Choose a Vacuum Cleaner for Dry and Wet Cleaning

Vacuum cleaners have long become indispensable helpers when cleaning a house or apartment. To make life even easier for hostesses, manufacturers every year offer new and new models to carry out dry and wet cleaning, cleaning furniture, windows, car salon, carpets… Let’s see how these devices work and what is right for you.


Types of vacuum cleaners for dry and wet floor cleaning

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There are several types of this equipment – for dry or wet cleaning, there are combined types of… But about everything in order.

One of the rarest types of vacuum cleaners can only produce wet cleaning. Inside this device are two containers for liquid, designed for clean and dirty water. The location of the containers depends on the ease of handling the cleaning vacuum cleaner – if they are installed one above the other, then to drain the dirty water, you will have to disassemble the bulk of the structure. When one container is inside another, it is much faster and more convenient to fill.

Without washing function, designed only for dry cleaning, are the most common type of “assistants” of the modern housewife. Inside such vacuum cleaners, a dust bag through which the sucked air passes and is cleaned is fed back.

Cleaning vacuum cleaners with dry cleaning functions are becoming increasingly popular. These devices have both water tanks and a suction filtration system.

The world’s first vacuum cleaner was nicknamed “Billy’s Puffing” – a cumbersome construction, a gasoline engine, and a power of 5 horsepower made it make loud, frightening sounds.
Among the many types of filters manufacturers prefer to equip their vacuum cleaners, it is worth highlighting the aqua filter. Instead of bags or containers, a container of water is installed inside the device. During the cleaning process, the dust collected by the vacuum cleaner is in this tank, settling in the water, and the purified and moisturized air goes out. Such a system helps not only to collect garbage but also to fight harmful bacteria and allergens.

Cyclone-type vacuum cleaners are always popular in the fight against dust and dirt. The internal dust collector of such a device consists of two chambers – under the influence of centrifugal force, large and fine dust settles on their walls. The air is subjected to additional filtration and only then leaves the device.


Features of the bag and bagless devices

Choosing a unit for dry cleaning, you should pay attention to the method of air filtration provided by the device of your chosen model. You should pay attention to models with disposable and reusable dust bags for those who need to minimize “contacts” with dust (e.g., allergy sufferers). The sucked air and debris, and dust are fed into a special “package” whose walls are made of material with micro-holes that trap even the fine dust. It turns out that all the dirt settles inside the bag, and the cleaned air is brought back into the room. At the end of the procedure, you have to remove the disposable bag and dispose of it. Thus, the dust is safely sealed, and you are safe from its harmful effects. A reusable bag should be shaken out in the bin. The downside of this method is the need to purchase and permanently replace additional dust bags. However, such a vacuum cleaner device filters the air qualitatively, making it clean and not allowing dust to stay in the apartment. It is believed that disposable dust bags are the most hygienic way to clean with a vacuum cleaner.

It is also often used bagless vacuum cleaners with a removable container for dust and dirt. Debris enters the container, and the air passes through the filtration system and is fed outwards. After cleaning, the contents of the container should be shaken into the bin, and the container itself should be rinsed with water and dried. Such units do not require the cost of additional materials in the form of disposable dust bags. Still, simultaneously, the care of the device takes longer, and every few months, they will have to buy and replace pre-engine filters. When choosing a bagless model, it is worth paying attention to the presence of a high-quality filtration system – it will depend on how much dust will remain in the air, and a thin layer will fall back on the cleaned surface.

Wet-cleaning vacuum cleaners allow you to forget about a mop and a rag. This does not come at the expense of cleaning quality – often, these devices cope with dirt on smooth and cozy surfaces more effectively than other types of household cleaning equipment. If you wash the floor by hand, you periodically dip the rag in a bucket of water, which means that you almost immediately use dirty liquid for washing. The washing vacuum cleaner sprays only clean water or a special detergent on the surface, so wet cleaning becomes better. The disadvantage of such models is the relative complexity of care – after each application, you need to prepare and dry water containers thoroughly. When buying a detergent vacuum cleaner, you need to clarify exactly how the liquid is replaced and tossed into the tanks and find out the volume of containers. These parameters will depend on the time spent on cleaning because adding clean water every two minutes – inconvenient.


Which vacuum cleaner to choose to clean the floor and other surfaces?

Which vacuum cleaner to choose to clean the floor and other surfaces

Before you buy a vacuum cleaner, you need to make sure that it meets your expectations, at least from a technical point of view. It is better for owners of large apartments and private houses to abandon the standard models with disposable dust bags. Otherwise, you can not avoid high costs for consumables. Cyclone vacuum cleaners are a little better suited for cleaning a wide area; however, the internal filter will have to change about once every six months if you use the device too often. The preferred option, in this case, is a vacuum cleaner with an aqua filter – it can clean large areas without loss of suction force, even with very contaminated water in the internal container.

This is interesting
The first home vacuum cleaners appeared in America in1905.
Manufacturers of vacuum cleaners offer a wide range of models for cleaning small apartments. Most often, for these purposes, use devices for dry cleaning, less often – combined models. The fact is that cleaning vacuum cleaners are larger than usual, and in limited space, the size of household appliances becomes an important criterion of choice.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of vacuum cleaner for allergy sufferers. Devices show the minimum dust content in the air with disposable bags and aqua filters – if these models prefer, contacts with dust will be minimized.

The prevailing flooring plays not the least role in the choice of the vacuum cleaner. Laminate is very sensitive to the effects of moisture, so washing such floors with a mop or rag is not recommended. A large amount of liquid can cause the wood base to swell, and it will be spoiled. A washing vacuum cleaner with low water consumption and drying function can be a real salvation for laminate because the humidity level resulting from cleaning will be minimal and will not affect the appearance of the coating.

The parquet structure is close to laminated coating, it does not tolerate excessive humidity, but it is also quite sensitive to mechanical influence. It can be easily damaged or scratched. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner for the parquet should have suitable nozzles with a coating of soft materials: lint, felt, wool, or special fabric.

Wet cleaning is of particular importance for ceramic tiles. The use of a detergent vacuum cleaner for this coating has its drawbacks – mixing with dust, water can cause the darkening of seams between tiles. Therefore, you need to choose a vacuum cleaner with high suction power or a steam mop for ceramics. In this case, on the floor, there is only a minimum amount of moisture.

Carpeting needs dry and wet cleaning, so that the ideal option would be a combined vacuum cleaner model. Cleaning without water can become more effective if the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a special turbo or electric brush. It allows you to clean the carpet not only from dust but also from complex debris, such as hair or pet hair. And for wet cleaning of the lint surfaces as best possible detergent vacuum cleaners with aqua filters.

Devices designed for cleaning are often equipped with special nozzles for cleaning soft furniture. They can remove stains and dust from the upholstery of sofas, covers, armchairs, and pillows. In detergent vacuum cleaners, it is important to choose the right cleaning solution – “aggressive” powders can negatively affect the brightness of the fabric.

Some manufacturers of cleaning vacuum cleaners supplement their products with a special window cleaner nozzle. So if you want to wash the glass, avoiding the appearance of divorces and stains, it is worth finding a cleaning vacuum cleaner with such a device.

To clean the machine’s cabin are suitable vacuum cleaners with a free-to-air power supply or the ability to recharge from the “smoker.” The first has less power, designed to remove specks and quickly clean, as the time on one battery is about 20 minutes. The second type of disadvantage is that they consume the car’s energy, besides such a device should be chosen with the longest cord.

Cleaning the room can become really easy and fast if you choose the right methods and tools. The vacuum cleaner will not do all the work for you, but it can significantly reduce the amount of effort and time spent on cleanliness – pick up a model based on the characteristics of your home.

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