable soy protein, it is higher than the casein and below that of whey protein.

Each protein shake contains abundant protein and other valuable substances such as isoleucine, lysine, valine, threonine, tryptophan or methionine. Also, a protein shake tastes excellent, although protein powder is slated today in different flavours. Variety is therefore provided in this regard. For a long time now, the protein shake is no longer called only protein shake, but the term fitness drink is absolutely legitimate. The muscles are built up; the fat burning is supported. Also, after every whey protein drink, you feel better.


Whey Protein – the protein diet

whey protein

Muscle building on the one hand – weight reduction, on the other hand: With Whey Protein this is possible without having to “suffer hunger”. With the right protein powder, you can lose weight and build muscle mass – provided the sports program is carried out regularly. For many people, it is irritating at first that the human body needs a particularly high dose of whey protein as part of a diet. In general, you burn fat faster, which at the same time becomes a valuable energy source for the body. The more food you eat, the plumper the fat stores are filled. The consequence – you’re increasing. On the other hand, whey protein is optimally utilized, so that the body preferably returns to the fat stores as energy suppliers. In this respect, however, the protein shake acts less as an “energy donor” and rather as a precious building material. The fact is that the whey protein or protein creates new tissue.

As we know, the body also needs carbohydrates, which it gets from the daily food to be converted into energy. However, if these are only supplied in small quantities, if at all, increased protein intake is usually the result. As a result, the body uses its fat reserves.


Use the right protein shake to lose weight.

It is basically quite simple: if at least one meal per day is replaced by whey protein, carbohydrates’ intake is reduced. Now the so-called indirect fat burning comes into force because the body now resorts to the fat deposits. After all, it still needs the energy to remain efficient and functional. On the other hand, fat can only be stored in the stores, while the protein powder develops its effect in the body. It should be noted that the muscle mass, which is built up by the whey protein, also acts as a force donor. The whole thing becomes particularly effective if you exercise regularly. Certainly, the muscles also need a lot of energy to exist and be further developed. Once again, indirect fat burning plays an essential role because the body’s basic turnover is gradually increased with each protein shake!


At least one protein shake per day

Protein powder should definitely be part of the daily diet, whether competitive or not, whey protein plays an increasingly important role today. It is worth changing the diet and integrating whey protein or protein powder into the daily diet. Thus, one does not simply feel “just” better, but health and performance can be sustainably promoted or improved with one protein shake per day.

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