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There’s no better feeling than starting your day with a bowl of your favourite breakfast cereal. However, there is nothing more frustrating than seeing that the packet contains only one whole spoon of cereal, as the rest has turned into porridge as it has been moved. Not to mention that somewhat sickening moment when your cereal became all soft due to the ambient humidity they absorbed because the packet inadvertently remained open.

The best solution in these cases is to buy a cereal dispenser, a convenient accessory, besides keeping your food’s quality and freshness while handing you the right amount needed for a good breakfast.

To find a grain distributor, you can turn to shops specializing in the sale of hotel or restaurant products, but this is not always possible, as these stores most often go through private or direct sales to these establishments. On the other hand, everything becomes easier if you choose to go through online sales, because you will be able to find a myriad of different models available for direct sale: from the cheapest to the most expensive, with more important counts than the others, which place themselves on your worktop or that can attach to the wall. And you can even find some very well-known brands.

Our editor has prepared this short guide to help you discover the world of the cereal distributor. When surfing the net, we advise you to read the user reviews, as they are usually a good addition to the product you want to buy. This makes it easier to find the cereal dispenser that will suit you and your family members while being in tune with everyone’s needs, desires and requirements.


What are the benefits of a grain dispenser?

What are the benefits of a grain dispenser

In addition to keeping your food fresh and flavouring, cereal dispensers can offer you various benefits. Here is a list of the main benefits of such a product:

Have your hands free:

While you keep the cereal box open, you must use your hands to serve your family members. If you are a very hygienic person, we advise you to choose a cereal dispenser to solve this problem.


The aesthetic side:

Adding a new appliance to your home’s kitchen will make it even more attractive, especially to complement your home appliance collection. So, in addition to the usefulness and functionality aspects, an attractively designed product can make your kitchen look better and better.


How do I choose my cereal dispenser?

When you decide to buy a cereal dispenser, you will find yourself facing an impressive amount of different models, and if you decide to choose one plastic, pay attention to its quality. Not all plastics are robust, and cheap cereal dispensers may be fragile or harmful to your health. Thus, you will have to choose in your soul and conscience, but above all, read Internet users’ opinions before you get started. Here are the main factors to consider when buying:

The material:

Cereal dispensers can be designed in a variety of materials, including:


Acrylic is hard plastic with a transparent appearance. This is the best alternative to glass, as it is unbreakable, durable and very light.


Stainless steel:

Stainless steel is a completely recyclable material ideal for storing your food. It is healthy, environmentally friendly and sustainable.


The glass:

Glass cereal dispensers do not absorb odours compared to plastics, and their environmental impact is less because if you want to get rid of them, all you have to do is throw your cereal dispenser in a glass dumpster. It is transparent and convenient, but glass dispensers are generally heavier and more fragile.


The wood:

Wood-based food dispensers are not entirely designed in this material. In fact, usually, only the lid and base are made of wood; the rest of the dispenser is usually made of glass, plastic or acrylic.


The metal:

Like wood grain dispensers, metal cereal dispensers use this material only for support and lid. The food container will be made of plastic, glass or acrylic. This material ensures longer durability and is easier to clean.



When choosing a plastic cereal dispenser, you should check to see if the material used is suitable for food use. It is always good to check whether the plastic material is free of Bisphenol A (a chemical harmful to health, used in the design of plastic materials). The plastic is sturdy, easy to handle and clean.


The number of containers:

If you only use one type of cereal, you can opt for a single container cereal dispenser. On the other hand, if each member of your family wants a different type of grain, you’ll probably have to look at a multi-container cereal dispenser. Fortunately, you can find double, triple vending machines, or you can also buy several separate storage boxes, which remain an equally convenient alternative.


Anti-stain containers:

It is not uncommon for cereals to be available in different colours. Thus, you may have already experienced this moment when you discover that the container of your cereal dispenser is stained with the thousand colours of your cereal once emptied. If you are a person who is particularly attentive to the aesthetics of your products, then perhaps you should choose a distributor in a material that does not stain or mark.



Most containers have significant capacity. However, you will find different distributors’ models on the market, some of which have more or less modest capabilities. The positive side of choosing a grain distributor with significant capacity is that it will not be necessary to fill it frequently.

On the other hand, if you live alone or are a grain-eater and want to fill your cereal dispenser as often as possible to test different types of cereals, you will be able to opt for a low-capacity or single-container dispenser.


Scratch resistance:

When you realize that your dispenser is very scratched, you may not like it as much as before. So it would help if you considered opting for a cereal dispenser designed in anti-scratch material.


The airtight closure:

Your cereal’s freshness, flavour, and integrity can only be preserved if your cereal is in a sealed container. This way, it’s always a good idea to check that your cereal dispenser has a fully airtight seal lid or crank.


An easy-to-use crank:

The crank used for the distribution of cereals should be easy to use even for children, especially considering that crank turn corresponds to a fixed amount and, therefore, the portion necessary to start the day well with the required nutritional intake.


Dishwasher, microwave, freezer and refrigerator adaptability:

If you want to wash your cereal dispenser after emptying it, it may be convenient for your container to be made of a material that can be passed through the dishwasher.

Besides, the ability to put your dispenser in the freezer can be very convenient if you have the food to keep in the long term.

On the other hand, if your dispenser is small enough to fit into your microwave or refrigerator, as it contains foods to keep cold or that can be heated, we advise you to go-to materials suitable for these appliances.



Chances are you’ve noticed that some foods if stored in a certain type of container, may have a strange smell, or vice versa. To avoid this problem, you should check that your dispenser is designed in an odour-impervious material, such as glass. If so, you can be sure that your breakfast will not only be kept healthy in your cereal dispenser but that it will also be odourless when you want to eat it. No one wants a must-have breakfast, especially when you wake up, with a good coffee.


The clutter:

You may decide to place your cereal dispenser on a shelf, in a kitchen cabinet, directly on your worktop, or attach it to your wall. In any case, you will need to consider the size of your cereal dispenser and be aware of the space it will take (especially at height) before throwing yourself on the first cereal dispenser that you will like on the net.



What are cereal dispensers?

Cereal dispensers are sealed containers with a working lid to insert a large number of cereals. They must have a crank or turn button that allows you to distribute a measured amount of fresh cereal directly into your bowl or cup to start your day.


What type of cereal can I keep inside my dispenser?

Any cereal can be stored inside a dispenser. You can also store any dry food, such as rice, pasta, beans, etc.

If you are a hotel manager, we advise you to have a minimum of three or four cereal dispensers to offer your customers a full buffet during breakfast. On the other hand, for private use, a single cereal dispenser can be sufficient and fully meet the needs and desires of all members of your family.



When you put your cereal in your pantry, you don’t know how long the package will last. As a result, it may take several days for the content to run out. In the meantime, your cereals may become moist and sticky as they have absorbed the ambient moisture.

But all this is no longer a problem if you have a cereal dispenser because it keeps your food dry for freshness and a preserved flavour at the first opening of the package. Also, it allows you to monitor the amount of food you have in stock and to be able to predict a possible grain buyback.

With the Bartscher cereal dispenser, you will be able to fill not only its containers with cereals but also dried fruit, rice, pasta, or any other dry food (for humans or pets). This dispenser will guarantee you a portion of incorrect quantity and without crumbs. It can be placed directly on your worktop, and you can also attach it to the wall.

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