How to Check Mobile Radiation and Sar Value

Living in a world surrounded by technology, it is normal for us to wonder if it can be harmful to health. For example, many theories say that 5G technology can become a very negative aspect for us.

Cell phones, in particular, emit a certain amount of electromagnetic radiation, this information can become particularly alarming for many.

So it’s important to stay well informed. That’s why we bring you this article where we will explain what this type of radiation is and what Apps can use to mediate it.


What is SAR Radiation? Does it affect my health?

Sar (Specific Absorption Rate) is a measurement scale that tells us how much electromagnetic energy our body absorbs from certain equipment.

This energy is not a constant number, as it will all depend on how much radiation the device is emitting. The body will also absorb more radiation, the closer it is to the object that emits it.

It should be noted that this type of energy is measured in Watt per kilogram, tells us how fast our body is absorbing radiation.

With all this information clear, you’re probably wondering if the radiation your cell phone emits is harmful to your health. You’ll be glad to know that this type of radiation won’t affect your health or cause cancer as some people think.

Although cell phones emit a type of radiation, not all of them are the same, let’s explain it. There are two ways in which radiation is distributed, ionizing and non-ionizing. Artefacts that produce ionizing radiation are harmful to health.

The cell phones are specially designed so that the radiation they emit is non-ionizing so it can’t harm you. They are regulated so that their SAR levels do not exceed 2’0 W/Kg and are not harmful to health.

Studies have revealed that there are companies that manufacture phones with lower SAR radio. We have as an example the Galaxy Note 8 with a rate of 0.17 or the Xperia M5 with radiation of 0.14.

However, phones like the Xiaomi Mi A1, OnePlus 5T, and Huawei Mate 9 emit a somewhat elevated SAR radio. I’m sure at this point you’re thinking about how much radiation your mobile device will be emitting right now. That’s why we bring you 2 Apps that will help you measure how much SAR your phone is broadcasting.


What Apps can I download to measure the SAR emitted by my cell phone?

Google Play gives us a wide variety of Apps to make such measures. This time we bring you two applications that will allow you to measure the SAR that your phone emits and the way to feel more secure.

The first is called SAR Watch – Tracking Radiation Exposure, and one of its great advantages is that it is free. This App allows you to measure SAR radiation using three options: you can mediate it during your phone exposure, that is when you make calls. Through environmental exposure, your cell phone connects to Wifi networks or uses data networks and heat maps.

After you download the App, you must access it to make measurements on your phone. Within the App, you can see a lower menu to choose from the three options mentioned above.

You will measure the radiation emitted by your cell phone with the first one, especially when you make phone calls. With the second option, you can measure what your environmental exposure is.

The third option will make you access your map to use your location and analyze which sources are nearby and mark them on it.

The second App we bring you is called Magna Radiation Protection; this one is also free, but it also brings a paid version. Its paid version allows you to measure radiation during calls.

It basically has the same functionality as the previous application. What makes it different is that it has the ability to send you notifications if it detects high SAR levels. It activates Smart Data Option to turn off data or Wifi if you get too close to your phone even on some devices.

That is why we must stay informed about these issues that may seem insignificant are of paramount importance in our lives.

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