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When buying a dishwasher for the first time, many do not understand how to assess the device’s condition and technical characteristics properly. You should not fully trust the consultants of home appliance stores since their priority is the sale of equipment, not the sincere desire to help with the choice. How to check the dishwasher when buying, ensure that it will meet all the requirements and wishes, we will describe below.


Where to start the check?

Carefully think about the dishwasher you need at the outlet. The buyer must ensure that the sample complies with all the specifications declared by the manufacturer. After understanding all the basic technical parameters, studying the machine’s functionality, assessing the practicality of the acquisition, it is essential to choose the unit of the necessary dimensions. Only the user knows how much space in the kitchen is reserved for the dishwasher and what types of dishes will need to be cleaned in the device.

Next, you need to examine the body of the machine and the internal washing chamber for scratches, dents, chips, and any other mechanical damage. If there are no defects, proceed to check the dishwasher baskets.


Take a look at the baskets

Take a look at the baskets

Standard medium dishwasher equipment requires two baskets. The one located below is characterized by greater capacity and is used for pots, plates, pans and other large objects. The upper part is designed for loading small plates – plates, cups, shovels, etc. It is also possible to clean cups in it if they are fixed with holders. Separate dishwashers are equipped with a third small container, used for washing spoons, forks, knives.

The design of baskets and container strongly affects the quality of cleaning vessels. It’s great if the lower tank has folding holders. Such an addition will allow for the “fine-tuning” of the basket for dishes of different sizes. Properly loaded utensils will ensure the perfect discharge of all pollutants.

It is better to give preference to dishwashers equipped with three containers.

A separate cutlery basket is a great addition. Judging by many users’ feedback, the technique cleans knives, spoons, and forks much better if loaded into a special separate container. Besides, the probability of scratching the surface of the rest of the device with sharp knives on the knife or the ends of the forks will be reduced to zero. Also, in the third container, it is convenient to load small items, for example, children’s accessories.

It is better to choose patterns that suggest the possibility of adjusting the upper basket. So, by changing the height of its fastening, it will be possible to increase the lower container for washing large objects.

The number of plastic items inside the dishwasher should be kept to a minimum. Plastic under the influence of aggressive cleaning agents quickly loses its properties, becomes thinner, worsens, which inevitably leads to damage to parts. It is better to pay attention to patterns in which baskets, clamps and gadgets are made of metal.

Be sure to check how freely the baskets are inserted into the new technique. Pull out all the containers, lower / lift the locks, etc. The dishwasher door should be closed tightly and easily. If his clapping requires effort from you, then there’s a factory marriage.

Check that all baskets click into place. Since the upper wheel is mounted on the container, it must perfectly fit the nozzle that supplies water. Be sure to take into account the lock’s petals; they should not have bulges/recesses, other defects.


We’re looking at a complete set.

For the convenience of using a dishwasher, it is better to choose a new appliance equipped with additional accessories. The more “things” are related to the equipment; the more interesting and convenient the device’s use will be. What useful additions are we talking about?

  1. Small kitchen utensil holders. Usually, they are presented with hooks of different sizes and shapes, where you can stick to additional cleaning elements;
  2. Cup-washing stand. A special design on which 4 tall glasses can be hung. The supplement will allow you not to worry about the safety of fragile vessels during washing;
  3. Installation for baby bottles. An essential thing for young parents, which allows you to securely hang in the cage children’s accessories for their high-quality cleaning;
  4. Tip for washing the baking sheet. This is a special nozzle attached to a standard sprayer. With its help, it is easy to wash the mountain of dishes as cleanly as possible.

Depending on the dishwasher model, it can be equipped with a whole set of additives or one or two. If you liked the dishwasher with the minimum set, do not worry, you can buy the necessary holders on the farm yourself.


We study the moving elements

We study the moving elements

Checking the vessel wasting machine’s condition shall include checking the working wheels or elements through which the washing solution enters the cabinet. In full-size dishwashers, the work wheels are available both below and below the top basket. Compact models are equipped only with bottom sprayers.

During operation, the working wheels rotate. The holes in the elements are made at an angle, and the water that flows from the sprinkler at high speed drives it. When the wheel has a defect, the risk of breaking at high pressure is very high. Therefore, carefully inspect the element for cracks and shavings. Sprayers are easily removed from the housing, so assessing their condition during delivery or pre-inspection in the store will not be difficult. Ask a consultant to help you remove the work wheels.

Such verification procedure is mandatory for machines of little-known brands or dishwashers used. In such cases, the original sprayers can be replaced with low-quality parts that have already been repaired.


The machine must be safe.

Almost all modern dishwashers are equipped with an emergency leak protection function. This technology is one of the main safety systems of this type of equipment. Protection may be complete, including protecting the hull and all hoses, or partial, extending exclusively to the housing.

When purchasing a dishwasher with partial protection, it is better to replace all factory hoses with double hoses before using the appliance, minimising the risk of leakage.

The next function is to protect the machine from child intervention. It consists of blocking the control panel of the mechanism. If you have young children, be sure to choose a pattern with this option. A child who accidentally opens the door of a car at work can be seriously burned.

The electrical safety system minimizes the likelihood of electric shock with the help of equipment. The add-on only works when the machine is properly connected, taking into account all the rules for installing the equipment.


Check after you’ve been brought in.

Even if you have inspected the dishwasher “inside and out”, a recheck will be required upon delivery. During the transport of the equipment, there is a high probability of damage to the equipment. So, when lifted to the floor or slide the dishwasher, loaders can accidentally hit the appliance against the wall, “shake the insides” without placing them unsuccessfully on the floor.

In the courier’s presence, carefully examine the body of the defect machine, the internal chamber and its addition.

Unscrupulous sellers sometimes change the machine’s equipment after paying for the equipment and sending you an incomplete set. If you find a discrepancy, do not fill in the acceptance certificate, but make a claim and transfer it to the store through the loaders. Do not sign documents if you find a defect in the dishwasher.

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