Dell U2412M Review

Review and experience one of the best Full HD Dell U2412M monitors with a diagonal of 24 inches on the e-IPS matrix.

Dell U2412M – branded, high-quality, convenient, reliable, functional, perfectly thought out, stylish. All this can be said about the hero of today’s review. Want to know more about it? Then let’s go! 


Experienced users know that the comfort of using a computer depends on the monitor. However, many choose it on a residual basis. The main criteria for choice are often the size of the screen and the low price.

In today’s not an easy time of fierce competition, economic crisis, and total economy, production quality leaves much to be desired. Even the purchase of a monitor of a well-known brand (Samsung, LG, Dell, HP, NEC) does not guarantee high-quality images, let alone the case and electronic stuffing.

Many, buying a monitor, notice a clear distortion of colors, illuminations on the matrix, broken pixels, poor quality of materials and assembly. Someone begins to ache eyes after a few hours of work at the computer, and after a few years, significantly worsened vision. Therefore, the right choice of monitor – the key to comfortable and safe work.

Design and ergonomics

Design and ergonomics

The Dell U2412M case is made of high-quality matte plastic with an interesting smooth texture, so it is not brandy, it does not show dust, fingerprints and at the same time, it is easily rubbed and not scratched. In general, efficient material does not require much care and does not lose its appearance for years.

Thanks to the high and going back stand behind the monitor, you can comfortably place the speakers of medium size, and their speakers will not overlap much, as on monitors with a classic stand, where the speakers can be placed only on the sides of the monitor, not behind it.

In the bottom right corner of the front are the convenient control keys. We’ll talk more about them later.

The stand allows you to lower the screen quite low if necessary.

It can also be raised to a fairly high altitude.

And even turn upright, which will appreciate designers when working with various projects.

Thanks to the hinge at the bottom of the stand, the monitor can be turned to watch the video sitting on the couch.

The weight of the stand and the elasticity of the hinges are calculated simply perfectly; a slight movement of the hand carries out the lifting and turning of the screen. There is no need to hold the stand, and it does not shift on the table. The feeling is delightful.

The back of the stand is made in silver color.

In the profile, the side face of both the stand and the screen also has a silver stripe, which, together with elegant shapes, looks quite spectacular and stylish.

From the shape of the hinge, you can understand that the screen can lift, lower and rotate, and tilt in a vertical plane, allowing you to adjust it in all three planes of space.

The thickness of the screen panel also inspires confidence. A serious monitor with high-quality electronic stuffing can not and should not be thin. I generally do not recommend buying “stylish” monitors with super-thin panels. This usually suggests that the manufacturer was saving a lot. In such monitors, the electronic filling and the screen itself often fail.


On the left side are 2 USB 2.0 connectors connected to the computer flash drives and any other devices through the built-in USB hub of the monitor.

All the other connectors are at the bottom. If you turn the screen vertically, it is more convenient to connect cables to them.

I, for example, often turn it so much to connect computers and other devices to set them up and test them. The photo also shows the powerful metal frame of the monitor.

I’ll list the connectors from top to bottom:

  • 2 more USB 2.0 connectors to connect different devices
  • USB connector to connect the USB hub of the monitor with the PC
  • VGA (D-SUB) to connect to the old graphics card
  • DVI-D to connect to a modern graphics card
  • DisplayPort to connect to a state-of-the-world graphics card
  • DELL branded speaker connector
  • The power connector 220 B

The same cable connects the power as the system block. The power supply in the monitor is built-in. On some thin monitors, the power supplies are external, which is not so convenient.

Unfortunately, there is no HDMI connector, but devices with such a connector can be connected through a common DVI-HDMI adapter.

In general, there should be no problems with connecting any graphics card and other devices. A powerful metal frame and the monitor’s weight of as much as 6.24 kg immediately clear that the manufacturer did not save on quality and reliability. For comparison, Samsung and LG monitors with the same screen diagonal weigh 3.5-4.5 kg.

Wall mount and stand

Wall mount and stand

The stand is easily disconnected from the screen at the touch of just one special button.

Underneath it hides a standard VESA 100×100 wall mount, which allows the monitor to be hung on the wall or attached to furniture with a special bracket.

This is what the stand looks like.

There are two vertical channels on it, along which a powerful metal mount moves when the screen is raised and lowered.

The metal is really very powerful and thick. I didn’t measure it, but it looks about 2 mm thick.

At the bottom, the leg is tightly connected to the round turntable and turns with it.

It seems that it is even on the bearing, as it turns very smoothly, effortlessly, and absolutely has no backlash.

There is also a powerful metal frame on large soft rubber legs at the bottom, completely excluding sliding. Even with a fairly large effort, the monitor does not stagger or move. It just stands like a dug-out, and to move it, you need to lift the stand. What can not be said about modern budget monitors, who are afraid to hook, that they did not fall or break the stand?

The stand is so convenient and reliable that, according to reviews, many are willing to overpay $100 just for it. In general, it is really worth it, but it is not the only advantage of Dell U2412M.

Screen and image quality

The Dell U2412M monitor refers to the UltraSharp series (ultra-accurate), as the first letter “U” in the labeling indicates. The monitors in this series have high-quality images, and our model is no exception.

Dell U2412M is equipped with a high-quality e-IPS matrix (Enhanced IPS), an improved version of the usual IPS, and has better color transmission than the cheaply-reduced AH-IPS. In general, it is better only professional P-IPS, monitors with which are much more expensive.

The response time of the matrix is 8 ms, which is not a record, but in principle enough for most tasks, including games. Of course, there are game monitors with faster TN and AH-IPS matrix, but the color and viewing angles are worse. You could say that they are sharpened only for games, and Dell U2412M is universal.

The size of the Dell U2412M screen is an honest 24″ and the resolution of 1920s1200, which is slightly larger than Full HD (1920×1080). If the width in Full HD monitors is always enough, then with the height, there are problems. An additional 120 pixels in height make the monitor significantly more comfortable in some tasks. For example, in video editing programs, where there are still a lot of horizontal panels under the preview window.

Of course, for watching videos and games, the larger the screen size, the better. But a quality monitor diagonal 27″ costs 1.5-2 times more expensive. Therefore, the optimal price/size ratio are monitors with a diagonal of 23-24,” and here, Dell U2412M is at the top of the universe. 

As for the resolution of the screen, of course, models with a resolution of 2K (2560×1440) and fashionable now 4K (3840×2160) are much more expensive. In addition, to pull out a high resolution, the computer must possess a much more powerful iron. Therefore, let’s say for games, the best for today is the resolution Full HD (1920×1080) or 1920×1200, which does not require a super-powerful PC.

Now back to our ram, the king of the middle segment. Overboard left a few more technical parameters that someone may be interested in.

brightness 300 kd/m2
Static contrast 1000: 1
Dynamic contrast 2 000 000: 1
Viewing angles 178°
Screen update frequency 60 Hz
Power consumption at work 38 W
Power consumed on standby 0.50 W

Everything is typical for a monitor of this class, but I will still supplement the characteristics with some explanations and personal experience.

Brightness and contrast are at an excellent level; I have not even changed the factory settings. The viewing angles are excellent. The 60 Hz upgrade frequency is typical of a universal monitor. Some 3D-enabled game monitors and models have a higher refresh rate, but not everyone needs it and imposes additional requirements on PC iron. The power consumed by most modern monitors is around 40 W. On standby, of course, the monitor consumes almost nothing.

The monitor passed the color calibration at the plant, as evidenced by a calibration ticket. The screen has a very high-quality matte anti-glib coating, which does not distort the image, is easily rubbed with microfibre, and does not spoil with time.

Photo, of course, can not convey the quality of the picture, so that I will describe it in my own words.

A personal sense of color and image quality, in general, is at the highest level. The colors are very soft, pleasant, and natural. At the same time, they do not look too bright or dim. In general, as it should be on a quality monitor.

Moreover, Dell U2412M competes with more expensive professional monitors, as evidenced by professional tests using measuring devices (calibrators) on serious technical portals.

Indeed, to look at the screen of this monitor – a complete bliss. 


At the very bottom is a button with a good clear stroke, which can be understood that under it is a quality switch, which will not break with time as in cheap monitors.

On standby, when the computer is off or went into sleep mode, the monitor turns off the screen, switches to reduced power consumption, and the indicator on the button glows orange. When the signal from the PC arrives, it wakes up, and the button glows blue.

The color is very soft and pleasant, does not hit the eye, as on some budget monitors. In general, again, you feel thoughtful and caring about the user.

The other 4 buttons are designed to be controlled in the menu, and the user for different actions can reassign the top two. The buttons are of the same high quality and have a distinct move. You can press them without holding the screen.

Menu and settings

The buttons have no signatures, as clicking any of them causes a menu that shows their purpose directly on the screen, which can be reconfigured.

For example, I assigned a signal source switch to the top two buttons, as I often connect multiple devices to the monitor. They could assign brightness adjustment, mode switching (text, video, games…), and other activities.

When you press the appropriate button, you can go to the monitor settings menu, which is very convenient and thoughtful.

It can change the brightness and contrast.

Choose the source of the signal or turn on the auto-selection of the source.

Hand-customize the colors and range.

Or choose one of the ready-made modes, which, by the way, unlike most budget monitors, are not just for show but carefully balanced.

There are some additional display options for those who need them.

Other settings that are not related to image quality.

Personalization settings allow you to assign different actions to the top two buttons.

In general, everything is convenient, well grouped and no-frills, needed only by high-end professionals.


I’ve been using this monitor for several years, and it still makes me happy with the high image quality, comfortable design, and stylish design every day. Over the years, I have found no shortage of it, and it looks like a new one.

With long-term work with him, do not hurt his eyes. It perfectly conveys colors; I often use it for games and graphics. Compared to the Samsung F2380 monitor with a high-quality PVA matrix, my sister is engaged in professional design; Dell U2412M color transmission is better.

Many people turn to me for advice on choosing the optimal monitor, and I still can’t find anything better. If I now had to choose a new monitor, I would choose the same, especially since this model is prevalent and you can buy it almost everywhere.


Dell U2412M is a case where everything is almost perfect. He falls in love with himself at first sight, and this feeling does not go away with the years. It is suitable for a wide range of tasks – long-term work in office applications, surfing the Internet, watching videos in the company, modern games, video editing, and professional work with graphics. Perhaps this is the best price/quality universal monitor on a really high-quality IPS matrix.

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