Difference between 4-stars and 5-star refrigerator

Have you ever noticed the five stars on a refrigerator and wondered what it means? They are not for decoration or to beautify the fridge. These stars on the refrigerator have meaning! So, if you have ever felt curious about those stars, then you are reading the right article.

Most sales assistants give you a brief idea about the star rating when you go to buy a new best refrigerator. They do this because it is one of the most important factors while considering which refrigerator to buy. So, in this article, we will look at the star rating in a fridge, focusing mainly on the 4-star and 5-star refrigerators.


What is a star rating?

What is star rating

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency has come up with an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) rating standard for all the electric appliances in India. This rating is called as Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or ISEER. The rating was fixed after conducting various lab tests after considering the climatic changes in India.

According to ISEER, the higher the stars, the higher the efficiency of the refrigerator. Apart from higher performance, the energy and power consumption are also less. So, the star rating shows how efficiently the fridge can work.


Why is the star rating important?

Star rating is important as it is the determining factor of power consumption. An old refrigerator consumes more power than a recent one. Similarly, a one-star refrigerator consumes more power than a five-star refrigerator.

Also, note that a regular refrigerator with a five-star rating will consume more energy than an inverted refrigerator with the same rating. This is because of the difference in compressor technology. So, when you buy a fridge, buy an inverter one with a five-star rating.

Difference between 4-star and 5-star refrigerator

Difference between 4-star and 5-star refrigerator

Both four-star and five-star refrigerators are good in terms of efficiency, but one tends to overtake the other. Given below are a few features that differentiate a four-star and a five-star refrigerator.

1. Efficiency

More number of stars means more efficient is the refrigerator. However, make sure the fridge has an inverter, else the efficiency varies. The annual energy consumption for a four-star refrigerator is roughly around 249.27 kWh, while it is 199.22 kWh for a five-star refrigerator. The cooling performance of a refrigerator improves if the efficiency of the appliance increases.


2. Energy consumption

The energy consumption for a 250-liter refrigerator with a four-star rating is 164 kWh, and a five-star refrigerator is 131 kWh. With this, we can conclude that a five-star refrigerator consumes less energy than a four-star refrigerator. Having a five-star refrigerator is a plus point since it is more efficient and cools better while consuming a lesser amount of energy. 


3. Money-saving

A four-star refrigerator consumes about 100-150 units of electricity more than a five-star refrigerator. This means that during a period of one year, the electricity cost for a four-star refrigerator is around Rs. 1253 whereas it is around Rs. 1000 for a five-star refrigerator. On the whole, your total savings with a five-star refrigerator is roughly Rs. 1750, while it is Rs. 1498 for a four-star refrigerator.


4. Price

The higher the star rating, the more expensive the fridge is. So, a four-star refrigerator is cheaper than a five-star refrigerator. But over time, the running and maintenance cost for a five-star refrigerator will be lesser than a four-star refrigerator. That is, even if you add the initial cost and the running cost of a five-star fridge, the amount will be lesser than what you spend on a four-star refrigerator throughout all these years.


The difference at one glance

Sl. No. Area of difference 4-star refrigerator 5-star refrigerator
1 Efficiency (More stars, more efficient) Compared to a 5-star fridge, this is less efficient and has a lower cooling performance. It is more efficient than a 4-star fridge and has a better cooling performance.
2 Energy consumption Energy consumed is 164 kWh, so more energy is consumed. Energy consumed is 131 kWh, so less energy is consumed.
3 Money-saving More money is spent on electricity bills since more energy is used. There is money saving when it comes to the electricity bill since less energy is used.
4 Price The initial cost is less, but you might need to spend more on maintenance or running costs. The initial cost is high, but running cost is low. So, the overall money you spend on this fridge is less in comparison to a 4-star refrigerator.


To sum it up – 

An inverted refrigerator is more efficient than a regular one. When you buy a refrigerator, choose an inverter refrigerator with a star rating above three. This will ensure good performance, proper cooling, less power consumption, and so forth. 

 Between a four-star and a five-star refrigerator, I would suggest you buy a five-star even though it is comparatively expensive. A five-star fridge is more energy-efficient and draws optimum current. This means that you need not worry too much about your electricity bill.

Have you had one of these refrigerators at home? Do you know of any other difference between the two? If so, please let us know in the comment section below. 


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