Choosing the Mattress for Lower Back Pain

If you often have back pain when you wake up in the morning or at night, with the feeling that your mattress is uncomfortable or like a wooden plank… This article will interest you.

“This morning, my back hurts!” And when we talk about back pain, we often notice that it manifests as soon as we wake up. Back, neck (cervical), shoulder or buttocks pain…

Discover our tips and tricks to find more pleasant mornings or nights and to drive out back pain.


Back pain: All concerned

Back pain is a bit of the evil of the century. It is believed to be reserved for people of a certain age, but in reality, it affects everyone. For example, it is even necessary to monitor a baby’s bedding quality to keep him away from early back pain.

However, there are people at risk. Thus, after 40 years, it is more common to suffer from back pain when waking up. But even a 25-year-old who doesn’t play sports and sleeps on a poor quality mattress will always be more exposed than a healthy 65-year-old with a good mattress and used to exercise.

This goes beyond the question of age; back pain is inherent in lifestyle and bedding.


Why does back pain occur when you wake up or at night?

Why does back pain occur when you wake up or at night

Back pain often appears when waking up because it is mostly associated with sleeping posture and the mattress’s quality. All this by excluding, of course, cases of accidents or particular pathologies: scoliosis, …

A mattress adapted to its morphology, body, and sleep habits are key to sleep well and wake up better, without pain. The same goes for the usefulness of an ergonomic pillow. Smart purchases that keep you away from the risk of back pain.


The perfect place to sleep well

We talked to you in a previous article about the best positions to sleep better. It is the right to sleep on your back. It is the posture that relieves the spine the most. Sleeping on your side is not necessarily indicated if you have shoulder pain, but it is not the worst position for your back.

It is often not recommended to sleep on your stomach. This can, in the more or less long term, wake up nasty back pain.


A suitable and quality mattress is fundamental.

One of the good reflexes to adopt when you suffer from back pain is to check your mattress condition. It should be checked to see if it has any bumps or holes or not deformed. An old mattress will tend to accumulate defects that will directly affect your health and promote the appearance of back pain. After 8 to 12 years, depending on the mattress’s quality, it is recommended to replace it.

Remember to choose your mattress with high-density, high-resilience foams that are synonymous with quality and comfort.


What is the best mattress to avoid back pain when waking up?

There is no formal mattress specially designed for back pain; it depends on your sleeper profile, your lifestyle, your body size…

Shape memory mattresses are among the best technologies to avoid pain. This type of mattress distributes pressure points according to your morphology. Perfectly suited to the contours of your body, which it will marry, the mattress with a memory shape, whether its support is foam or springs, has, so to speak, only advantages!

Not to mention the famous independence of sleeping, which represents extra comfort when sleeping together. It is therefore strongly advised to choose a mattress when you want to take care of your back.

Hypnia offers you a questionnaire to find the perfect mattress and get up every morning on the right foot!

Have you just bought your mattress, or your budget is limited? Opt for a memory-shaped mattress. This is a great alternative for small budgets or a little comfortable mattress purchased recently.


The pillow, not to be overlooked to avoid back pain when waking up

The role of the pillow is also important. What is a good pillow?

A good pillow will help promote the natural alignment of the spine and cervical vertebrae at night. It will also allow muscle relaxation and good blood circulation.

Without a pillow, torticollis or neck pains soon point to the tip of their nose. Other back pain also, for that matter. A high-density ergonomic pillow will promote good posture and significantly reduce the risk of pain when waking up.


In summary, our tips for your back pain:

  • Sleep on the hypnia mattress that suits you: a human being spends an average of 40% of his time sleeping. Therefore, it is essential that the place where you spend more than a third of your time is in line with your needs and that you feel (very!) well, without feeling pain.
  • Exercise daily: Sport prevents back pain while physical inactivity promotes it. Developing your muscles is therefore important. You are spoilt for choice: walking, swimming, fitness, strength training (soft, to muscle your back)… Don’t hesitate to work on your flexibility; it’s even better. Why not try yoga?
  • Not a sportsman? You can also relieve any tension by doing some basic stretching. For example, lower back tension can be “treated” by gently bringing the knees back to the chest—a habit of taking daily for an optimal result.
  • Adopt good postures: in bed and at work, adopt the right postures every day. Don’t hesitate to ask your other for advice.
  • Keep an eye on your room temperature: ideally, it should be around 18/19 degrees. No more than 21 degrees anyway. If the room is too heated or too cold, or even too wet, it can cause back pain.
  • Keep good eating habits: Back pain is directly related to body weight. If it is excessive, it is normal to feel a sore back when you wake up.

If back pain is too severe, seek medical attention quickly to make a diagnosis.

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