How To Provide Proper Care For Dry Facial Skin

Dry skin of the face gives a lot of trouble: make-up falls unevenly, after tanning is visible the slightest wrinkles, in the cold face peels and shows signs of irritation, even simple washing causes a feeling of tightness. Stop putting up with the vagaries of your skin! We understand what causes excessive dryness and how to deal with them.

Skin is 70% water, 15-20% of which is the epidermis. There are also numerous sebaceous and sweat glands. Their task is to create a hydrolipid film on the surface – a protective barrier that keeps moisture in the skin does not let the microbes inside and helps it to adapt to temperature changes.

Dry skin emits insufficient sebum to provide natural protection fully, or pores are so narrow that they do not let the sebum out in the right volume. Teenagers with dry skin type are relatively lucky – the problem of acne often bypasses them. But by the age of 25-30, the feeling of tightness and itching is becoming more frequent. The face looks dull because of stress, changing diet, or cosmetics, skin flakes. It appears irritation. Premature wrinkles appear. Proper care for dry facial skin is based on the restoration of the hydrolipid mantle and additional nutrition.

Similar symptoms can indicate skin dehydration. The face absorbs the available moisture from cosmetics, so the makeup quickly rolls off. The reason is external factors: aggressive cleansing, cold, and heat, strong wind, ultraviolet, low humidity. In this case, the care of dry, dehydrated skin is reduced to intense hydration.


How to care for dry facial skin

How to care for dry facial skin

Any care starts with cleansing. Forget hot water, soap, and alcohol-containing cosmetics – they dry your skin intensively. They are better to replace them with tender milk for removal of makeup, lotion, or tonic. The “Black Pearl” cleansing line for dry skin includes allantoin. It softens the layer, helps to peel off the dead scales, promotes smoothing wrinkles and renewing cells.

Meanwhile, hyaluronic acid saturates the skin with moisture, and liquid collagen returns to tone and freshness. Also suitable means for washing on an oil basis – they create an analog of hydrolipid mantle on the skin, do not allow moisture to evaporate, and feed vitamins and amino acids.

Exfoliation is a mandatory procedure in the care of beauty. If dead horn scales remain on the face’s surface for a long time, they make the skin dull and prevent the absorption of active components of creams. Care for dry and sensitive facial skin requires delicacy: instead of hard scrubs, it is better to use oil peels, and gentle gemmates.


In sleep, the skin, like the rest of the body, recovers from everyday stress – so dividing creams into “day” and “night” is not a fiction of marketers. They have different compositions and purposes. In general, for dry skin, it is better to focus on nutrition: natural oils, amino acids, herbal extracts will come to the rescue.

Before applying the cream, beauticians recommend moisturizing serum and mature skin – tonic essence. They improve cell renewal and deliver nutrients to the skin faster.

Age changes primarily affect the area around the eyes. The skin here is thinner and more sensitive – it needs specific care. The eye cream “Moisturization and nutrition” with kelp extract and a complex of bio-oils relieves puffiness and dark circles makes the skin more elastic and prevents the formation of wrinkles.


How to cope with skin dehydration

To prevent skin dehydration, try to drink more water and focus on external hydration – products labeled “moisture,” “hydrating,” “moisturizing,” “replenishing.”

The “Extreme Hydration” series is designed just for this purpose. It includes micellar water and a two-phase eye and lip remover, day and night moisturizer – all you need for comprehensive skincare. Mineral-rich glacial water nourishes and strengthens the epidermis, and hyaluronic acid prevents dehydration.

As an express tool, well-established fabric masks – in just 15 minutes, they saturate the skin with moisture and useful amino acids, relieve fatigue, return tenderness and radiance.

Dermatologists do not tire of repeating the importance of sunscreens. In everyday life, they can be replaced by grooming or decorative cosmetics with UV filters. Day emulsion for the face with the SPF10 protection factor protects against ultraviolet light and provides additional hydration. Another plus – it can be applied as a basis for makeup.

The main thing in the care of problem skin – to determine the cause and choose the appropriate set of cosmetics. Don’t forget about the rest of the body. Thanks to proper nutrition, sound sleep, and physical activity, the face will shine faster with freshness and beauty.

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