How to Choose a 3D Printer | Buying Guide 2022

Printers have changed over time. They have evolved in such a way that it is now possible to print in 3D. 3D printers go far beyond printing simple documents; these devices have the ability to design a 3D model that you can print in real size.

These types of printers extend through the most common areas of life: the field of work, staff and student. That’s why people around the world have the ability to purchase a 3D printer and print whatever their imagination allows them to do.

To know which 3D printer to buy, you must take into account certain aspects and after considering them, choose a model for you and for the goals you have in mind. You’ll get amazing results, all thanks to a 3D printer.


3 Steps to Choose a 3D Printer in 2022

Choose a 3D Printer

The first step in choosing a 3D printer: user type

The first step in choosing a 3D printer is to know what type of user you will be. If you are going to use them to create large parts, industrial materials will be needed, but if your use is aimed at smaller parts, you will need more common materials. In case you are the first type of user, industrial 3D printers will be ideal. In the second case, you’ll use a desktop 3D printer, which is much cheaper than industrial printers, and materials more of the same. All types of material must be handled with great caution, as they are not ordinary printers, and work at high temperatures.


The second step in choosing a 3D printer: part size

After you identify the type of user you’re going to be, it’s time for you to set the size of the parts you’ll print in 3D format. Many desktop or basic printers have a print volume that is less than 200×200, and this will not be appropriate for you to print very large parts.

You need to find a 3D printer that can adapt to your specific needs, so you won’t waste capital or time. When you choose a 3D printer that’s too small for the designs you have in mind, impressions will have to be in parts and then join them together to achieve the final design. Which ultimately results in a waste of time because you haven’t selected the 3D printer model well.


The third step in choosing a 3D printer: design and precision

3D printers have one determining factor: their design. Through design, you’ll learn more about how a specific model works, which will take you to the process of choosing between that model and another one in mind.

For better accuracy, you need to arm with higher quality accessories. A good tip is to incorporate a pulley system into the 3D printer, as well as an electronic system that prevents the model from overheating during printing.

There are other components that will completely change the operation of these printers, and all our recommendations, we make them with you and your budget in your own hands.

We want to prevent you from singing more money than necessary and to be able to do so by choosing a good quality model.

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