Bluehost Hosting Review – In-Depth Look with Speed Test (2022)

Bluehost is clearly not the most reputable host in India for the simple reason that it targets above all the American market. However, more and more people are considering its solutions. What is the service really worth? Is it up to the best hosting in India? These are some of the questions we will answer as part of this comprehensive review of Bluehost.


Who is the Bluehost host?

As specified in the introduction, the Bluehost host comes straight from the United States, the country in which the company was founded in December 2003.

Suffice to say that this service provider has significant experience in web hosting, domain name registration, or email solutions administration.

As we write this Bluehost review, the company hosts more than 2 million sites worldwide. To provide such a large service, Bluehost employs no less than 750 people.

Having said that, we suggest you find some more information about Bluehost:

As you can see, absolutely everything is in English on this provider’s official website. Bluehost did not see fit to offer a version of its site in other languages. However, it is trying to attract European customers since it offers to display all prices in INR.

We’ll go back on all of this in the sequel to our Bluehost review. But in the meantime, discover the strengths and weaknesses we have been able to identify regarding this host:

Its strengths:

  • Affordable rates through a long-term commitment
  • Quick installation of a WordPress site
  • Ergonomic administration interface


  • Absolutely everything happens in English (website, admin interface, customer support, etc.)
  • Datacenters in the U.S. only
  • Customer support is not the most responsive
  • A huge number of paid options


Performance: availability, loading and speed

Having high-performance hosting is THE most important thing when creating a website. Without it, visitors will flee your platform, and Google may punish you with lower positions relative to your direct competitors.

That’s why it’s important to pay close attention to the performance and speeds offered.

To judge Bluehost in our test, we installed our test website on its mutual hosting offer (we also used this site for our opinion on Gandi, among others).

As a result, we have passed a battery of tests to our site through platforms like Pingdom and GTMetrix. If these names don’t speak to you, they are tools that will allow you to analyze the performance of your website and thus see what can be improved/optimized.

To give you explanations, you can see on the screenshots that our site’s loading time was more than disappointing (the ratings are the best witness).

We expected a little of these results because the host only has data centres in the United States. This will hinder anyone based in Europe in their quest for performance.

In other words, if you’re looking to create a quick site, we strongly advise 4/2 on hosting your site in Bluehost. Instead, choose European-based companies such as Hostinger or Siteground Hosting.


Bluehost’s administration interface test

After combing through Bluehost’s performance, we paid particular attention to the host’s customer/administration interface.

And the least we can say is that the whole is very satisfactory. To prove it, here are two screenshots from the administration interface of our WordPress hosting:

Unsurprisingly, and as mentioned above in our Bluehost review, absolutely everything is in English. Nevertheless, we found it easy to manage your website, accommodation, domain name, etc.

You will also have the option to trigger a conversation with customer support via a live chat system.

You’ll even be able to access your WordPress adle board via a button. All in one click!

We find it just a little unfortunate that Bluehost tries to push to buy paid options through its board. This applies to themes, plugins, or additional services.

However, our overall opinion on Bluehost’s administration interface remains very good. The whole is extremely accessible, although absolutely everything is in English.


Safety and protection

After talking to you about performance and user interface, we’ll tackle an equally important topic: security.

What does Bluehost put in place to ensure your safety and that of the users of your website?

First of all, you will have the right to an SSL certificate offered with all offers, even the cheapest accommodation offer. As a reminder, this will allow you to ensure your visitors’ safety throughout their passage on your site.

It is essential in 2022 to secure your site with an SSL certificate. Without it, visitors will flee your platform. Because yes, all browsers now inform of the danger of entering an unprotected site.

Otherwise, DDoS protection is, of course, put in place on all of the host’s servers. However, we have not seen any evidence of a dual authentication system to secure your customer space, which is a shame.


Our opinion on the customer support of the host Bluehost

We will be perfectly honest with you: even if Bluehost’s customer support had been ultra-responsive, it would have been impossible for us to have a positive opinion about it.

What for? For the simple reason, it is impossible to dialogue in Hindi and find translated technical resources. However, you may not mind. If so, then yes, you can consider our opinion on Bluehost customer support rather positive.

Rather positive and not extremely positive as we did not find it very responsive. Despite a live chat function, you may have to wait several minutes before getting an answer.

If you want to speed up the process by talking to an agent orally, this will be perfectly possible. An international line exists so that you can contact Bluehost customer support by phone. And this, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Keep in mind once again that your discussions will have to be done in English. Unfortunately, no agent speaks Hindi.


Types of accommodation and pricing

We continue our Bluehost review with the presentation of all the offers made available by the host. And unsurprisingly, there is no shortage of choices since you will find the mutualized, WordPress, E-Commerce, VPS, or dedicated.

Shared accommodation

The offer of shared accommodation is clearly the most accessible. In total, you will have the choice between four different plans:

  • Basic: €2.29/month
  • Plus: €4.55/month
  • Choice Plus: €4.55/month
  • Pro: €11.63/month

Don’t be fooled by the prices displayed, though. Indeed, they imply that you commit over 3 years with the host, something we do not really recommend doing.

Also, VAT will still have to be applied at this price (20%).

On the technical side, with Bluehost’s shared hosting, you will be entitled to 50GB of minimum disk space, a free SSL certificate, and a domain name offered.

We regret that the host is not more transparent about the technical characteristics of its mutualized offers. What about the allocated memory? The number of CPUs? It is a real mystery, and it is deplorable.

To whom this plan is aimed: Bluehost’s shared accommodation is especially aimed at beginners. However, by opting for one of the more premium offers, you will have access to a service allowing you to host multiple websites.


WordPress Accommodation

WordPress offers a compliant copy of the shared hosting offer. The only difference is you have access to 3 different plans and $200 marketing credit ($100 for Google Ads and $100 for Microsoft Advertising).

Once again, we regret the lack of robustness of these offers. During our tests, we found that the whole was clearly not performing well.

That’s why we don’t recommend Bluehost to create and host a WordPress site. Instead, choose Hostinger, which offers a much better value for money.

That being said, you will, of course, be entitled to an SSL certificate and a domain name offered. And you’ll be able to create your site with just a few clicks with an automatic assistant.

To whom this plan is addressed: unsurprisingly, the WordPress hosting plan will allow you to administer and host a website with the WordPress CMS. If WordPress doesn’t suit you, then choose shared hosting instead.

WooCommerce Accommodation

This type of accommodation is offered in 3 variations:

  • Starter: €5.80/month
  • Plus: €7.46/month
  • Pro: €10.80/month.

If you want to find absolutely all the information about Bluethost’s E-Commerce hosting, we advise you to go to its official website.

For example, you’ll be able to get at least 100GB of storage space (via the Starter offer), a free SSL certificate, and free phone support to help you create your E-Commerce store.

We regret, on the other hand, the absence of a domain name offered. And the fact that to get such competitive prices, you have to commit to 36 months.

Fortunately, there is a satisfied or refunded 30-day warranty that will allow you to back down in case of dissatisfaction. We will revisit the latter in the continuation of our Bluehost review.

To whom this plan aims: like the WordPress offer, Bluehost’s WooCommerce hosting has the unique purpose of allowing you to create an online store via WooCommerce (based on WordPress). If you want to create an online store with another CMS, you will have to turn to different accommodation.


Accommodation VPS

The penultimate plan we need to present to you in this Bluehost review is VPS hosting. Be aware that these are not the most affordable VPS offers we have been lucky enough to see. Indeed, as you can see from the screenshot below, the most attractive price is still at 15.84 HT/month.

This makes us say that the value for money is clearly not there, especially when you compare these rates to those of a host like Hostinger.

The performance offered seems to us to be too limited for us to recommend this type of accommodation.

Plus, it’s hard to digest the fact that you have to pay for additional options like SiteLock (which protects your hosting from possible malware) or protect your domain name (which hides your personal information).

As you will have understood, there is really a way to find better elsewhere if you want to opt for VPS accommodation.

To whom this plan aims: Bluehost’s VPS accommodation is for those with significant needs and especially those at risk of changing. With a VPS, you’ll be assured that the resources you pay will be allocated to your accommodation only. It’s a dedicated virtual server.


Dedicated Server

The last type of hosting on offer is very often the dedicated server.

We cannot give you a detailed opinion because we have not tested the dedicated server offered by Bluehost. However, we offer a quick analysis of what is proposed… and especially at what cost!

As you can see from the screenshot above, the dedicated hosting comes in 3 offers and is available from 66.71 HT/month.

For this price, you’ll have access to a 4-core server, 500GB of storage, 4GB of RAM, and 5TB of bandwidth. This seems to us to be clearly a good deal from a performance/price point of view.

Especially knowing that you will be entitled to a free domain name (for 1 year), as well as an SSL certificate.

To whom this plan is aimed: with more than substantial prices, there is no doubt that Bluehost’s dedicated accommodation is aimed at an audience of professionals. If you need a good performance and total control of your accommodation, then this is the offer you will need to turn to.


Additional info on Bluehost

For our Bluehost review for 2022 to be as comprehensive as possible, we will still answer some questions. Examples include the conditions of obtaining a free domain name, whether or not there is a free web hosting plan or the exact location of the company’s data centres.

If you want to know the answers to these questions, we advise you to read the following lines carefully.


Getting a free domain name from Bluehost

You have read it several times during this review and test of the host Bluehost; it is possible to get a free domain name with your web hosting.

But how exactly? What conditions apply to this offer?

To begin with, it’s worth noting that once you’ve opted for a hosting offer, you’ll be asked to choose your domain name. All you have to do is fill in the domain name you want to register, and you’re done!

What you need to know, however, is that you will only be entitled to a free domain name for 1 year. And this even if you take an offer of accommodation over 3 years. After this first year, you will have to pay the full rate for your domain name.

Disappointed? If so, then check out PlanetHoster’ side of offering a free domain name for life.


Does Bluehost offer free web hosting?

We’re going to get straight to the point: NO, Bluehost doesn’t offer any free web hosting.

Hosts that offer such a type of offer are increasingly rare. Indeed, free accommodation turns out to be very limited and under serious. As a result, many people will only use it to train and familiarize themselves with the platform in question.

After a few days, the goal is, of course, to pass on a paid offer. At least if you aim to create a serious website and make its hole on the web.

Suffice to say that the fact that no free web hosting is offered by Bluehost will not affect our overall opinion.


Domain name purchase

You will be able to buy and register a domain name through the Bluehost website. Rest assured.

Is that a good deal? Well, to be quite honest with you, the host offers rather competitive rates.

A domain name in .com will cost you, for example, 10.83 euros per year, while a .net extension is offered at 12.50 euros per year.

Keep in mind that these prices do not include VAT. This makes Bluehost not yet as attractive as hosts like Hostinger or PlanetHoster at this level.


30-day satisfied or refunded warranty

It is impossible to ignore the existence of a satisfied or refunded 30-day guarantee at Bluehost. The host speaks of it in all its offers.

It applies to both shared accommodation and VPS. However, not all of the additional options you are going to subscribe to are not affected.

If you want a full refund from Bluehost, just let customer support know. However, don’t wait until the last moment because once the 30 days have passed, it will be too late.


Where are Bluehost’s data centres located?

You most certainly noted in the first part of our Bluehost review, the host only has a data centre in the United States. To be precise, the latter is located in Utah.

No European data centre is offered to its customers, and this is very regrettable.

In case you want to target a European or Indian audience, we do not recommend you opt for this host. Instead, choose a provider with a data centre in India like


Conclusion: our opinion on Bluehost

To sum up our thinking and this Bluehost review, the American host does not offer bad service.

We find it too unsuitable for a European and therefore Indian clientele because no data centre is based in India (and Europe), which will directly impact your hosting performance.

Besides, all communications with customer service will have to be done in English. If you are not perfectly comfortable with English, it can sometimes be difficult to be understood. Especially on sharp and technical topics.

If you are targeting the U.S. market, then yes, Bluehost can be considered. For the rest, you should turn to European/Asian hosts like Hostinger or Siteground. You just can’t be disappointed (and they also have data centres in North America).

What do you think about Bluehost?

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