Choose the Right Earrings for your Face Shape

Earrings are an ornament that can complement every day and evening image. Many women choose this jewellery, trusting personal taste. They are more concerned with metal and earrings’ colour and how they combine with the chosen outfit.

Unfortunately, women forget to consider how much earrings fit the shape of their face. Meanwhile, this nuance allows you to choose a decoration that emphasizes the beneficial sides of each woman.




There are seven forms of the face:

  • Oval
  • Triangular
  • Diamond
  • Round
  • Square
  • oblong
  • Trapezoidal

You can identify the type of face with a mirror and a marker (or an unnecessary lipstick tube). Tie the tail, go to the mirror and circle the reflection of the face on the contour. Do not take your hair and ears into account. Try to circles gently, without moving in front of the mirror. Compare the resulting outline with the existing list of face shapes.

The second method will require a centimetre, a leaf and a pen. Measure your face in three places: forehead, cheekbones and jaw. Write down the result, then add another measurement: the face vertically from the chin to the forehead. Please write down this result and analyze which part of the face is the widest, how its length is correlated vertically and horizontally, etc.




Round-face earrings

Wide cheekbones characterize this form. Therefore, the task with earrings’ help to pull the face and make up for the missing proportion. This can make drop-shaped or earrings without inserts oval shape.

Do not choose round or earrings in the form of discs. They will make a face visually even wider.


Oval face earrings

This form of the face is considered a reference. It expands in the area of the cheekbones and evenly narrows to the forehead and chin. Almost any earrings are in harmony with it. It can be carnations or earrings congo. But some decorations can further emphasize the soft lines of the face—for example, oval earrings or jewellery with elements of this shape. The oval of the face is well-emphasized by drop-shaped earrings.


Earrings for an elongated face

A face in the shape of an elongated oval requires more attention than a classic oval. It is the same width of the forehead and chin. When choosing jewellery, you need to focus on those that pull out cheekbones. These are earrings in geometric shapes: a triangle (with an angle, directed upwards), a square or a circle. They reduce the face and give it a correct shape, increasing the cheekbones. Neutral look earrings-carnations. They create a small accent in the cheeks’ area, without changing the shape of the face visually.

Long earrings should be left in the past: they further pull the face.


Earrings for a square face

The square-shaped face features a massive chin and the same width of the forehead and jaw. Therefore, the woman has the task to make the lines softer and give the face more sophistication. Rings and long earrings with round elements are ideal for this purpose. In this case, the size of the decoration is not worth worrying about. Even very large rings-Energia will be harmoniously combined with a square face. They will visually reduce the face and smooth its contour. Also look good on girls with this type of face earrings triangular shape, long earrings with a simple design, and earrings with a topaz drop-shaped shape.

But on square or pointed decorations do not stop your attention.


Triangular face earrings

The wide forehead features a triangular face shape. It gradually narrows, ending with a miniature sharp chin. Accidents competently on the triangular face will help large round earrings, pendants, chandeliers or drop-shaped products.


Earrings for a diamond-shaped face

Wide cheekbones distinguish this shape, so earrings’ main task is to smooth out sharp facial features. To do this, choose small oval or round jewellery, as well as Kaffe earrings. Girls with this shape of the face need to give up upsets and thin long chains.


Earrings for trapezoidal face

Expressed cheeks and chin distinguish the trapezoidal shape of the face. Sometimes it is also called pear-shaped. This shape of the face does not require a special emphasis on the ears; on the contrary, such girls should choose small round earrings or thin long pendants. Also in the spotlight are girls with a trapezoidal face, there are triangular earrings with a top pointing downwards. They soften the facial features by making the jaw already.



Of course, all of these recommendations are theoretical. Identical jewelry on women with the same type of face, but with different features will look completely different. Here are some recommendations on how to pick up earrings by facial features:

  • For girls with chiselled spout, small lips and eyes fit miniature earrings in the style of minimalism;
  • to plump lips, wide nose and large eyes should pick up massive decorations;
  • For girls with medium facial features, jewellery of any size is suitable.
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