Direct Cool Vs Frost Free Refrigerators

This is a question we always ask ourselves when thinking about choosing a refrigerator. Especially when we return on vacation and find the fridge broken or when we will move into a new apartment and do not know what aspects are most important so as not to make mistakes.

Among these aspects is the choice between a non-frost refrigerator or a traditional cyclic refrigerator.

Therefore, we will clear all the doubts in this post so that you choose the one that suits you best according to your needs. Let’s get to it!


Direct Cool Vs Frost Free Refrigerators | All You Need To Know

Direct Cool Refrigerators

Direct Cool Refrigerators

Cyclic refrigerators’ operation is different from No Frost because it cools thanks to the evaporation of refrigerant gas. At the same time, the No Frosts do so through an air cooling system.

What does this mean?

On the one hand, it means that the cooling of cyclic refrigerators is less aggressive for food, does not dry them so much, and can withstand better.

But this system has a drawback and is that in the freezer area more frost is generated than in the No Frost.

Indeed, today it is not generated as much as in previous models. Still, even from time to time, more or less every year, it is advisable to defrost it to clean it properly and ensure both the appliance’s durability and the optimization of energy consumption.


  1. Way to cool less aggressively for our food.
  2. The homogeneous temperature throughout the refrigerator.
  3. Food is kept moist, and our fruits and/or vegetables do not dry out or freeze.


  1. Some foods will be kept for less time.
  2. Manual defrosting is required regularly.


Frost Free Refrigerators

Frost Free Refrigerators

As we have already mentioned, refrigerators equipped with No Frost system cool through the air, which has the main consequence that fruits and vegetables will dry out more.

Refrigerator manufacturers are putting a solution to this with new drawers to regulate moisture and air inlet. Thus food is protected and preserved for longer.

And as the name suggests, No Frost refrigerators have the main advantage and is that the freezer does not keep ice frost and the use of the freezer is cleaner.


  1. Rapid cooling thanks to the cold air current circulating through the refrigerator.
  2. It is not necessary to manually defrost the freezer as the refrigerator does so on its own.


  1. Its cooling system dries food, and it is necessary to protect them properly so that they do not spoil, especially vegetables and fruits.
  2. Periodic noises caused by the thawing system.


In conclusion

Everyone has its advantages and drawbacks, and your decision will have to be based according to what you prioritize in the form of thawing and preservation of food.

But what is clear is that manufacturers are getting further and more advanced and refrigerators are doing so on a par, with significant improvements in refrigerator technologies. That’s the importance of renewing them from time to time, even if they still work.

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