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You may think that choosing a coffee maker is a long-moving affair. But in fact, you can banally get confused in the varieties of such devices. As a result, the machine will cook instead of, perhaps, the espresso you adore a completely different type. Not to mention the fact that some models are not capable of preparing a delicious and fragrant drink. That’s why you need to read this article. She will introduce you to varieties of coffee makers and tell you about the advantages of such machines.



Drip coffee makers

Simple and cheap option. Heated stand, glass or plastic bowl with water level scale. Pour water into a special container, fill up the ground coffee and wait for the finished product to flow down the drops into the tank. Usually drip coffee makers have little power. For a large family is problematic – you have to make coffee again.

Pros: low price; ease of cooking.

Cons: you need constant cleaning of the tank with coffee; the drink comes out, to put it mildly, “for three”; you need frequent filter replacement.

Capsule coffee makers

The devices are about the same class. Special capsules are used to make coffee, which are simply put in a special compartment and press a lever or button, after which hot water is served there. Under pressure it goes through the capsule and you get a cup of hot coffee.

Pros: low price; total energy independence; if you compare with a drip coffee maker, the taste of coffee is certainly better.

Cons: capsules are not sold everywhere and are quite expensive.

Geyser coffee makers

This is already a higher category. Geyser coffee makers are divided into two more types:

  • Electric;
  • No heating element.

In the second case, you will have to heat on the stove (most conveniently – on the glass-ceramic cooking panel).

The design of the coffee maker is two compartments separated by a special filter. The bottom is filled with water, coffee is laid in the filter. Boiling, the water rises up in the form of steam, passes through the coffee and gathers in the upper compartment.

In the range of any manufacturer there are models of different power and capacity of the bowl. From these indicators depends on how many cups of coffee you can make at a time.

Pros: the drink turns out to be rich and fragrant.

Cons: you need to monitor the degree of coffee grinding: small clogs the filter, which has to change quite often.

French Press

The simplest machine. Designed in the form of a flask with a lid and a piston. Preparation of the drink is elementary: fall asleep coffee, pour hot water and lower the piston. Wait a few minutes and pour the coffee into cups.

Pros: no “emergencies” – no need for electricity, no need for additional accessories and supplies.

Cons: the taste of the drink – on the way out usually gets a taste of instant coffee with a slight aroma of natural.


This is almost a professional unit. Coffee is prepared with the help of hot steam, which passes through the ground grains, the result is issued through a special horn.

There are appliances with a capacity of up to 4 bar, there are quite impressive models – up to 15 bar. In the first case, the time of coffee preparation is delayed to 5 minutes, as a result of this preparation the drink loses most of its flavor, but it acquires an additional strength. The best option for an invigorating morning.

The second option gives the finished drink quickly enough, while the taste, aroma and strength are not lost. But the price for all this is appropriate.

Pros: a fully automated process of getting a cup of fragrant coffee; you can make cappuccinos and other types of coffee with milk; some models have two or more nozzles, for the simultaneous preparation of several cups of coffee.

Cons: cost; need for annual prevention and frequent cleaning of the water tank; relatively quick wear of components.

Combined coffee makers

It’s a symbiosis drip coffee maker and espresso. These devices have two autonomous compartments, a coffee compartment and a water tank. Coffee is prepared with a simple click on a button.

Pros: simultaneous preparation of the drink in two different ways; the quality of the coffee received – above all praise, provided, of course, that you will not save on the coffee itself, and will use only quality grains for grinding.

Cons: a fairly high cost.




From this indicator depends on the speed of coffee and its strength. If the coffee maker has a small power, the time of preparation of the drink can take up to five minutes, and it will be thicker. If the device is able to give out from 1000 w, the coffee will be prepared in half a minute.

Maximum power in geyser and capsule coffee makers – 1 kWh; in drips – up to 1.3 kWh.


The second important indicator also affects the taste of coffee and the time it is made. There is no pressure in drip coffee makers at all. Geyser machines are already equipped with fanfare with pressure up to 4 bar, but coffee is brewed for a long time. Espresso coffee makers provide pressure in 15 – 20 bar and quick cooking.


The volume depends on how much you can make the maximum amount of coffee. Usually coffee makers with a filter are equipped with a capacity of up to one and a half liters. Coffee makers – espresso for the house at a time can prepare only two servings of the drink, more powerful models are already equipped with a water tank of up to 2 liters.


The material of the filter directly affects its cost. The most inexpensive – disposable paper. The average price category is nylon filters, which are designed to make 60-70 cups of coffee. The most expensive are titanium filters. They have no expiration date, do not require replacement for the life of the coffee maker.

Coffee fortress regulator

The right function to determine the degree of strength of coffee depending on your own preferences. In simple models, these are “Strong Coffee” and “Soft Coffee” modes, more expensive and perfect devices have an improved aroma selector, allowing you to control the strength of the drink due to the brewing system, changes in water temperature, the speed of its supply or the number of grams of coffee powder per serving.


If you like milk-based drinks, you can’t do without this feature. There are models where milk needs to be knocked down by hand with hot steam. There are fully automatic coffee makers. In the second case, you have to constantly monitor the purity of the device, so that the milk was always fresh, and the degree of density of milk foam you can not adjust. Manual method is preferable – however, will have to train a little.


The presence of a display, which reflects all the official information, is also necessary. You won’t miss the moment when you need to change the filter, add water or fall asleep with coffee.

Heating cups

Another function you need. Provides optimal heating cups for coffee, which improves the taste and aroma of the drink.

Water level indicator

It is much easier to make sure that there is always water in the tank. In some models, an additional scale is applied to the liquid volume scale, showing how many spoonfuls of ground coffee are required for a given volume of liquid. Convenient: you don’t have to do the calculations yourself.




Many models of coffee makers are equipped with additional features that affect their cost. Think about whether you need them in everyday life, or without something you can do. Additionally, manufacturers offer this:

  • The presence of a deferred turn timer. It is very convenient to program the coffee maker at 7 o’clock in the morning and cheer up, barely getting out of bed. But is it worth overpaying for a small, in five minutes, waiting for cooking? It’s up to you.
  • The temperature of the drink is on the way out. Some people like warm coffee, while others prefer hot coffee. A very useful feature in the event that the coffee maker will be used by several people.
  • Auto-off. This feature saves energy.
  • Constant heating of coffee. It’s about drip coffee makers. In principle, the idea is good, but the taste of coffee affects in the negative direction.
  • The non-heating base of the device. But this is very important for health – burns are excluded.
  • An anti-scalp system. Prevents the flow of finished coffee. Conveniently, but the protection works no more than 5 minutes, after which the coffee again begins to flow out.
  • Illumination of the cooking area. You only need it if you prefer to make coffee in total darkness.
  • Pre-wetting. Before making coffee, intended for a serving, wetted with hot water, soaked some pause and only then starts the process of cooking. Whether you need this feature or not is up to you. Gourmets say that the taste of the drink becomes more saturated.



These companies produce really reliable coffee makers, which usually do not require repairs for several years, even in intensive operation. Provided, of course, full compliance with the rules of use. The list is sorted from “best to worst.”


It is the founder of this company that we owe convenient automatic coffee makers. And, logically, that Guggia today is a benchmark of functionality, reliability and quality. Definitely the best coffee shop company in the world.


The line of models includes all kinds of coffee makers. It belongs to the average price segment. Provides a guarantee in one year, there are own service centers.


Budget models leave much to be desired, but more expensive can not be said. Everything is clearly verified, calculated and implemented. Excellent quality for a lot of money.


A large percentage of all products produced – just coffee makers. Reputable German company, which in the first place is quality, and the second – comfort for the consumer. The devices have a warranty, as well as a network of service centers.


It is also quite a reputable company, working in the market of coffee makers for almost a century. The design and assembly of the devices are unique, Blazer uses only its own developments. Constantly improving models, added different not always vital, but such nice little things that just the soul rejoices – that’s the care of the consumer! Perhaps, this is where the best value for quality and price.


One of the most well-known and consumer-favorite companies. It has been operating since 1886. For such a long time, of course, to perfection honed the technologies used. Products are reliable, rarely require repairs. The range of goods – from budget to elite segments. Choosing a coffee maker of this brand, you get an elegant design, an excellent set of functions and trouble-free operation.


Easy to use, easy to maintain and reliable. Price range – from budget to elite. At the same time, any model is made qualitatively and has a decent warranty life.


A well-known brand that produces appliances for the home. It is distinguished by good quality and affordable price. If the coffee maker fails, it is easy to repair in one of the company’s many service centers.


The main competitor is Blazer. Offers reliable coffee makers with an attractive design and a lot of additional features. Positioned as the best-selling brand, and it really is. Consumers are attracted by the quality, bright design, the presence of a variety of additional features, expanding the capabilities of the device and, of course, quite adequate price tag.


One of the few companies that is able within two days to deliver the necessary parts for repairing coffee makers or necessary accessories in any city in the world. Mostly produces premium coffee makers, not using conveyor belt. Models are distinguished by the original design, able to decorate any kitchen interior.


A small family business from Germany produces budget-type coffee makers. Simple, cheap, no frills. In terms of reliability – “three” and the cost – “five.”

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