Bonnell Spring Vs Pocket Spring Mattress Which Is Better?

Nowadays, purchasing a new mattress is not just about as basic as it used to be. On different occasions, we have been asked: “ What is the distinction between a Bonnell Spring and Pocket Spring Mattress?”

Therefore, to help you choose the right yet best mattress, we have put together this quick guide so that you can easily discern the difference between the two mattresses.

So let’s dive in!


What is a Bonnell Spring Mattress?

Bonnell Spring Mattress

Bonnell spring (also referred to as Open Spring, Continuous Coil, Miracoil, and Standard Coil) is the most basic mattress type. This mattress consists of an inter-connected spring system, and it’s the most traditional type of innerspring mattress.

The spring unit is made from the hourglass linked together and broader at the top and bottom than in the middle. Since these mattresses are manufactured from the most traditional methods, they are mass-produced at a low production cost, making them the cheapest mattress.

A typical Bonnell spring mattress consists of about 300 springs.


What Do You Need to Know About this Mattress?

Generally, the retailers and manufacturers refer to the mattress’s gauge as the thickness of wires used for the springs. Therefore, the lower the number, the thicker the measurement. A thicker gauge will create a more firm mattress. Thus, a 12-gauge mattress will be thicker and firm, and if you want something softer, you can opt for 13.5-gauge, which will provide enough support.

Something imperative for the Bonnell spring mattress is the high-gauge rod edge that extends the sleeping surface and aids in retaining the mattress shape while reducing the side sag.


Is a Bonnell Spring Mattress for You?

There are many pros and cons of open coil mattresses, and it depends on your preference and what you are looking for.


Bonnell spring mattresses offer excellent support and generally opted for orthopedic support because of their superb firmness. These mattresses are lighter and thus easier to turn or move. You can also invest in a Bonnell spring mattress with a memory foam top for a superior level of solace. The feeling you get while sleeping on the bed is excellent. The mattress is known for its durability. Thanks to heat tempering, it provides a supportive, durable, and comfortable feel.

These mattresses are fantastic for kids of three to five years before you change the bed.


One of the most significant disadvantages of an open coil mattress is the motion transfer issue. You will feel all the motions caused by your partner and thus disturb a good sleep. After prolonged use, you can also experience the dip in the middle.


What is a Pocket Spring Mattress?

Pocket Spring Mattress

These mattresses are known to offer more support and solace than their open coil counterpart. There are about 600 to 5000 springs; each works independently and has its little pockets. In the case of pocket sprung mattresses, the more spring count, the better support you get.

These mattresses are good at offering pressure point relief as the springs are individually wrapped into the mattress under a comfort foam layer.


What Do You Need to Know About this Mattress?

Albeit the spring count is an imperative part in this mattress quality, don’t be tricked solely by numbers. A mattress packed with mediocre springs won’t be superior to less yet more excellent quality springs. Look at the nature of materials used to fill the bed. This is what is critical in portraying the quality and cost of a pocket spring mattress.


Is a Pocket Spring Mattress for You?

A pocket sprung mattress is excellent to offer good support, and again it depends on your needs and preference.


Since this type of mattress has independent springs wrapped in a coil, and they move independently, they offer a good amount of solace and support. These mattresses are great for partners with different weights and can handle motion transfer easily without disturbing the partner while in a sound sleep.

The sleeping disturbances are to a minimum and won’t budge even if you keep tossing and turning. The springs easily contour to the body shape. These mattresses can last about 8 to 10 years.



Because the springs are densely filled, these mattresses are heavy to turn and move. Besides that, the materials used for fillings can be natural such as lambswool, etc., which can aggravate allergies. So make sure to check for the filling if you are allergic.


So What’s It Going to Be? Open Coil or Pocket Spring Mattress?

Choosing between the two totally depends on your preference and what you are looking for in a mattress. If you want more firmness and back support, go for Bonnell spring. However, Bonnell spring mattresses are not good if you have a partner or someone to share the bed with. As mentioned before, these mattresses are great for kids of three to five or six years. Generally, this mattress is listed as an excellent orthopedic mattress.

On the other hand, you can choose a pocket spring mattress if you want maximum comfort and support above all. The multiple springs easily contour our body shape and provide an excellent comfortable, and encouraging experience. They are a good mattress if you want to share your bed.

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