CyberGhost Review | Full test on this VPN provider

Have you heard of VPNs and want to know more? You’ve already seen the name of the CyberGhost provider, but you don’t know if the solution offered by this company is of quality?

In this article, you will find all the answers to your questions. To give you an opinion on CyberGhost VPN, we have indeed reviewed various points. Among them, safety, speed, features. Nothing will be left to chance to make you the best possible recommendation.


Who is CyberGhost VPN? How do I install it?

CyberGhost is a Virtual Private Network provider, i.e. a tool or software that allows you to protect your devices when you connect to the internet. This gives you the ability to hide your identity, your IP address, and the activities you do online. More than a VPN, it also offers a range of features to be safe on the internet.

The VPN market is very active (see our VPN comparison), and the many players present are trying to make a place among the big ones. And among the greats, precisely, there is CyberGhost VPN. He deserves his presence in the Top 3, with impeccable and reassuring service. Below, we’ll give you all the more information and our own reviews on CyberGhost, tested in 2022.

First of all, be aware that this is a publisher founded in 2011 in Bucharest, Romania. It quickly established itself on the market, offering a perfect quality application while remaining very affordable. Over the years, features have been developed, and the number of servers has greatly increased, allowing the provider to adapt to consumers’ needs. The Cape Group’s takeover in 2022 has boosted the company, which has since established itself as one of the best VPN suppliers on the market.

Its strengths:

  • It’s pricing
  • Number of servers (over 6,700)
  • The simplicity of installation and use
  • Works with Netflix and torrents
  • Quality customer support
  • 45 days satisfied or refunded
  • 7 simultaneous connections per account


  • It doesn’t allow censorship to go further in China
  • Rare stability problems


How do I install the app?

Before going into the details, a little more technical, small focus on downloading and the supplier’s installation process. To have a global view to give you this review on CyberGhost VPN, we have been careful to test the application on several devices. We tested it on iPhone, but also on Mac and iPad.

Of course, if you’re on Windows or Android, it will work just as well. There’s no real difference except that you’ll have to go to Google Play and not the App Store to download the app on mobile, tablet or Smart TV. In any case, the VPN is available on all operating systems (we will have the opportunity to come back below).

Whether you’re an IT expert or a novice, you won’t have any problems. You have to download the file from the vendor’s website, open it, and let yourself be guided by the various steps to finalize your computer’s installation. No pre-setting is required.

When it’s over, the software will appear on your desktop in your menu bar. When the app first opens, you’ll be asked for your CyberGhost (username and password) credentials.


How do I use VPN?

While some VPNs are complex to use, this is not the case with the one proposed by CyberGhost VPN, in our opinion.

Let’s start by reminding you in which contexts you will be able to use a VPN:

  • To unlock content blocked abroad: for example, streaming channels like Netflix but also foreign TV channels.
  • To circumvent censorship in the countries concerned, such as Russia, China and some Middle Eastern countries.
  • To download or watch streaming content safely without taking any risks
  • To surf anonymously on the internet, whatever your activities are
  • To change or hide your IP and geographic location

To review CyberGhost VPN, we used the software on different devices. However, there is no real noticeable difference between the functions other than the positioning of certain buttons. Overall, everything is much the same. The application is fluid, simple and stable; it gives a real sense of security.

To activate CyberGhost, you only need to click the activation button. This will connect you by default to the best server available. The latter is calculated based on your location and the servers available nearby, and their saturation degree. Once connected, the app rotates in the background on your device. You don’t have to worry about it anymore.

If you want to choose a server located in a specific country, you have to choose a location from the list. For information, CyberGhost is currently present in 90 countries.

Although we will have time to return to it in a dedicated paragraph of this review on CyberGhost, it should be known that the publisher makes other specific servers available to its users in addition to its standard servers. Depending on your online activity (streaming or downloading), you will find dedicated servers 100% optimized. For example, you’ll find one with the name Netflix US or Prime Video. This option is not found in its great rival, ExpressVPN, which does not distinguish the activity type. So that’s a perfect point.


Speed test

Another key point in our CyberGhost review is speed. When you go through an intermediary server (this is the very principle of a VPN), it must be of quality to not degrade your connection rate. We conducted speed tests with CyberGhost to see how the supplier ranked about its competitors and whether it could be counted among the fastest VPNs. Since a picture is worth 1000 words, find out what the results to follow.

VPN-free flow

To begin with, we first performed a speed test without a connection to the VPN to get an idea of our basic connection and to be able to draw the right conclusions. Below, the data obtained without any VPN protection:

Debit via a French CyberGhost server

Now we are renewing the operation by connecting to a server in France. Here are the results:

As can be seen, there has been a decrease in upload and download speed and an increase in latency (ping) from 9 to 32 ms. However, there is no need to be alarmed as this is still more than enough to browse the web, download or stream content in HD. Performance remains more than satisfactory for now.


Debit via a U.S. CyberGhost server

What if you choose a much more distant server, for example, in the United States? Let fans of streaming and American channels rejoice: it will always be possible with this VPN because the results are pretty good.

There is, of course, a decline, but it is quite normal. This is due to geographical distance. This is also the case with other high-premium players.

With these results, CyberGhost is perfectly positioned in the average of its competitors. So it’s rather a good point of this opinion, even if you can find better in others, like ExpressVPN.


CyberGhost VPN testing for streaming

Streaming is an activity that has seen a sharp increase in recent times with the rise of SVoD platforms like Netflix. Yet, for licensing and broadcasting rights issues, Netflix’s content varies from country to country. Our CyberGhost VPN review is critical to know if this provider can ensure quality streaming.

The VPN is a perfect way to get around these national content silos. Indeed, it allows to hide its true location and connect to a server in the country of its choice to have access to an IP located in that same country. If you have a Netflix account, the VPN can be used for:

  • access your content wherever you are, even from abroad, by logging into a French server
  • unlock new movies and TV shows available on Netflix’s foreign catalogues

To give you this review on CyberGhost, we have, of course, tested the VPN on these different features. On the one hand, because Netflix has blacklisted some software, it no longer allows unlocking the platform. On the other hand, because it takes enough speed for the loading (in HD, please) to be done quickly, the reading is done without interruption.

So we did several tests, and all our CyberGhost tests were positive. The access was immediate, as well as the launch of the video. If you’re a streaming fan, this VPN is probably for you. Thanks to its specific servers for streaming, CyberGhost also works very well with Amazon Prime Video, Disney and even FOR OCS.

In addition to streaming platforms, CyberGhost also manages to unlock TV channels worldwide, including French programmes and foreign free sports channels.

Also, note that it works the same way for downloading torrents in P2P. We’ve also done the testing, and CyberGhost has no flaws at this level. You will be able to download without taking any risks (and without having to compromise on the quality or speed of the download).


Security and privacy policy

Choosing your VPN well means opting for a supplier that is reliable, serious and secure. It is therefore essential to sift through this criterion to get a full opinion on CyberGhost.


Safety is paramount when it comes to VPNs. Indeed, who would want software that would not guarantee optimal security when that is precisely the goal of a Virtual Private Network?

As far as CyberGhost is concerned, the concepts of cybersecurity and respect for Internet users’ anonymity are at the heart of the company’s values. To ensure your protection at all times, CyberGhost applies AES-256 encryption to traffic in and out of your device to make all your data and activities unreadable to others. But to give us a more accurate opinion on CyberGhost, we also passed tests via the leak site capable of detecting possible leaks.

As you can see from the screenshots, the IP address varies depending on whether or not the VPN is activated. CyberGhost VPN correctly hides our personal IP address and our physical location. Also, there is no DNS leak on the horizon which is also a perfect sign.

In terms of the security of your privacy, there is nothing to say. So it’s a big yes for this supplier that proves once again that we can trust him.

Also, CyberGhost VPN has the built-in Kill Switch feature by default. The latter automatically blocks your web traffic if VPN protection is not effective, even for a few seconds. This ensures that you never let information about your actual IP address pass through.


Privacy policy

You may be wondering if the company keeps your online business and log logs – also called logs. The good news is that it is not. CyberGhost is one of the no-log VPN providers that do not store any data from users. It is not for nothing that the supplier is based in Romania. There, data retention laws are much less stringent than in other European countries. Besides, the country does not belong to any interstate intelligence agreement (14 Eyes).

In its privacy policy on its official website, the provider makes it clear that neither your browsing history, the sites visited, the search preferences, the original IP, nor the time or duration of your connection are kept.

The exciting thing that we wanted to address in this notice on CyberGhost, the provider, publishes every 3 months a transparency report in which it outlines the number of complaints received from third-party governments, agencies and services. Because CyberGhost doesn’t collect any data, it can’t transmit anything. This helps to gain users’ trust, and we find it a perfect thing to be so transparent.


Does circumventing censorship work?

Let’s continue this CyberGhost review with the circumvention of digital censorship. If you’re planning to travel to a country where censorship doesn’t allow access to your favourite programs and sites, CyberGhost reviews can be a little mixed. This is especially the case in China, where feedback from our loved ones and the community claimed that the VPN connection was not effective in accessing pages like Facebook or Gmail.

That said, apart from China, it would appear that VPN works in every other country in the world. Whether you’re in Russia, the United Arab Emirates or elsewhere, it’s possible to activate the CyberGhost VPN without worry. The flow is of excellent quality.

In addition to government censorship, some websites are geo-blocked. In this case, a VPN like CyberGhost can help you because it changes your location and assigns you another virtually. Although CyberGhost does not outperform the ExpressVPN leader in this area, it still offers excellent results and manages to unlock many geo-restricted sites. If you can’t get around the first time blocking, don’t hesitate to try again by changing servers.


The network of countries and servers

The network of countries and the number of servers of a VPN provider is an essential element to consider, especially when you want to stream (but not that). A high number of servers allows you to never cope with server saturation. Expanded country coverage makes it easy to find a server in the country you’re looking for.

To give you your opinion on CyberGhost, here are the figures for the supplier:

  • more than 6,800 remote servers
  • presence in 90 countries
  • 111 different locations

If you’re having trouble getting a sense of what this means, these statistics are well above the average for other Virtual Private Network providers. It’s even the largest network at the time we’re writing this review on CyberGhost VPN.


CyberGhost customer support test

Before concluding this review and sharing our opinion on CyberGhost, it is important to look at the provider’s customer support.

First of all, it is very nice to see that the VPN has developed customer service in French, English and German. Good news for users who are not bilingual. You will be able to talk to a specialist in your language and express your problem more clearly. Be aware that this is not the case for all competitors who are very limited to English.

You also benefit from several different points of contact:

  • An online chat available from day tonight. Advisors are responsive, allowing the problem to move forward and unblock quickly
  • Assistance available by email or by filling out a contact form
  • FAQ page in case the question you are asking is not specific but a regular questioning of consumers. This is convenient because it allows you to get the answers directly to your questions without waiting
  • Various usage guides, starting with downloading and installing, but also help to set up features and find servers that best fit your activities

In terms of availability, good news too: the support is available in English 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Although we would have preferred this to be the case for French support (it is only accessible from 8 am to 7 pm, 7 days a week), it’s still a good point. If necessary, you can use Google Translation as a last resort.

In any case, no matter what the time, you will find someone to accompany you and help you. The company understands the importance of customer support.


Offers and pricing

Special offer in early 2022. For the beginning of 2022, CyberGhost is even more aggressive with a 3-year offer – 3 months free at only 2 euros per month. For only 78 euros, you will then have 39 months of protection from one of the best VPNs on the market. To take advantage of this special. 

Here are the various offers offered by the supplier in 2022:

You quickly realize that if you’re looking for a VPN for a short time, it’s not really worth it. In fact, €11.99 is rather expensive than what you can find at other vendors with software of comparable quality.

On the other hand, if you are looking for long-term support and protection, the 3-year plan is advantageous. Besides, you will benefit from an additional 3 months of free subscription. This is simply the best value for money on the market because it costs 2 euros per month, or 78 euros to pay at once.

So we can only encourage you to opt for a longer subscription, especially since you will be able to benefit from a satisfying period or refund of 45 days. This guarantee will allow you to test the VPN application and make your final decision serenely. If you are not convinced, you will be able to get a full refund of your purchase by simply contacting customer service.


More information about CyberGhost

Before concluding this review on CyberGhost VPN, here are some additional information that might be useful to you.

The number of simultaneous connections

The number of simultaneous connections offered by the provider is exciting because it is one of the most generous offers at this level. For the purchase of a subscription, you will be able to protect no less than 7 different devices in parallel.

We have already seen in this review on CyberGhost: the rates offered are already exciting. But if you do the math by reporting the price per device, it’s even more economical.



CyberGhost VPN is a multi-support application compatible with the major OS. In our tests on the various operating systems, we found that this was indeed the case. Whether it’s on macOS, iOS, Windows, Android or Linux, you’ll be able to not only install but also use the VPN without ever encountering any difficulties.

In addition to installing computers and mobiles, you can also use CyberGhost on your Fire TV Stick connected case and your Android Smart TV. Recently, the app is also available on compatible routers.

If you ever feel that your device doesn’t support the Virtual Private Network well or that it only partially works, don’t hesitate to contact customer support for a detailed analysis of your connection.


Connection features

The important thing with the CyberGhost app, there are many connection features that not all competitors offer. First, there is the ad blocker that will allow you to say goodbye to Adblocks for good. You will also have a malicious site blocker that protects you from the many scams on the web.

Added to this is a data compression feature that will be very convenient for people on mobile who have a non-unlimited subscription and therefore need to pay attention to their data consumption.

The online tracking blocker will prevent sites from placing cookies on you to avoid tracking your identity.

The last point of this review of CyberGhost’s features, automatic redirection to HTTPS versions of sites, will allow you to benefit from the security protocol when a site has two versions.

It’s up to you whether or not to activate these features. In any case, if you want 360-degree protection, this is ideal.


Dedicated IP

For users who want to enjoy a clean IP address only accessible by them, CyberGhost offers a dedicated static and anonymous IP. You can choose from Canada, the United States, Germany, France or England. The cost of this additional option is set at 5 euros per month.



If our opinion on CyberGhost is so positive, it is simply because the provider has developed real expertise in cybersecurity over the years. As time went on, the interface became simpler, and the features were added to the best value on the market today.

Therefore, we can only advise you to opt for this supplier if your main buying argument is value for money. This remains a very premium player that offers a complete cybersecurity suite. No other publisher offers such a network of servers, nor such know-how in terms of security on the web.

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