Do Air Purifiers Remove Pollen?

Air purifiers are devices that can remove the pollutants in a room area. Pollen is no exception. Pollen is a substance consisting of pollen grains produced by the dust bags of the seed-bearing plants.

While the flowers are beautiful for our eyes, this pollen found in our homes can trigger unfortunate allergy symptoms that make it difficult to enjoy time at home.

You may want to know, “Remove air purifiers pollen?”, then in this post, we will help you to know how the air purifiers can remove pollen from the air.

Air purifiers are the best way to combat these pollen allergy symptoms and other side effects.

But how can an air purifier remove the pollen from the air?

First, you need to know the performance of an air purifier.

The air purifiers use different types of air filters to capture even the smallest particles.

The efficiency of an air purifier can be up to 99.97% of up to 0.3 microns of air pollutant particles.

And since the smallest pollen particles are only 3 microns in size, they cannot even escape the pre-filter of a normal commercial air purifier.

There are two popular air filters that help air purifiers remove pollen from the air.

They are:

HEPA Filter

HEPA Filter

The HEPA filter (especially the True HEPA filter) is made of high-density paper, which is produced by a combination of the following three mechanisms.

First, the pollen particles (which are ten times larger than the smallest particles) follow a flow line in the airflow, come within a radius of a fibre and adhere to it, which is called a blocking effect.

Then, in the next step, called the inertia effect, the pollen is forced to store in one of the fibres thanks to the higher airflow speed.

You don’t even need to experience the diffusion step, because the pollen is actually larger than the 0.3 micro microscopic particles and cannot escape the first two stages of the HEPA filter.

Ionic filter, or ionizer. This air filter is an advanced air purification technology that releases a cloud of negatively charged ions into the air.

The impurities (including pollen) are electrostatically attracted by other physical filters.

If you need to find an air purifier to remove the pollen, you need to look for these two air filters mentioned above.

The 0.3-micron microscopic particles are much smaller than even the smallest pollen, so I assure you that an air purifier can help you out of pollen allergies easily.

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