Choose a Water Filter Jug an Advanced buyer’s guide

“Don’t drink tap water, your stomach will hurt!” – this phrase was heard, probably, each of us as a child from his parents. And now we repeat it ourselves because tap water, as before, is often unsuitable for drinking and cooking. However, now this problem can be combated with modern, effective ways. The most popular and affordable – filter jug – a device that can clean the water in a matter of minutes from harmful impurities. About the principle of filters-jugs, their varieties, types of cartridges, and cost – in this article.


The design and principle of the water treatment jug

The design and principle of the water treatment jug

Wherever you are – at home, at work, in the country – you will need an effective water purification tool – a jug filter type. Its irreplaceability is explained by excellent performance. Learn to use the device can not only adult but also a child. The design of all filter jugs is the same. Typically, these are:

The main capacity is a jug;
reservoir (the funnel) in which water is collected;
filtering element, i.e., cartridge.
The filter is a tank with two compartments between which the cartridge is located in the collected form. Water is poured into the top. It then passes through the cartridge, is cleared of harmful impurities, and accumulates in the bottom of the jug. During operation, the product can be disassembled (and then assembled), which is especially important during washing. They make such filters from durable glass or plastic.


What cartridges are available for the filter jug, and which is better to choose

Depending on the components, modern cartridges can simultaneously solve several problems: they protect water from impurities of chlorine, organic substances, and phenol, reduce the rigidity of water, clean from mechanical inclusions, heavy metals, and toxic compounds, mineralize water, improve its organoleptic qualities (smell, taste, color).

Along with the above features, today’s sale can also find cartridges with additional options – for example, interchangeable cassettes that can soften the water and mineralize it. As a result, the water gets a pleasant mild taste.

The main filtering component in cartridges is most often a coal mixture that has absorbent qualities and can purify water from mechanical contamination. Usually, coal is obtained from coconut shells. Depending on the type, the average resource of such cartridges is 100-750 liters. In addition to coal, active cartridges use ion exchange resins – they cope with hard water, with impurities of heavy metals. Cassettes with fluoridation components are chosen by those who have reduced fluoride content in tap water. This is usually manifested in the deterioration of the hair condition and the decrease in bone density. For water mineralization, cartridges are used containing useful trace elements, sodium salts, calcium. To clean the water in the house where young children live, choose cassettes without silver.

When buying a cartridge, you need to be guided by tap water quality that flows in your area and the problems you want to solve.


How to use a water jug filter

How to use a water jug filter

Of course, the first thing to do after buying a filter jug is to rinse it in running water with detergent. Several important rules must also be followed during the operation of the cleaning device.

First, you should change the cartridge in the filter on time, usually every three months. By the end of its life, it accumulates many bacteria and harmful substances dangerous to health.

Secondly, each replacement of the cartridge should be preceded by washing the jug and its lid under warm water with a soft detergent. At the same time, do not try to wash the cartridge, so its duration does not extend.

Third, it should be considered that filtered water can be stored in the filter for no more than 12 hours. The fact is that after it passes through the cartridge and is released from the chlorine, bacteria begin to multiply at high speed. After a specified amount of time, the water becomes unusable in its pure form. It must be boiled. If the water needs to be stored for a long period, it can be poured into a glass container and put in the refrigerator. But even in this case, its shelf life will not be infinite – after 3 days, using water is undesirable.

Fourth, the cartridge should not be kept dry and should not be left for a long time under direct sunlight.

If the filter has not been in use for a long time, it is necessary to filter and pour out the first 2 servings of water before it is re-exploited.
The pros and cons of the filter
As we have already noted, the water treatment filter jug is efficient and easy to operate. However, this design has several drawbacks. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of the pitcher.


Benefits of a water treatment filter:

Compactness and mobility – this type of cleaner doesn’t need much space in the kitchen. It can be stored on a table, shelf, and even in a refrigerator (to cool the water in hot weather). At any time, you can easily move it from place to place.
The level of filtration – even though filters-jugs are not considered the best in the quality of water purification, for their size, they cope with the task.
Cost – Compared to expensive specialized cleaning plants, such as filters for washing, the jug can be bought at an affordable price.
The drawbacks of the filter include the need to replace the cartridge frequently. It is also worth noting that this device can filter out at once a fairly small amount of water because of its small size. In a small family, this minus will be intangible. However, in large families, where the first dishes are cooked in three-liter pans and the kettle after boiling empty instantly, it is better to think about purchasing another cleaning system or combining a few.


How to choose a jug water filter

When choosing a filter jug for water purification, keep in mind that all the designs are roughly the same. The quality of the cassettes that you will use is important. According to the opinion poll and research conducted under the “Control Purchase” program, the most popular brands in the Indian market are “Barrier” and BRITA. The mechanism of their action is similar in many respects. The difference is that the first brand – domestic, the second – imported. Accordingly, the first is cheaper than the second. Whether to overpay for a foreign brand is up to you.

An important criterion when choosing a filter jug is its volume. If you have a small family, it is better to focus on choosing a 1.5-2-liter jug. For a large family, 4-liter filters are purchased. But it is also worth considering who will mostly use the filter. If this is a fragile woman whose family members are late at work and can not help with the household, do not choose a voluminous filter. After all, the hostess will be hard to raise it every time.

By the way, it is most convenient to use a filter jug with an indicator of the cassette resource. These structures are electronic and mechanical. At the right time, this feature will remind you that you need to replace the cartridge. Also, do not forget that the replacement module should be chosen, taking into account tap water features.

And, of course, when choosing a filter jug, it should be guided by its design. The shape of the device is uncomplicated, simple, or curly with relief inserts. Color – whatever, both with patterns and drawings and without them. There may also be additional elements – rubber linings on the handle and bottom of the jug – for convenience during use. Choose a jug that will please the eye, fit into the interior and give pleasure from the operation.


Manufacturers and the cost of the best filters jugs

Today, the Indian market can identify several major household water filters, among them Aquafor, Barrier, BRITA, Geyser. Each has been delighting consumers with its products for many years and has proven itself from the advantageous side.

There are several options where you can buy a filter jug: it is a specialty store, a department store, or a hardware supermarket, as well as an online store. The cost of the most popular models ranges from 250 to 700 rubles, complete with 1-2 cartridges. Separately, replacement modules can be bought for 100-400 rubles. The reason for such a large interval in the price range is the variety of models and trims and the price policy of a particular store.

For example, the German manufacturer BRITA can come up with a roomy jug for 5 liters – Marella XL. It is equipped with a mechanical indicator of the cartridge resource and an indicator of water level. It will cost the purchase of 800 rubles. “Aquafor” offers an interesting, stylish model, “Lux” for 3 liters with a mechanical indicator of the cassette resource at 550 rubles. The ideal solution for modern cuisine is a jug from the brand “Barrier” – “Extra” with a pattern. Sophisticated design, the optimal volume of 2.5 liters, the ability to place a filter on the refrigerator door – a profitable purchase will cost 350 rubles. The same manufacturer offers a unique solution for families with infants – the Vinnie jug. Its advantages – maximum water purification from bacteria and harmful impurities, bright design with drawings from cartoons, a mechanical indicator of the resource of the cassette.

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