Choose the Best Weaving Chains and Bracelets

The gold chain is a decoration beloved by women and men. It’s a wonderful birthday present or a nice purchase that will add several favourite accessories. But from the variety of weaving of these products, the eyes run away. And how among them to choose a decoration that will appeal to the eye and last for many years?




The types of weaving of gold chains often depend on manufacturing: manual work, machine binding or stamping. Thanks to progress, chain links made with the machine can reach a thickness of up to 0.2 mm. But the possibilities of machines are not limitless. Some types of weaving (if we are talking about “heavy” products in which more than 6 grams of gold) are handmade by the master of jewellery. Such chains are considered to be the most reliable. But it is worth noting that it depends directly on the experience of the master. Bracelets and chains by the hands of craftsmen are made both in small workshops and in large production.

Consider the popular weaving and their features in detail.


Anchor braiding

The simple weaving got its name due to its similarity to the chain to which the anchor is attached to the ships. The classic version of the chain is characterized by the fact that each link has an oval shape.

Chains made in the technique of anchor weaving are suitable for men and women. These are quite strong products on which you can hang pendants and crosses.

Anchor weaving has its subspecies, among which we will highlight the Venetian.


Venetian weaving

Unlike the classic anchor weaving in the “Venetian” links have the form of not an oval, but a square or a rectangle. One block can consist of two, three or more links.



If the anchor weaving links are attached to the cross, then in the shell they are in the same plane. These chains are smooth, and the links move smoothly from one to the other, creating the appearance of a single whole.

This weave is solid and versatile, suitable for women and men. But children’s jewellery in such a technique does not perform. The shell weaving has many subspecies: Mona Lisa, Love, Cartier, Singapore and others.


Weaving Mona Lisa

The delicate and elegant chain consists of large rings in which small rings are in. This makes the decoration beautiful and durable. Externally, weaving resembles the surface of a chain mail or lace. The decoration made in this way is worn independently without suspension.


Weaving Love

A ring in the form of a heart is the main feature of weaving. Such chains are airy and light. Gorgeous women’s gold chains look in the performance of this weaving. This chain can be supplemented with a pendant.


Cartier’s weaving

Its second name is Figaro. Such chains look unusual and arouse interest among extraordinary personalities. The difference between this weaving in the connection of the links of different shapes: round and oval. Their order can be different. For example, three short links and one oblong, or 2/1. Because of this chaotic weaving and received the popular name “Figaro.”


Weaving Singapore

Originally connected links make up exquisite weaving with luxurious brilliance. This is achieved because the links are swirling in a spiral. And despite the tenderness of the product, this weaving is considered durable and harmonizes with the pendants.


Snake Weaving

A smooth cord with tightly-fitting links resembling a snake’s scales is called a snake. This effect is achieved due to the tight-fitting of polished links to each other. Weaving is suitable for chains with pendants or bracelets with charms.


Bismarck Weaving

Bismarck received the title of the most reliable weave. One section has four links, paired with each other. The chain made in this style sits securely on the hand and saves the jewellery owner from the fear that it will break and get lost.


Trimark Weaving

Trimark is one of the bismarck’s subspecies. Its feature in more links in one section – three pairs. The chains made in this weaving serve as separate jewellery. Supplementing them with pendants is pointless – the chain is usually massive, and it is impossible to put a pendant on it.


Weaving Diamond

The diamond-shaped links, located inside each other, give the products a refined tender look. There are three subspecies of such weaving: single, double and triple. Weaving is suitable for people of any gender and age. Therefore, they are often asked by consultants in the jewellery store.


Weaving Seagull

Weaving chains for men is called Seagull or Double Trickle. Large links are very tightly adjacent to each other and create the appearance of the weighty brutal decoration. Often products with such weaving are chosen by women as a gift to a man. It is considered one of the original handmade weaves.


Weaving Spiga

Jewellery made in this technique have an interesting texture, so are supplemented by suspension or acts as an independent decoration. However, it would help if you chose the pendant thoughtfully. A simple light decoration is not suitable. It will be lost against the background of a gentle but original chain. But a large pendant of interesting design will play with all the colours.


Fantastic weaving

One type of weaving cannot be classified as this category. This is a common name for those chains and bracelets made uniquely—a link of the original shape, an unusual connection of elements or different metals.

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